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David Mark Robinson Curriculum Vitae

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David Robinson's On Line CV

  1. 1. CURRICULUM VITAE David Mark Robinson Personal Details Age: 44 Email: davered.robinson@yahoo.co.uk. Nationality: British Position sought: Software Development Engineer Summary I am a hard working and self-motivated software developer, actively interested in Qt & C++ programming. I offer 15 years experience in software and engineering disciplines, gained in technical & team leading roles. 5 years gained in software products developed for mobile phone radio frequency test equipment, 3 years in real-time software development for client/server distributed computing environments in the financial investor & internet markets and a further 6 years in engineering reliable software applications & design solutions for high speed production line manufacturing systems, using computer aided design/engineering, simulation modelling & analysis software technologies. IT & Technical Experience Operating Systems: Windows: 9x/NT/ME/W2K/XP, Unix: SunOS/Solaris/Irix, Linux: RedHat/SuSE/Mandrake Hardware: SGI workstations, Sun Sparcs, Convex, Dell PCs, Annex & DEC Terminal Servers Languages: C/C++, C#, VB, Java, Perl, CGI, XML & 4GL’s. API: Qt, OpenGL, Xt/Motif,. Shells: bash/csh Eclipse, Developers Studio 2005 + Qt integration, VC++ 6, Visual Build & Installshield Pro, Doxygen. Development Tools: Kdevelop, Qt toolkit/designer and Eclipse integration & QAPartner (now SilkTest) System Utilities: Source Control:MKS, VSS, PVCS & CVS. Win32:COM, STL, ATL & MFC Unix:GNU tools Computer Aided MBS - Dynamics: ADAMS, Mechanica, Camford, Camlinks, Working Model & Demec. Engineering (CAE) FEA - MARC/Mentat, SDRC/I-deas Supertab. Statistical Analysis – SAS. Applications: CAD - 3D: SDRC/I-deas Master Series, Unigraphics. 2D: AutoCad, ME10. Market Data Systems BT Open Trading System, Reuters Select feed+, Liberty feed, RTW, Teknekon TIB Mobile RF Test Sets Anite Baseband processors, Fadar adapter units, Agilent 8960, Racal 6103, Ubinetics CS100 Network & Web Services Databases:MySQL, HEAT Content:Joomla FTP:Filezilla, GuildFTP, SVN Web:FrontPage Office Automation: MS Office, Access, Project & Outlook. Lotus123, Notes & Organiser. WordPerfect & Freelance Education 4 'A' levels (3A’s:- Pure Maths, Applied Maths & Technical Drawing), 1 'O/A' level & 9 'O' levels. 1983-1988 BSc (Hons) in General Engineering. University of Surrey, Guildford. (Class 2.2) STC prize awarded for final year thesis project work. Employment History Oct 2004 – Present Anite Telecoms Ltd, Harvest Crescent Fleet. Conformance Toolset Software Engineer Anite Telecoms is a leading global supplier of RF testing solutions to the mobile telecoms industry. Providing handset and network protocol testing products and services to mobile manufacturers and network operators for 2G, 3G, Wimax & LTE radio access networks. The products are written in C/C++, C# and Java for Windows XP systems connected to either hardware & handset or software & development UE stack platforms. The platforms provide the same signalling as seen over the air interface in real networks between radio transmission & receiving equipment. I work in a key role within the 3G & LTE conformance toolset development team implementing new product features & generating software releases. Previously I led a team of 5 in developing bespoke solutions and assessing quarterly software releases against product & platform. Responsibilities:  Product development, maintenance & enhancements to toolset & libraries to support new features and resolve customer issues.  Developing build automation and InstallShield scripts with responsibility for the creation and delivery of installation images.  Plan, schedule & coordinate product testing tasks & activities within the team of 5.  Undertaking hands-on technical assessment of product software releases.  Liaison with product & development project managers in areas relating to future developments & customer requirements. Achievements:  Lead & coordinate the development of a Roadmap feature for software and firmware version control automation across products.  Developed in my own time a Qt GUI client to execute test plans on multiple distributed test platforms across remote communication interfaces. This was subsequently made available to customers via the web support portal  Achieved end-to-end automation of the software build process, enabling the rapid deployment of release updates.  Developed all CT toolset components, builders & installers for the new LTE product release.  Developed In process COM servers & class interfaces for backend & feature enhancements to Java based GUI. Oct 2003. Returned to the UK after completing a self-funded dream to travel around the world on a motorcycle. Oct 1998 - Jun 2000 Red D. Software Ltd. Providing contracted services in IT software systems development at Netcom UK Ltd, Bracknell. Software Development Project Manager (Contract) Leading an in-house development contract team of 5 in the design, development & implementation of an information exchange for an ISP. The system was written in C and Perl on Linux Redhat for a Solaris target platform, using customisations to Apache, Xmail and MySQL open source components and provides control over access and core services, centralised storage of customer information and integration of billing and finance systems. New Internet services were developed for authentication, registration, web, mail and ftp. Process communications used TCP/IP sockets routed and synchronised by a data-multiplexing daemon. The customer RDBMS was populated from existing flat file data and Perl/CGI scripts were written to perform administrative functions via intranet and remote access and Perl extensions used to send and receive service updates.
