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Mz Overview Web Doug


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Mz Overview Web Doug

  1. 1. apps & process
  2. 2. Table of contentMobile Platforms iPhone apps - Just name it 06 iPad apps - Just name it 07 Android apps - Just name it 08 BlackBerry apps - Just name it 09 Windows Mobile apps - Just name it 10Company overview Mobilezapp - elevator pitch 12 Our mobile rock star team 13 Award winning mobile app graphic design 14 InHouse - vs. OffShore 15 Your mobile app value proposition 16 Faster, cheaper and better 17Development process Competitive analysis 19 Stakeholder interviews and mobile app strategy recommendations 20 Stakeholder questions 21 Wireframes & UX (user experience) design 22 Graphics & UI (user interface) design and prototyping 23 Technical specifications and coding 24Code Modules No need to reinvent the wheel 26 Our library of code 27
  3. 3. Table of contentSolutions & Services Letting the world know about your apps 29 Sales solutions 30 Mobilezapp service solutions 31 Custom research services 32 Technical customer support 33Partner program Mobilezapp enablement program 35 Mobilezapp partner program 36Industries Industry experience and expertise 38 Education 39 Financial services 40 Government 41 Healthcare 42 Hotels 43 Life science 44 Manufacturing 45 Merchandising industry 46 Restaurants 47 Retail 48 Telecommunications 49Application samples Bank of America 51 Geico 52 State Farm 53
  4. 4. Table of content Lufthansa 54 Mercedes Benz 55 Oracle 56 Kitchen and bath channel 57 Superpages 58 Talent search on iPad 59 Dairy Queen 60 Car and Driver magazine 61 Entrepreneur magazine 62 Premier guitar 63 Sports illustrated - swimsuit editions 64 Crackle 65 WorldVoice Radio 66 Been There 67 Where 68 Sprint 69 Ornithologist diary 70 Mileage counter pro 71 Rain alert 72 Transito 73 Celebrity apps 74 PowWow Now 75 Your new baby 76 iSeedSpit game 77 Zombie fighter 78Contact us Let’s get this party started 80
  5. 5. mobileplatforms
  6. 6. mobile platformsiPhone apps - Just name itIf you are thinking about a team to develop an iPhoneapp - look no further - just name it and Mobilezappwill deliver it. We’ve developed hundreds of apps forthe iPhone.Unique to Mobilezapp is our B2B and B2E focus.Our apps are not the kind to be featured in PeopleMagazine, yet many of the largest hospitals, insurancecompanies, government agencies and Fortune 1000use them every day. Many of our developers areex-Apple staff members who helped design many ofthe features of the device. We have relationships withindividuals in the Apple store who can assist in gettingyour app approved faster.To say we are experts is an understatement. The sameis true about experience. Because we have createdsuch a large number of apps, we have a large libraryof code we can use to assist the development of yourapp. This saves time and money. Unique to Mobilezappis our approach to the development process. Prior towriting the first line of code, we create a wireframemockup and a working prototype you can see online.6 |
  7. 7. mobile platformsiPad apps - Just name itIf you are thinking about a team to develop an iPad app -look no further - just name it and Mobilezapp will deliver it.The iPad is an incredible platform for a wide varietyof applications. The large screen of the iPad is also anexcellent tool for anyone who needs the portability ofa mobile device and capabilities provided by a largerscreen. We have the experience and expertise to delivera drop-dead gorgeous iPad app that is as beautiful as it isfunctional.7 |
  8. 8. mobile platformsBlackBerry apps - Just name itIf you are thinking about developing a BlackBerry app- look no further - just name it - and Mobilezapp willdeliver it.BlackBerry applications get a large and growing marketof both business and personal users. The BlackBerrysmartphone has a 55% market share in North Americaand millions of customers all over the world.With the introduction of the BlackBerry App World™storefront, BlackBerry smartphone users can now easilysearch for and download apps that let them do evenmore with their smartphones.The addictiveness of BlackBerry smartphoneapplications comes from their ability to provide instantinformation to users and integrate with core BlackBerryapplications like email and the address book. Createcompelling applications that push data to users suchas the latest sports scores, weather updates, pricechanges for sales people and much more.Just name your need and Mobilezapp will strive todeliver outstanding quality of your new BlackBerry app.8 |
  9. 9. mobile platformsAndroid apps - Just name itIf you are thinking about developing an Android app- look no further - just name it - and Mobilezapp willdeliver it.Within the first week of Google announcing its planto introduce a smartphone, Mobilezapp developerswere signing non-disclosure agreements to gainaccess to the feature set and specifications of the newtechnology. When the Android was first introduced,our team was poised to release the first of manyAndroid apps. We understand the technology, weknow the graphical user interface and how to build anAndroid app faster and cheaper than anyone else.9 |
  10. 10. mobile platformsWindows Mobile apps - Just name itIf you are thinking about developing a WindowsMobile app look further - just name it - and Mobilezappwill deliver it.Mobilezapp has great experience working with theMicrosoft Windows Mobile devices. We’ve successfullydeveloped a number of mobile apps on the Microsoftplatform. Our team has long-standing relationshipswith the Microsoft teams and works with them toensure the apps we develop are taking advantage of allof the features of their technology.10 |
  11. 11. companyoverview
  12. 12. companyoverviewMobilezapp - elevator pitchWe have the expertise, experience and unbridledenergy to deliver a truly phenomenal mobileapplication for your organization. We focus ondelivering robust mobile apps across multipleplatforms including the iPhone, iPad, Android,BlackBerry, Symbian and Windows Mobile Portabledevices. Our apps have won numerous awards fordesign, ease-of-use and functionality. Our full-timedevelopment staff is amongst the largest and mostqualified in the world.Mobilezapp can generally build custom mobile appsfor half the cost and twice as fast as our competition.Our approach to mobile application developmentis radically different from other mobile applicationdevelopers. Prior to writing the first line of code,we speak with numerous stakeholders within yourorganization to determine their goals for the mobileapp. We discuss ways to leverage various technologiesand understand your platforms to create apps that canassist your organization toward its end goals. Once weacquire good understanding of the core functions ofthe app, we create wireframes and design the flow &interaction for app functions. Our creative team thendevelops a user interface that is intuitive, easy-to-use and understand and is your brand extension. Wedevelop a working prototype which you can interactwith and understand how the real app will work. Theprototype and technical specifications are then usedby our development team to code up the mobile app.12 |
  13. 13. companyoverviewOur mobile rock star teamWe’ve successfully landed some of the brightest mindsin the mobile computing industry to work on theMobilezapp team. Our development team primarilyhails from North America - as you would expect.After all, the iPhone was created by Apple developersbased in Cupertino, California. The BlackBerry wasinvented by the Research in Motion team from Toronto,Canada. Windows Mobile is a result of the efforts of theMicrosoft team from Washington state.The great majority of our developers are based in theUnited States; however, we do leverage global talent.Tobias Hartmann leads an excellent team of developersin Europe through his Nuremberg, Germany office.Dave Micalizzi leads our large Boston based team.We believe the best way to achieve success for ourcustomers is to leverage the brightest minds in theworld through a collaborative global effort.13 |
