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Involution Digital Inbound Marketing Deck


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Involution Digital is a certified Hubspot partner. We can help you grow your business with warm leads (not cold calling)!

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Involution Digital Inbound Marketing Deck

  3. 3. OUR SERVICESWe are a Full Service Agency helping other small and large companies succeed. In the realm ofSocial, Digital and Traditional Media, our services include: Brand: - B to B - B to C - B to B to C Full Sales Cycle Services: Creative CEO Lead Services: Backend Analytics From Prospecting to Closing Generation -Logo Design -Collateral Full Website Lead Generation Services Content Factory: Marketing: - Blogs -Research FULL - Videos -Build Proposals SERVICE - White Papers-Develop Campaigns - Engagement AGENCY Website Analysis: Campaigns - Roadmap SEM / SEO - Recommendation -fire, ready, AIM! Social Media Sites: Design for Social, Traditional & Capital -Optimization Customer Digital Media: Fundraising & -Development Interface - Consulting Investment -Custom Fan Pages -Execution -LinkedIn profile -Design Production & - and more... Placement: - TV - Radio3 - Print
  4. 4. INTRODUCTION Involution Digital is a full service marketing agency that helps others succeed. Recently, we became a Hubspot Certified Partner to bring our clients an easy, integrated, and powerful marketing platform that will revolutionize the way you do marketing. Marketing just changed forever. But what does that mean? Take a peek inside HubSpot 3 to see how you can now make your marketing smarter, more personalized, and faster than ever before.4
  5. 5. Inbound Marketing vs.Outbound Marketing: TheRules have Changed photo: Mike Licht, NotionsCapital.comMost customers do not like traditional outbound marketing because theyview them as being intrusive. When customers want products, they want tosearch for them right now and locate the nearest business that can providethem with what they need. Users are much more receptive to messagesdelivered through inbound marketing, such as social media channels andGoogle searches. CONTINUE READING ARTICLE! Click Here5
  6. 6. ONE. STOP. SHOP. At Involution Digital, we offer everything you need as a company to be successful. Some items include (but of course, are not limited to): STRATEGY TACTICS CONTENT GROW ANALYTICS BUSINESS6
  7. 7. INBOUND + OUTBOUND = SUCCESSWhen you can integrate Inbound Marketing techniques with Outbound Marketing techniques,you have a recipe for success. INBOUND OUTBOUND & MARKETING MARKETING Communication is interactive and two-way. Customers come to you: *Via search engines, referrals, social media Customers come to you: *Via TV, Radio, Print, Banner Advertising, Cold Calls Marketers provide value. Marketer seeks to entertain and/or educate.7
  8. 8. DO YOU NEED MORE LEADS? With social media and a website, we can help you generate more leads. And as a result you will have an increase in your sales. We refer to this as: Leads In. Sales Up. 1 1 Your Website LinkedIn Twitter FourSquare YouTube Facebook 68
  9. 9. KEEPING TRACKAnalyze which of your marketing activities are driving the highest ROI in terms ofvisits, leads, and customers. • Track how your marketing is performing in terms of visitors, leads & customers • Measure the ROI of your marketing campaigns • Drill into detailed reports on your performance • Compare the effectiveness of your marketing channels9
  10. 10. ALL IN ONE MARKETING SOLUTION GET FOUND: > Help prospects find you online CONVERT: > Nurture your leads and drive conversions ANALYZE: > Measure and improve your marketing INTEGRATE: > Access the marketplace for apps and integrations10
  11. 11. SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION Our software has search engine optimization built into the program. This allows automatic link building that will increase your website’s search rank. KEYWORD ANALYSIS: Find and track your most effective keywords LINK TRACKING: Track inbound links and the leads they’re generating PAGE-LEVEL SEO: Diagnose and fix poorly ranking sites11
  12. 12. BLOGGING Involution Digital specializes in creating compelling content and managing your blogs for you! BLOGGING SOFTWARE AND ANALYTICS:  • Create and measure your blog SOCIAL MEDIA MONITORING AND PUBLISHING:  • Track mentions and schedule posts SOCIAL MEDIA ANALYTICS:  • See how social media efforts are paying off12