  2. 2. Responsibilities:  Writing system design, test & new hardware specifications & weekly progress reports. Benchmarking system performance.  Plan, schedule & allocate tasks. Recruit and retain contractors. Liaise with directors and other managers.  Developing Perl5 modules & scripts to enable users to manage customer information within a centralised MySQL database.  Developing a system of configurable web-based CGI forms to create, query & modify the database. Achievements:  Documented the proposed system architecture, operating principles & database hierarchy within the design, test & hardware specifications and developed an achievable plan, approved & agreed by the board.  Developed, tested & documented Perl5 scripts that generate, check & process configurable CGI web forms, issuing SQL commands that enable specified users to create, query, modify & manage a customer database.  Demonstrated system integration & performance improvements in a successful presentation to the board of directors. Sep 1997 - Sep 1998 Travelled around the world backpacking through 14 countries on the way. Dec 1995 - Aug 1997 Syntegra, Annandale House, Sunbury. Software Development & Test Engineer Syntegra is BT’s systems integration business. I worked in the Wholesale Finance sector on the Open Trading System (OTS) market data products, that provide integrated vendor data services to investment & commercial banks. Joining as a member of the system test team and later involved in development and 3 rd party product integration within an office of 50+ developers. I worked on the integration of the client GUI front-end applications (OTSview, net & man) with the distributed back office server components, comprising the OTS market data product suite. As the lead system test consultant I was involved in 3rd party applications work, providing technical support to external developers integrating products using OTSlib and spent time on site, in pressurised customer-facing roles, configuring & testing OTS installations linked via gateways to different market data systems. Responsibilities:  Developing & maintaining the Portable System Kernel shared & linked C libraries that provide cross platform distributed networking & real-time data transfer support for all OTS applications running on SunOS, Solaris, VMS & Windows NT.  Installation, configuration & testing of 3rd party applications, MDS gateways & data feed handlers for the OTS product suite.  Development of automated system integration test harnesses for new releases of the front-end product OTSview.  Classifying and reporting faults and tracking the progress of changes through development Achievements:  I initiated and was responsible for the development of automated test harnesses using QAPartner scripts, used by the team to test the integration of new OTSview functionality, regress known faults and verify code fixes.  These together with an isolated test environment were used for the 1 st time in the performance and load testing of OTSview integration for failure recovery, load sharing and cache transfer of distributed backend systems.  I concurrently coded & tested new data feed handlers, took responsibility for developing and maintaining the Portable System Kernel C libraries and regression tested the SI of new OTSview3 & OTSnet releases. Jan 1990 - Dec 1995 Unilever Research, Colworth Lab, Sharnbrook. Engineering Research Manager Unilever plc is a large multinational, manufacturing group, in the FMCG sector. I worked in corporate R&D as a design-engineering manager responsible for achieving line performance improvement through modifications to strategic production systems. I managed research programmes, application projects, computer resources & software training. Working as a design engineer within a manufacturing research department I was involved in developing new tools & techniques for engineers using C/C++ in-house programs & interfaces to CAD/CAE leading edge software. As a result of this research I was able to develop software that allows engineers to perform design studies and show the interactions of chosen parameters & their effect on performance criteria, in a novel interpretative way. Enabling the engineer to quantify design sensitivity & optimise system performance within the acceptable limits of operation. Responsibilities:  Provide an expert capability & lead the research in the area of computer-aided design, analysis & dynamic simulation modelling.  Apply to strategic existing & proposed mechanical/control manufacturing systems, using appropriate CAD/CAM & CAE software.  Simulate & assess operational performance limits, resulting from settings, adjustment & variability in machine, product & packaging.  Plan, organise and carry out data acquisition, motion analysis, part installation & verification on machinery in factory environments.  Select, maintain & administer the group’s UNIX workstations & software, providing supervision, training & support to others. Achievements:  I developed embedded C functions within a constraint modelling CAD system using the ACIS solid modeller and macro programs using a built-in language interface to X Motif graphical objects. These tools were successfully used within the business units to improve machine performance & production line efficiencies.  Motion Analysis of Video Recorded Images on Computer (MAVRIC) was developed in C++ to track moving objects & resolve parallax issues when filming within a 3 dimensional frame. The concept behind this tool was awarded a patent & the software successfully used to measure the in- plane motions of production line systems.  Videoplex was a tool developed in C to integrate VCR controls with frame encoded video images to enable the rapid analysis of production downtime from time-lapse recordings. Successfully used in performance studies Industrial Year Placement Company: HH Airpower Engineering Position: Technical Sales/Production Engineer As an industrial engineer I worked in technical sales & production, receiving customer enquiries, specifying requirements & providing design proposals & quotations for systems used in commercial & industrial applications. Training C++ Best Practices and Design Patterns: Hands-On, Learning Tree International Oct 2005 3G & 2G Air Interface, Conformance Toolset GSM, EGPRS & UTRAN & Network Simulation. ADAMS, MARC, TQM, Time Management, Team Building, Lotus123, Freelance & WordPerfect. Unilever Business Education Programme 1T, 1G, 2G, 3G. OTS, Financial Trading & Internet courses. Interests Biking, cycling, running, skiing, diving, surfing, motor sports, playing football, travelling & trekking. Maths & Physics, engineering design, vehicle dynamics, computer technologies, open source & DIY.