  14. 14. companyoverviewAward winning mobile app graphic designMobilezapp will deliver a mobile application that isnot only functional, but looks great too. We believe ourcreative team is a secret weapon in our arsenal. We giveextensive attention to the needs, wants and limitationsof the mobile user at each stage of the design process. We design the user interface such that the visualprecedence relates clearly to the task importance.When user directly manipulate onscreen objectsinstead of using separate controls to manipulate them,they are more engaged with the task and the app andreadily understand the result of their actions.We understand that the look and feel of the graphicsshould be an extension of your existing brand. Wework with your marketing department to ensure thatthe mobile app visually integrates harmoniously withinyour brand.14 |
  15. 15. companyoverviewInHouse - vs. OffShoreWe’ve successfully assembled one of the most creativeteams of graphic designers with specific focus on theAndroid, BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad and Windows Mobiledevices. The same is true for our team responsible forwriting the code.While we prefer to do all of the work in-house, in somecases, it is best to rely upon the development talentoutside of the Mobilezapp walls. For example, some ofthe software code needed for secure mobile bankingtransactions is quite specialized, thus we leveragedthe expertise of a team of five working on Wall Street,New York City. When developing a hospital app for theiPad, iPhone and Android we very strictly follow HIPPArequirements - thus found three developers fromCleveland who work for one of the largest hospitals- the Cleveland Clinic - to assist. When working witha global pharmaceutical firm we needed to ensurewe would strictly following Safe Balance regulationsfor the internet - and recruited the talent of a pharmaattorney out of New Jersey and so on.Mobilezapp guarantees we will build a mobile appfor your organization that meets your needs. We areexperts at identifying all of the necessary elements andcombining our own internal resources with specialistsneeded throughout the world. We never “offshore” tosave money. We will work with London, Paris, Athens,Nuremberg and Malta for knowledge and expertiseregarding specific complicated functions.15 |
  16. 16. companyoverviewYour mobile app value propositionWe understand you are investing in mobileapplications to empower your customers, vendors, oremployees with additional ways to benefit from yourgoods, products, services and solutions. No doubt,we are committed to ensuring the apps we build foryou are drop-dead gorgeous and highly functional.We believe our most important task is to ensure yourmobile apps deliver a strong return-on-investment(ROI). We analyze your value proposition and look atdifferent ways to monetize your mobile applications.Should you charge for your app? If so, should youcharge a one-time fee or a monthly or annualsubscription? Do your competitors have a mobileapp? If so, are they receiving monies and if yes - whatare they charging? How are you going to promoteyour mobile app? What investment in marketing andpromotional dollars are required to make your mobileapp profitable? While it is “cool” these days to havea mobile app - our definition of cool is bottom lineprofitability.We work with your team to ensure the mobile app webuild provides a strong ROI.16 |
  17. 17. companyoverviewFaster, cheaper and betterOur approach toward building an app for yourorganization is quite unique. It allows us the ability tobuild a cross-platform app faster, cheaper and better.Most mobile app developers will ask for a technicalspecification document at the beginning of theprocess. We will work with you to understand yourgoals and objectives within the tech spec document.In fact, we will provide a tech spec document to youbased upon numerous stakeholder interviews.Prior to writing the first line of code, we will provideyou with a wireframe of the functionality. Once we’vecreated a wireframe, we will skin it to provide you withstoryboards that are easy to understand by anyone.We provide you with a mock-up prototype of yourmobile app and work with your team to make changes.This process saves significant time during the codingprocess, as well as monies.Because we have developed hundreds of apps, we’veamassed a large library of code that can be usedtoward your mobile apps. This approach is quiteunique, for most developers wish to reinvent thewheel, and charge throughout the entire process. Ourgoal is to provide you with a highly functional app - inhalf the time and at a fraction of the cost of traditionalmobile app developers.17 |
  18. 18. developmentprocess
  19. 19. development processCompetitive analysisWe believe it is important to understand what thecompetition has released for mobile apps prior toreleasing your own application. Mobilezapp providesyour organization with the ability to understand thecompetitive landscape. With technology productsit is important to always be ahead of the curve. Itis critical to the success of your mobile app to havefeatures, advantages and benefits that were previouslyunavailable. Mobilezapp’s competitive analysisprovides your organization with an understandingyour competitors and a description of their releasedproducts.We offer two levels of a competitive analysis. The firstis a cursory analysis. At this level we identify the appsthat are on the market and we capture a descriptionof the app we find online and provide same to you.We also offer a much more comprehensive analysis.Our advanced analysis looks at each of the featuresprovided by the competitive apps and comparesthose against other apps, as well as your soon to bereleased app.The costs associated with our competitive analysisservices are much less than those your ownorganization would incur.19 |
  20. 20. development processStakeholder interviews and mobile appstrategy recommendationsPrior to starting stakeholder interviews, we requestyou fill out a detailed questionnaire. Based on theresponses from your team, we identify the areas wherewe need more information and we focus the interviewsaround those areas.During the interview process, as needed, we askyour team to provide us with working demos of theproducts, services and various backend components.We brainstorm your team about various app functions.Once we are finished with stakeholder interviews wewill provide your team with a summary of all the goalsand objectives for the app.These interviews are key to our ability to deliver anapplication that meets or exceeds your expectations.20 |
  21. 21. development processStakeholder questionsSome of the questions are listed below:Who is the primary contact within your organization?Who is the primary sales stakeholder?Who are the creative stakeholders for the project?Who are the technical stakeholders for the project?Who are the marketing stakeholders for the project?What is the timeline to release the product?What is your mobile development budget?We will ask you to name your competitors.Have you already released an app?We will ask you to provide your design asset.Would you want to design a new app or modify the existing one?Is your mobile app for internal or external uses?What languages should we support?Is there a programming language you prefer?What are the primary goals for the app?What are the secondary goals for the app?What are the mandatory features for the app?What are the secondary features for the app?What are the applications you like and why?What is your the target market?What is the demographic target?How are you planning on promoting your app?Do you need an assistance with the promotion?Which countries do you wish to promote the app in?21 |
  22. 22. development processWireframes & UX designBased on the collected information, we identify thecore use cases, functions and primary scenariosfor the app. We put together these core use casesand develop a flow to accomplish the desired appfunctionality. We carefully analyze how a mobileuser will perceive, learn and use the app. We createwireframes for various steps in the flow and analyzeissues like workflow and navigation.We carefully design the user interactivity andexperience as the user steps through this flow inthe application - taking into account the on-the-gonature of the mobile user and making each step easy,efficient and relevant.22 |