  13. 13. LEAD GENERATION We give you the tools to turn website visitors into Quality Leads. LANDING PAGES:  ➡ Quickly and easily build landing pages to capture lead information CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM:  ➡ Optimize your website to attract leads and drive conversions A/B TESTING:  ➡ Try out different versions of your web pages to see which convert better13
  14. 14. LEAD MANAGEMENT With our software you are able to track lead activity, find out what webpages have the most traffic and what search words lead them to your website. Anonymous Company Tracking:  • Automatically see which companies are viewing your website (even if they havent filled out a form) Lead Intelligence:  • Give sales a full lead history, including page views, form submissions & emails CRM Integration:  • Sync HubSpot with the CRM system youre already using to get closed-loop reporting14
  15. 15. EMAIL MARKETING Targeted emails increase marketing strategies with our easy to use solutions. EMAIL MANAGEMENT:  • Segment lists and target emails LEAD NURTURING:  • Warm up leads with a series of customized emails MARKETING AUTOMATION:  • Trigger personalized emails based on your leads behavior online15
  16. 16. MARKETING ANALYTICS We track ALL of your marketing activities and automatically generate easy to read reports. CLOSED-LOOP REPORTING:  • Tie your leads back to a specific marketing initiative and calculate your marketing ROI WEBSITE ANALYTICS:  • Analyze your web traffic and see which sources are generating leads COMPETITOR TRACKING:  • Analyze your competitors’ online metrics16
  17. 17. SIMPLY. THE. BEST. Involution Digital offers the Best Marketing Strategies and Customer Support with: • • Unlimited Technical Support World-Class Consulting Contact Us today and we can discuss how we can help you get more leads, increase your sales, and measure everything you do.17
  18. 18. NEXT STEPS We back our work with a GUARANTEE. So let’s get your marketing in tip-top shape! Sign up for a FREE INBOUND MARKETING ASSESSMENT and one of Involution Digital’s Marketing Specialists will take a look at your current strategy to figure out which areas need improvement. Get customizable tips on how to improve: • • your website your LinkedIn profile • and your marketing plan!18
  19. 19. Involution Digital OUR TEAMDave Presher, President & - Leader in Entertainment and Media for over 20 years - Known for his “Oh Wow’s” - Expert in Strategy, Branding, Innovation, Sales & Leadership - Senior Manager in Television, Radio, Digital and Professional Sports - Known for Attracting & Building Teams - A True Innovator with Creative Concepts READ MORETodd Storch, VP of Strategy & New - Over 20 years of Senior Experience in the Radio & Digital Media Worlds - Extensive experience in Start-Up Companies - Helps companies build their Digital & Interactive Divisions - Is known for being an excellent Speaker, Author, Strategist and Innovator READ MOREPaige Blankenship, VP of - Award Winning Executive - Over 20 years experience in Marketing & Business - Extensive Experience with Integrated Media Campaigns including Digital, Social, TV, Radio & Print - Principal owner of Orange Crush Project Marketing READ MORE19
  20. 20. Involution Digital OUR TEAM Sandra Lombardo, Client Services Director - Innovative Problem Solver - Client Growth Specialist - Excels with Campaign Execution - Organizational Guru - High Level of Emotional Intelligence - Talent for Quickly Mastering New Technology READ MORE Sara Gabriella, Content & Communications Director - Over 15 years experience as a Copywriter specializing in Digital Marketing Content - Over 10 years of experience as a content producer: including Television, Media, Social Media, and New Media - Published Columnist covering Social Good, Arts and Entertainment - Published Poet - Entertainment Professional: Screenwriter, Actor, Producer and Host - Co-founder of Finesse Media, serving as Content Director and Chief Communications Officer - Host and Script Live Events READ MORE20
  21. 21. Involution Digital CONTACT UScorporate headquartersSan Francisco, CAphone:415-275-0155email:dpresher@involutiondigital.comweb:www.InvolutionDigital.combe social with us:21
  22. 22. Let’s getstarted!