  23. 23. development processGraphics & UI design and prototypingMobilezapp will deliver a mobile application that isnot only functional, but looks great too. We believe ourcreative team is a secret weapon in our arsenal. We giveextensive attention to the needs, wants and limitationsof the mobile user at each stage of the design process.We design the user interface such that the visualprecedence relates clearly to the task importance.When user directly manipulate onscreen objectsinstead of using separate controls to manipulatethem, they are more engaged with the task and theapp and readily understand the result of their actions.We understand that the look and feel of the graphicsshould be an extension of your existing brand. Wework with your marketing department to ensure thatthe mobile app visually integrates harmoniously withinyour brand.We take the interaction and interface design andcreate a working prototype of the mobile app. Wedevelop a web browser based prototype as well as ahigh fidelity prototype that runs directly on the deviceand incorporates the device form factor. The prototypelets you interact with the application interface just likea real app. You can interact with the interface throughclicks, taps, gestures etc just like in a real app. You canget the feel of the scenario flow as you move fromscreen to screen and can evaluate the navigation andvarious interactions.23 |
  24. 24. development processTechnical specifications and codingPrior to beginning the code, we must write yourtechnical specification document. The technical specdocument are quite boring to read, extremely detailed,but essential for the development team. While theprototype is an easy way for your team to understandthe functionality of your app, and can be useful forthe development team to understand what you arelooking for - the tech spec document is the codingblueprint. This tech spec describes in great detail thetype of code to be written - what sort of databaseswe will access, what methodologies and algorithmsare needed. We spend a great deal of time workingon the technical spec prior to beginning the codingprocess. Your team will receive, and approve, the techspec document prior to us developing the code. Thisalso allows us to provide you with a realistic cost forthe build of your mobile app. Because we spend sucha great deal of time on the prototype, it makes it easierto write an accurate tech spec doc.After finishing the technical specifications, we move toprogramming phase. It generally takes about 6 weeksto complete the coding. The timeframe is an estimateand depends on the scope, features and complexityof each individual app. We support all major mobileapp development platforms and have experience withsoftware developments kits for all platforms - iOS SDK,Android SDK, Blackberry Java SDK, Windows MobileSDK etc. We employ Agile/Scrum methodology for allsoftware development projects and ensure that we areon track for project deliverable every single time.24 |
  25. 25. codemodules
  26. 26. codemodulesNo need to reinvent the wheelBuilding a mobile app is much like building a customhome. There is no limit to the amount of money youcan spend on either. There are hundreds of differentprimary options and tens of thousands of secondary.We focus on determining the core elements you needwith your mobile app, the secondary features you wish,and then work toward building your “multi-milliondollar” home at a fraction of the cost you wouldnormally spend.Building a mobile app is also similar to building anautomobile from scratch. While some developers willtout their expertise in building an internal combustionengine - we will find one that is already built. The sameholds true for a transmission - it would cost a fortune tobuild one from scratch and very little to purchase onethat is already built.We’ve already built hundreds of mobile apps thushave a large library of code. Much of this can be usedfor your app. We focus on delivering a superb mobileapp at far less cost than you could receive from othersbecause of our primary belief that it is not necessary to“reinvent the wheel.”26 |
  27. 27. codemodulesOur library of codeMobilezapp can leverage our existing code libraries tobuilt an app much faster and cheaper.Below is a listing of our code library:21 CFR Part 11 Location Based Services3rd Party API Integration Loyalty ProgramsAudio Messaging MapsAugmented Reality Music LibraryBrand Builder MySpace IntegrationCalculator/Cost Estimator Online ReservationsCoupon Delivery PCI ComplianceCRM Connectivity Photo GalleryCustomizer QR Code/Bar CodeFacebook/Twitter RadioForm Builder RatingsFour Square RegistrationGPS Capabilities Surveys/PollsHIPAA Compliance Text MessagingLinkedIn Ticket PurchasingList Builder Web BrowserFor elements of code we will have to write fromscratch, we have two options. If you would allowMobilezapp to add your custom written code to ourlibrary for reuse, the cost is roughly half the investmentrequired should the code only be used for yourproject. You can provide us with an exemption list ofcompetitors, to ensure anything we provide for youwould not wind up in the wrong hands.27 |
  28. 28. solutions&services
  29. 29. solutions&servicesLetting the world know about your appsUnique to Mobilezapp is our ability to proactivelypromote your mobile app throughout the world.We have a sister relationship with DayBreak DataMarketing Services, Inc. The close relationship providesus access to one of the largest contact list databases ofkey decision makes and influencers within corporate,education and government accounts worldwide.These include the Chiefs, Presidents, Executive VicePresidents, Senior Vice Presidents, Vice Presidents,Directors and Managers within all of the Fortune 1000,Global 500 and millions of SMB accounts. Cumulativelythese business leaders employ tens of millions ofindividuals and purchase over a trillion dollars worthof goods, products and services each year. We alsohave press contacts at every news agency in the worldwho can help spread the word to over a billion mobilehandset carriers.Our program includes an ultra-personalizedintroductory letter accompanied with a PDF toutingthe features, advantages and benefits of your mobileapp. We can provide dedicated representatives tofollow-up the e-Letter campaign with telephone calls,download instructions and face-to-face meetings forthe most qualified contacts.29 |
  30. 30. solutions&servicesSales solutionsWhile there are numerous groups within yourorganization that can benefit from mobile technologies- the sales team is at the top of our list for immediatereturn-on-investment. We can arm your sales teamwith the latest, greatest technology to assist their effortto drive incremental business. At the same time wewill empower your sales managers and financial teammembers with detailed information regarding theirlocation, the number of sales calls they are makingeach day, and their bottom line sales figures.Imagine an app that can arm your sales team with thecapability to sell more goods, products and services.Imagine an app that will empower your finance teamwith up-to-the minute information regarding thesales pipeline. Imagine an app that will allow salesmanagers to keep track of the whereabouts of all oftheir sales team members 24/7. We can deliver thisand much more.Mobile apps for sales team members are at thetop of our list for high return-on-investment. Themobile device might as well be created specificallyfor increasing sales. There are so many features,advantages and benefits of the mobile device and salesteams that there is not enough room on this page toeven begin listing.30 |
  31. 31. solutions&servicesMobilezapp service solutionsMobile applications for internal use can improveefficiencies for almost any department or group.One particular group that can receive a high return-on-investment is the service and technician group.By arming your service technicians with an Android,BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad, Symbian or Windows Mobileapplication you can:• Provide scheduling and rescheduling information• Inform technicians about cancelled appointments• Allow service agents to take and send photos• Arm technicians with analyzing tools for systems• Improve efficiency• Reduce downtime• Allow scanning of customer signatures• Provide ability to process credit cards on site• Provide maps for service calls• Give training materials• Offer recurrent training lessons• Provide onsite service manuals in digital format• Update backend systems as technician uses the app• Enable real time communication with dispatch• Trigger activities and workflow based on transactionsWith Mobilezapp mobile service app solutions you canturn your service technicians into service magicians!31 |
  32. 32. solutions&servicesCustom research servicesMobilezapp provides full research services to assistyour efforts toward creating the ultimate mobileapplication app and corresponding strategy. Let usknow the information you are looking for - and we candeliver it. Our research services range from generalinformation regarding the installed base of variousmobile apps such as the Android, BlackBerry, iPhone,iPad and Windows Portable devices.We can also provide exhaustive competitive analysisincluding identifying all of the individual featureswithin an app or comparing those to an applicationyou already have or are thinking about building. Ourcustom research can include providing informationregarding the number of downloads any app hasreceived from the app store, the value of the purchasesand the valuation to the organization based uponrevenues and technology. Ultimately, our researchservices can assist in the success of your mobile app.No job is too large or small for the Mobilezapp researchteam. We can provide detailed analysis regarding theadvertising budget for any particular mobile app,analysis of their Facebook or LinkedIn account or thelanguages the product is released in. Tell us what youare looking for and we can do the rest.32 |
  33. 33. solutions&servicesTechnical customer supportYou have deployed your mobile solution, but inevitablyyour end users will start calling in with questionsregarding their devices, apps or network coverage.Do you have the in-house resources and expertise toaddress these issues to ensure user satisfaction andadoption?Mobilezapp aims to achieve the highest level ofcustomer satisfaction by providing expert technicalassistance and rapid problem resolutions. Mobilezapp’scustomer service organization provides a single pointof contact and dedicated team for all your education,customer support, and consulting needs to enhanceutilization, lower cost of ownership, and ensure asuperior user experience across the board.Mobilezapp’s Customer Support Services allows you todrive more value from your mobile implementation.You can leverage our unparalleled expertise indeploying and managing enterprise mobile solutionswith direct access to our technical support staff forissues that span the entire mobile implementation -applications, users, devices, and networks.33 |
  34. 34. partnerprogram
  35. 35. partnerprogramMobilezapp enablement programThe Mobilezapp Enablement Program has beendeveloped to provide the in-depth product and developerlevel knowledge necessary for customers and partners tosuccessfully implement and deploy mobile projects ontheir own. The program also provides ongoing supportand access to a developer community that promotes bestpractices for services delivery and solution innovation. Wework with your creative team to demonstrate the mosteffective way to create prototypes of mobile applications.Our creative team provides your organization numerouswidget libraries consisting of artwork needed to createAndroid, BlackBerry, iPhone and iPad mobile appmockups, prototypes and wireframes.The objectives of the Mobilezapp Enablement Programare to:• rovide guidance and insight into the construction of the P project team to assure the right skills are available.• Provide the necessary product and process knowledge.• Arm your team with necessary mobile design artwork.• Empower your design team with development tips.• rovide iPhone store, BlackBerry Market & Android Store P suggestions for rapid approval methods. Provide list of mobile middleware solutions. Provide security solution mobile app software info.• rovide the development team with tools and P techniques that will guide them in defining, designing and delivering mobile solutions.• Provide developers access to Mobilezapp resources.35 |
  36. 36. partnerprogramMobilezapp partner programMobilezapp’s partner community is comprised of market-leadingIndependent Software Vendors (ISVs), network carriers andSystem Integrators (SIs) who have one thing in common – apassion for mobility and a drive to create game-changing mobileapps for business.With the Mobilezapp Partner Program (MPP), the companyarms qualified resellers and OEMs with the resources needed togenerate new sales opportunities, market more effectively andbring innovative enterprise mobility apps and technologies tomarket faster.Resellers in the program qualify for comprehensive sales andproduct training on Mobilezapp’s packaged applications, whileOEMs have the unique ability to build apps on Mobilezapp’saward-winning MMP platform and can earn MMP CertifiedDeveloper certifications. Companies looking to extend theMMP platform to customers or build on the platform to createbest-in-class apps can benefit from product knowledge training,developer support and assigned technical resources.Exposure to Mobilezapp’s strong partner ecosystem and theopportunity to build and deploy enterprise-class mobile appson the industry-leading platform is a major benefit to partnercompanies. By combining their own subject-matter expertisewith Mobilezapp’s proven technology used by the Fortune 500for business mobility, partners are empowered to create newproducts and services that can be certified by Mobilezapp,leveraged and sold throughout the Mobilezapp channel.Interested in learning more? We’d love to hear from you. to team up with Mobilezapp.36 |
  37. 37. industries
  38. 38. industriesIndustry experience and expertiseThe Mobilezapp team has tremendous experience andexpertise in a wide variety of industries. We’ve developedmobile apps for hundreds of different organizations rangingfrom Airlines to Zoos. With each of our developmentefforts we have learned a great deal about each respectiveindustry, rules and regulations, proprietary their revenuemodels, their customers and channel partners.With each of our development efforts we have learneda great deal about the industry segments, their revenuemodels, their customer profiles and the concerns they havearound security of proprietary and personal information.Our industry experience includes:Agriculture & MiningBusiness ServicesComputers & ElectronicsConsumer ServicesEducationEnergy & UtilitiesFinancial ServicesGovernmentHealthcare, Pharmaceuticals and BiotechManufacturingMedia & EntertainmentReal Estate & ConstructionRetailSoftware & InternetTelecommunicationsTransportation & StorageTravel, Recreation and LeisureWholesale & Distribution38 |
  39. 39. industriesEducationVirtually all students, professors and leaders at collegesand universities throughout the world are carryingsmartphones. The higher education institutions areamongst the first to embrace new technologies. If yourcollege or university is contemplating ways to takeadvantage of the Android, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry orWindows Mobile device - look no further - Mobilezappcan build a mobile app that will dazzle students andfaculty alike.Some of the features we can implement include:• Use a campus map to find your way around the college• Accessing photos to set as your phone’s wallpaper• Facts about your college and university• Ability to register for classes• Purchase tickets to athletic events• Pay tuition via your smartphone• Check into classes via mobile device• Watch school specific YouTube videos• Play school specific trivia with your classmatesMobilezapp can craft a program to allow participationfrom students, provide internships to the mostqualified individuals and provide credits to all studentsparticipating in the building of your mobile app.39 |
  40. 40. industriesFinancial servicesMobile banking is evolving into mobile commerce - amore global term that includes the ability to conductnumerous financial transactions in real time.This represents the key to achieving strategic growth inthe financial services sector, to establishing significantnew levels of customer loyalty, and to opening newchannels of direct, immediate, hands-on, smartphonedriven transactional capabilities.These capabilities manifest themselves in many ways– from real-time streaming quotes, to fully managingaccounts in real time, to conducting real-time stockexecution deals (including real time research, pricealerts/quotes and actual buy/sell execution), to makingretail purchases directly through a mobile device - thelist of capabilities is as long as one’s imagination allows.With Mobilezapp mobile financial solutions, you’re notjust deploying apps - you’re deploying performance toemployees and customers.40 |
  41. 41. industriesGovernmentWe have a solid understanding of ways to leveragethe power of the mobile devices for city, parish, stateand federal government agencies and their respectivedepartments. We welcome the opportunity to speakwith you or other members of your team. In addition todemonstrating the applications our team has createdfor organizations such as yours, we can show you whatwe consider to be “the best of the best.”Some of the features we can provide include:• Marriage license information• County clerk office hours• Ability to post bail for inmates via a mobile device• Finding towed vehicles and paying parking tickets• Applying for jobs online via mobile phones• City park information• Paying for city utility and water• Ability to find voting registration centers• Renewing your driver’s license• Providing proof of social security number• Applying for unemployment benefits• Finding political officials telephone and addresses• Detailed bio information and photos of public officials• Polling of citizensGive us a telephone call. We can show you the verybest ways to leverage mobile technologies for yourorganization’s benefit.41 |
  42. 42. industriesHealthcareMobilezapp understands the Healthcare marketplace.There are a number of innovative and creative apps wecan deliver in order to assist Clinics, Hospitals, Doctors,Nurse Practitioners, Registered Nurses, Administratorsand many others within the healthcare category. Weunderstand the requirements that must be met toensure an app is HIPPA compliant.Let us know what you are looking for and we can doit. We could build an app that provides immediatenotification to the triage desk whenever a new roomat a hospital is available. We can provide a mobileapp that informs doctors regarding the amount ofmedicine that has been provided to each patient viaan IV. We can link any of the medical devices scatteredthroughout a clinic or a hospital directly to a mobiledevice to empower the physician with immediateinformation.Our Proof of Concept program is perfectly suitedfor those within the Healthcare industry. It providesan opportunity for each of the stakeholders mostinterested in the development and successfuldeployment of a mobile app to participate inthe development process. We provide individualscreenshots for each function much in the same way awebsite works. Our account managers will work withyour stakeholders to ensure their input is receivedand requests implemented. We are specialists atdemonstrating the value of innovative technologiesto those used to working with a paper and pen vs. aportable device.42 |
  43. 43. industriesHotelsMobile apps provide a fantastic vehicle for hotelsto better serve their guests, increase occupancyand satisfaction. The Mobilezapp Hospitality Teamwelcomes an opportunity to discuss how we canbuild an application to meet all of your expectations.We specialize in developing cross-platform appsfor the Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad, Symbianand Windows Mobile devices. The Mobilezapp teamwould like to sit down with you and demonstrate anumber of other hotel apps, go through their features,advantages, benefits and weaknesses.Some of the abilities we can build into your mobileapp include:• Checking in and checking out functions• Access to room service via a mobile device• bility to make a reservation at any location A worldwide• Providing management with superior reporting• Allow guests to pay for their stay• Using smart phones vs. keys to enter rooms• Accessing frequent guest program information• otifying the valets when a vehicle needs to be N picked up• isplaying images of rooms, suites and conference D facilities• Receive notices via SMS text regarding special offers• And much more43 |
  44. 44. industriesLife scienceMobility can literally transform the way life sciencescompanies provide service to customers.Service and sales representatives with a mobileapplication in hand are empowered to think andact differently - their actions are more immediateand more directly tied to their customers’ needs.These entirely mobile-driven channels of awarenessrepresent exciting new increases in both productivityand revenue generation and lead to direct strategicadvantage.Today’s life sciences organizations are stepping upand delivering mobile apps that will deliver powerful,personalized, easy to use role-based tools that willcaptivate employees. But that isn’t enough – appsmust not only be delightful to use, they must be highlyeffective in the field, helping to drive measurablestrategic productivity improvements. With MobilezappLife Science solutions, you’re not just deployingapps - you’re deploying innovation to employees andcustomers - and bettering lives at the same time.44 |
  45. 45. industriesManufacturingWe are excited to work with companies who specializein manufacturing. The mobile platforms provided bythe Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad, Symbian andWindows Mobile devices empower manufacturingfacilities with a whole new way to do business.Mobilezapp brings the power of the desktop PC andserver to the pocket with innovative and creativemanufacturing applications.Our development team will work with you to increaseproductivity and streamline processes. Mobile devicesprovide plant managers and supervisors with theability to take pictures of gauges, parts, assembly linesand delivery systems and upload the information toothers quickly and easily.With intelligently designed mobile apps,manufacturing organizations can fully eliminate paper-based systems, enable data capture and entry directlyinto back-end systems, reduce unnecessary costswith geo-fencing and other location-based tools, andautomate complex workflows.With Mobilezapp manufacturing mobile app solutions,you’re not just deploying apps — you’re deployingproductivity to employees, partners, suppliers andeven customers.45 |
  46. 46. industriesMerchandising industryWhat if you could turn your merchandisers into mobilemavens?Empowered with intuitive mobile apps, yourmerchandising team will find it easier than ever tostreamline and optimize inventory planning and otherprocesses that create business value. Mobility drivesreal time actionable information; and having timelyinformation optimizes the product mix to increasecustomer satisfaction and maximize sales. You’redeploying more than a mobile merchandising app,you’re deploying happiness to your organization andcustomers.Mobilezapp maximizes sales opportunities at thecustomer level by providing instant access to keyproduct and account information, up-to-datepromotions, updated route books, and DEX in real-time. It offers customizable workflows that encompassthe daily activities of the merchandising process. Weoptimizes activities such as:• Call scheduling and routing• Messaging• Distribution checking• Brand audits• Surveys• Compliance checks• Damaged goods handling• Point-of-sale merchandising46 |
  47. 47. industriesRestaurantsSmart phones provide a number of fantastic ways to improve arestaurant’s bottom-line profitability and customer satisfaction.We welcome the opportunity to show you a complete list ofthe best apps in the world for restaurants. At the same meeting- we can show you some of the worst. The Mobilezapp teamunderstands the restaurant industry. Most importantly, we knowhow to leverage the power of the Android, BlackBerry, iPhone,iPad, Symbian and Windows Mobile devices to assist restaurants.Some of the abilities we can build into your mobile app include:• Directions to your restaurant• Ability to “like” your restaurant via Facebook• Twitter integration to empower customers the ability to “tweet”• Ability to make, confirm or cancel reservations• Establish seating preference• Discover history about your restaurant• Meet the chefs and team• Adding augmented reality to your restaurant• Receiving SMS text messages, emails and newsletter type info• Ordering take-out food, determining length of time to pick-up• Reviewing daily specials and full menu• Ability to make preferences for wait staff• Quickly and easily post commentsIf your organization is thinking about developing a mobile app foryour restaurant - give us a shout. Our Proof of Concept programis an excellent way you, other owners, senior level staff membersand staff can participate in the mobile app experience. Everyone’sinput works toward the development process.47 |
  48. 48. industriesRetailWe have tremendous experience leveraging the powerof the Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile andSymbian technologies for retail establishments. Over thepast four years we have worked with many of the largest(and small) retailers in the world. The Mobilezapp RetailTeam specializes in leveraging the features, advantagesand benefits of mobile apps for kiosks, boutiques,department stores, wholesalers and the malls themselves.We are focused on innovative and creative ways to leveragethe power of the mobile applications for your organization.Some of these methods include:• Providing directions to your stores• Delivering SMS text messages to consumers• Inform customers of special discounts and offers• Update buyers with pertinent and relevant information• Display photos of products to purchase• Provide QR code recognition capabilities• Deliver directions to items on the shelf in your store• Allow redeem capabilities for coupons in newspapers• Empower customers with personal shopping list favorites• Provide joint marketing opportunitiesMobilezapp has a solid understanding of the retail industry.We have a solid understanding for the technology of themobile apps. If your organization is looking to expandyour market share and profits - give us a call - we will puttogether a strategy to meet your needs.48 |
  49. 49. industriesTelecommunicationsThe telco industry has a number of unique opportunities toleverage mobile apps. Mobilezapp will work with your IT/IS department as well as various stakeholders to create amobile app that will increase productivity, lower downtime,reduce errors and ultimately drive bottom line profits.Our telco mobile apps can improve delivery, installation,repair service, sales support or any other service within theend-to-end supply and services chain. The apps we cancreate for your organization can lower operational costsand improve customer satisfaction.These mobile application benefits greatly decrease time tomarket for all services – whether in the field or in the backoffice, delivering strategic benefits that will greatly increasetop line revenue. Mobile driven cost reductions and newrevenue growth in turn combine to deliver new levels ofprofitability.With intelligently designed mobile apps you can fullyeliminate paper-based systems, enable data capture andentry directly into back-end systems, reduce unnecessarycosts with geo-fencing and other location-based tools,and automate complex workflows. As a result, yourorganization benefits from a highly accurate flow of dataat every level in the business process chain – a constant,mobile driven view of your entire business operation inreal time.49 |
  50. 50. applicationsamples
  51. 51. application samplesBank of AmericaUse the ATM and banking center locator to find thenearest location with a simple touch of a button, noaddress input required. This location aware featureis only available through the iPhone application andnot on the B of A mobile web site. You can access theMobile Banking web site directly with the application.One destination on your iPhone/iPod touch to checkavailable balances 24/7, pay bills and transfer funds.Features• Mobile Banking applications are custom designed for your phone’s unique features• ATM and banking center locator, using geo-locator – easily find the nearest location without entering your address or ZIP code• On-the-go management of your accounts to check balances, transfer funds and pay bills with optional Bill Pay service.Security• Protection against fraudulent activity with our Learn about the $0 Liability Online Banking Guarantee• SiteKey® for verification of your identity and an extra layer of security• Advanced encryption technology to prevent unauthorized access• Privacy protection of your financial information51 |
  52. 52. application samplesGEICOPay your GEICO auto insurance bill and access yourcurrent insurance ID cards from your phone. AccidentHelper lets you take advantage of our Accident Helperwhich helps put you in contact with emergencyservices, gives you a place to organize photos andmuch more. Roadside Service – Locator features allowyou to find nearby tow services and gas stations...anywhere, anytime. Use your phone’s GPS or enter alocation manually, it’s up to you!Taxi/Rental Car – need a taxi to get home from therepair shop or maybe even after a night of fun? Want torent a car? Our locator will help find what you need inmoments.52 |
  53. 53. application samplesState FarmThe Pocket Agent™ is an extension of the exceptionalcustomer service offered in State Farm Agents offices,and shows State Farm is committed to being there forour customers in more ways than ever before. Hittingthe store with four key features, this app will helpcustomers recover from the unexpected even morequickly. With the Pocket Agent™, customers with an autopolicy registered on can:• Begin the claims submission process.• Locate Select Service repair facilities.• Contact their State Farm agent53 |
  54. 54. application samplesLufthansaThe Lufthansa Launcher makes planning your tripeven more convenient. As a registered Lufthansacustomer you need only save your access data onceonto your iPhone or IPod touch and you can call upLufthansa’s mobile services with just one click. You willgo straight to your summary and can easily check infor forthcoming flights whilst on the move. Book greatvalue flights on your mobile device without first havingto complete the login data. Direct access to your Miles& More account summary whenever and wherever youwant. With the Launcher you also have access to otherLufthansa mobile services.Mobilezapp has libraries that can connect to back-end reservation systems. We are experts at designinga graphical user interface that is sleek, elegant andhighly functional. Our code can be interchanged froman aircraft, to a concert hall or restaurant - the conceptis basically the same. Our technology allows users topay for tickets on airplanes, Broadway shows, concertperformances or restaurants.54 |
  55. 55. application samplesMercedes BenzThe Mercedes Benz iPhone app allows drivers tocustomize their in-vehicle experiences to fit their dailyneeds. It begins with an introduction of a whole newgeneration of innovative and personalized servicesthat fit into a drivers mobile lifestyle, keeping themconnected to people, places and services that areimportant to them and offering them enhanced safety,security and navigation options. The flexibility of thearchitecture allows Mercedes Benz to continually addnew features and innovations to keep Mercedes Benzon the forefront of the in-vehicle services.55 |
  56. 56. application samplesOracleThe Oracle iPhone app leverages the power of OracleBusiness Intelligence Enterprise Edition Plus (OBIEE)and Oracle Business Intelligence Applications, FusionEdition to provide access to key metrics and analyticaldata for mobile executives. These native applicationsfor the Apple iPhone also leverage the Serviced-Oriented Architecture (SOA) capabilities of OBIEE andthe powerful set of Oracle Business Intelligence WebServices. They also have support of SSL encryptionprotocol enabling superior and secure mobile flexibilityand performance.56 |
  57. 57. application samplesKitchen and bath channelBuilding or remodeling your kitchen or bath is acomplex endeavor, something many of us are notprepared to do without a professional at the helm.This free app connects homeowners with all typesof professionals associated with your new kitchen orbathroom. With a database of over 15,000 designers,builders, remodelers, woodworkers, retailers and morecoupled with a variety of searching options, you canfind the right professional for your project and in manycases view examples of their work.Features Include:• One touch dialing• One touch email• One touch website visits• One touch “Add to Contacts”• One touch map locator without leaving the app• Geo location• Project photos and videosSearch By:• Location• Certified professionals and professional designation• Room preference• Accreditation• Product category for purchasing• City• State• Professional’s name• Business name57 |
  58. 58. application samplesSuperpagesFinding the right person for the job can be a job itself.Especially when you’re on the go. With SuperpagesMobile, you can find local businesses quickly. Search bykeywords or popular categories such as “automotive”and “repair.” Choose a business backed by the award-winning SuperGuarantee and you’ll get the job doneright, or we’ll make it right.Add a review and photo. Let others know what youthought by creating a business review on the spot.Simply rate your experience “thumbs up” or “thumbsdown.”Get directions. Never get lost again. With SuperpagesMobile, you can get step-by-step, interactive drivingdirections with an option to add multiple stops alongthe way.Find movie and theater listings. Superpages Mobilemakes it easy to find your favorite movies playing at atheater near you. Browse films by name for show times,reviews and trailers.58 |
  59. 59. application samplesTalent search on iPadTask: Develop application that allows users to search andtrack talents using their mobile phones. Since there is alot of content in the application we made it really easyfor user to add talents, songs and videos to favoritesand get back to them whenever he/she wishes. Highperformance audio and video streaming lets you find andfollow talented artists. Audio and video streaming allowschecking out and uploading new songs and movies fromuser’s device as well as uploading user’s own music andvideos for audition. To make our search work in a smoothand easy manner, accessing a huge amount of data, webuilt a program using a robust designed algorithm thatincludes features like:• Entire application search• Audio streaming• Video streaming• Audio and video audition• Favorites• E-mail notificationsWe built an app that is very easy to use, works fast withmillions of records and users.59 |
  60. 60. application samplesDairy QueenThe Dairy Queen app empowers iPhone users withiPhone users with the ability to locate any of 4,600Dairy Queen locations throughout the United Statesbased upon their GPS coordinates. “DQ Craze” involvesquickly filling orders for “customers” clamoring forBlizzards and Dailly Bars and other Dairy Queenspecialties. To get points, you have to arrangematching rows of different Dairy Queen menu itemsthat correlate to what the customer wants.60 |
  61. 61. application samplesCar and Driver magazineCar and Driver Mobile for Android is updated dailywith new content and photos, and includes manyfeatures from the regular site and some exclusivecontent. Car and Driver Mobile for Android is yourinstant connection to daily car news, photo galleries,reviews, and the rest of your favorite features. It features top stories, search, autoshows, and buying guide.61 |
  62. 62. application samplesEntrepreneur magazineEntrepeneur Magazine is one of the top magazinesin the United States where individuals interested instarting their own business can learn from others whohave done so previously. There are many tips aboutstarting a business including banking information,venture capital information, ways to incorporate, andmany others.62 |
  63. 63. application samplesPremier guitarPremier Guitar, the guitar multimedia network withthe largest monthly audience, has launched itsnewest platform with the free app for Android users.The Android app joins the print magazine, digitalmagazine, website, mobile optimized website, andiPad/iPhone apps as the latest portal by which readerscan access PG’s content. All of PG’s magazine anddigitally-exclusive content is freely accessible across allof its digital platforms.“We’re excited to introduce the latest member of thePremier Guitar multimedia family with our Androidapp,” says Premier Guitar marketing manager. “Thisnew platform launch remains in lock-step with ourmultimedia model, allowing the reader to choosehow he/she would like to read PG’s great content. Theresponse thus far to the existing iPad/iPhone/iPodTouch app has been overwhelmingly positive with over200,000 reader sessions since their respective launchesand I would anticipate that our Droid users will enjoy asimilar experience.”63 |
  64. 64. application samplesSports illustrated - swimsuit editionsOur Sports Illustrated Swimsuit mobile app is releasedfor the Android, BlackBerry, iPhone and iPad. It hasbeen an immediate success since launched. Theapplication provides users the ability to browsethrough all of the images available through the SImagazine, as well as has a number of new featuressuch as the ability to rate the models, share the photoswith friends, post them on Facebook, and tweet aboutthe images.Our approach to the app was to provide the contentthat was available via the Sports Illustrated magazine,as well as add new features and enhancementsbecause of the mobile device capabilities. The abilityto rank each of the photos and post to Facebook is themost commonly used feature. We are thinking of newways to enhance the 2011 functions. The primary goalof the app is to engage the consumer and their friendswhile ultimately increasing magazine subscriptions.The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit mobile app wasreleased on the iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and iPadsimultaneously. The app was an immediate success.We added a number of cutting edge technologies andsuperior graphics to add a viral-component to the app.64 |
  65. 65. application samplesCrackleCrackle is the place to experience pure entertainment:full length movies, TV shows, and original series fromgenres that embody cool — all uncut, uncensored, andunbelievably free. We’ve had enough of “disposableentertainment” that is as relevant as a laughing/dancing baby — we are here to watch and talk aboutthe videos that really matter.Crackle is one of the fastest growing entertainmentdestinations today, featuring only the genres you love— comedy, action, drama, sci-fi, horror — anywhereyou are. We know the Internet is a big place, soCrackle’s vast distribution network ensures that youhave access to Crackle everywhere: on your favoritevideo site, your television and your mobile device.Learn more about where you can find Crackle on thedistribution page.65 |
  66. 66. application samplesWorldVoice radioThe WorldVoice Radio brings the “retro” concept ofthe handheld shortwave into the 21st Century. Userscan scan the netwaves old-style via buttons or use thebuilt-in directory to find and search all of the stations.With WorldVoice, you don’t just listen to the radioon the web . . . you create it. WorldVoice allows usersto upload reproduced uCasts from their computerproduced with tools such as Garageband, CoolEdit,Audacity and others. It lets you make “uCasts” - shortpodcasts on the go - with a simple interface.66 |
  67. 67. application samplesBeen ThereBEEN THERE is an iPhone application for individualsto keep track of their travels. They can keep track ofthe hotels they stayed at, who they met, places theyvisited throughout their trip, as well as upload photosof friends, family and scenic vistas There are no limitsto the number of entries or number of photos. BEENTHERE allows users to share their traveling experiencewith their friends worldwide. Rate hotels, parks,restaurants and other places of interest with one to fivestars, make comments and much more.The BEEN THERE app uses a number of modulesMobilezapp can leverage for your mobile app. It usesGPS location abilities, storage of photos and videos,password capabilities, email recovery of passwords, theability to input links from websites and much more.67 |
  68. 68. application samplesWhereWHERE develops a range of location-based services,including mobile advertising as well as search andrecommendation services.WHERE helps you discover, save and share yourfavorite places by putting the best local information atyour fingertips and offering great deals from nearbybusinesses. As you use WHERE, our recommendationengine learns about your preferences and recommendsgreat places for you to check out. We make it easy tocreate lists of your favorites and places you’d like to goand share them with friends. With WHERE, you’ll neverbe bored again.68 |
  69. 69. application samplesSprintYour business can’t wait and Sprint has the mobileapplications you need to get work done now. Be it ahome office or an entire enterprise, Sprint offers a fullportfolio of mobile and GPS applications to instantlymeet the unique management and automation needsof your business.GPS - Locate.View and monitor worker location, online and in real-time, with Sprint Mobile Locator.Get instant driving directions and family locationupdates via your GPS-enabled phone or the Web.Quickly optimize fleet operations, manage mobileresources, and track data and assets in real-time.Get best-of-breed, Web-based applications for yourindustry.69 |
  70. 70. application samplesOrnithologist diaryIn order to meet all the goals and build a fully functionaland handy application, we used:• SOAP web-services for interconnecting with server• Core data for persistent data storage• Expanded functions for sharing and finding bird spots• Core location based on GPS data• Core graphics for custom defined graphics.Features:• User database• User database shared with social groups• New spots upload• Upload/download photos from server• New spots search• User search• User information can be uploaded to shared DB• Complex spot lists managed by users• Spots sharing• Different complex filters• Assign image/video to spots• Image region selection• Adding notes to spots• View spots on Google map within selected regionWe built high performance mobile application whichallows professional ornithologists and even amateur birdwatchers discover, store, share and manage their own orpublic spots.70 |
  71. 71. application samplesMileage counter proTask: Create an application that would help corporatedrivers track their mileage, create, export and sendreports with all necessary information right frommobile phones to their managers’ phones to eventuallyhelp their company keep better track of trip expensesand save money.To count mileage we used robust custom builtalgorithms used in conjunction with Google servicesthat return very accurate results. The reports can beviewed, exported and sent in several formats. They areeasy to customize, edit and store.Features include:• Mileage tracking• Reports viewing, exporting and emailing• Trips Calendar with schedule• Notifications• Voice recognition71 |
  72. 72. application samplesRain alertWe merged standard iPhone geo location data withweather radar overlays, wind speed and weather forecastsfrom 3 most recently updated weather web sites (every 3hour updates). We gave user ability to manually set dateand time to figure out if it’s going to rain.Features:• GPS geo location• SMS messaging• Email notifications• Manual settingsWe created Weather notifying application with highaccuracy and manual mode.72 |
  73. 73. application samplesTransitoTransito allows iPhone app users to quickly and easilysee the traffic throughout the city. There are over onehundred cameras thus providing Transito iPhone appusers with the ability to see in real-time the trafficsituation at any time of the day or night. The appessentially provides an “eye in the sky” to zoom into thetraffic lights you are approaching and allow you to seethe traffic up ahead. Based upon what you see, you canchange your route to avoid the traffic.73 |
  74. 74. application samplesCelebrity apps - Peter FacinelliWe’ve created approximately 25 celebrity mobileapplications. Our mobile celebrity apps provide thecelebrity with a vehicle to communicate to his or herfans. He, or she, can post photos directly to the appand have them propagated through twitter via tweet-pic as well as through facebook. It gives the celebritythe capability to enter diary pages to share their lifewith their fans in a way that the celebrity feels mostcomfortable with.Our celebrity apps also provide users with thecapability to communicate directly with their favoritemovie star, television star, rock star or whateverpersonality chooses to leverage our platform.74 |
  75. 75. application samplesPowWow NowSocial “Meet & Greet” App. PowWow allows yourequest friends, view profiles, share stories, groupdecision, post pictures, rate pictures, personal interests,nightlife recommendations, etc. The app allows you torecommend friends to join, fill out a personal profile,accept or reject potential friends who have viewed yourprofile, vote on likes or dislikes, wills and thrills, won’tand don’t, sexy pic page and make group decisions. Italso allows users to create blog discussion topics.75 |
  76. 76. application samplesYour new babyYour new baby is an application designed for anyone witha new baby. It provides the ability to upload photos of thebaby as well as provide detailed information regardingthe parents, grandparents, delivery, doctors and nurses,and all of the many fun details regarding the parentalexperience.Your New Baby mobile application is a mobile version of ascrapbook. It provides a wonderful vehicle for your entirefamily to maintain a detailed log of all of the importantaspects of your new child. There is an unlimited amountof space for photos, the ability to annotate photos withtext, the ability to forward images to friends and familymembers most interested in keeping abreast of the firstyear of your baby’s life.The technology also provides an excellent vehicle forproviding information to pediatricians, nurses or otherindividuals responsible for ensuring the health of yournew child is up to par.76 |
  77. 77. application samplesiSeedSpit gameHow far can you spit a watermelon seed? From thecreators of the Wumbler series comes the coolestsimulated seed spitting game, iSeed Spit. Realisticwatermelons seed spit, flip and bounce across thescreen once you blow into the microphone.Take a drink of water, a bite of watermelon and blowinto the phone to spit a watermelon seed across thescreen. Get the right angle, the right amount of water,the right bite of watermelon and blow and you cancompete for the longest distance.Share your score on Facebook and compete with theother top scores. See if you can match or beat the realworld record of 68’ 9 1/8”.77 |
  78. 78. application samplesZombie fighterThe Zombie Fighter is an iPhone (iPad compatible)game application with 8 zombie characters whichfight with each other and multiplayer mode - via Applegame center (connect with other devices (iPhone/iPad)via Bluetooth).78 |
  79. 79. contactus
  80. 80. contactusLet’s get this party startedGive me a telephone call, send me an email, text me,hit me up on Facebook, tweet me, connect with me onLinkedIn, send me a smoke signal - but let’s hook up.Doug MonahanFounder & Chief Executive OfficerAustin, TXdoug.monahan@mobilezapp.com512.539.026080 |