Rapid Fire: Tips and Trends on Web, Tech and Social Media


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Presented at AFP Fundraising Day in New York 2013, June 7, 2013.

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Rapid Fire: Tips and Trends on Web, Tech and Social Media

  1. 1. Mobile is Maturing Mobile web usage is estimated to overtake desktop by 2015. • Want to reach new audiences? 87% of the world’s populations have mobile phones • Users will leave a site that isn’t mobile friendly • Desktops will soon no longer be the primary vehicle potential donors will learn about your brand / mission
  2. 2. Be Responsive Responsive design is the approach suggesting content and design should respond to the user irrespective of the device. • Single URL, set of content, and code for multiple devices • Different than a “mobile site” • Responsive design allows an organization to easily adapt in an era of rapidly proliferating connected devices
  3. 3. Content is King Content marketing is emerging as a key factor in brand loyalty and lead generation. • High quality content fuels organic search • Includes blogs, infographics, whitepapers, case studies, video • “Try to create a site that is so fantastic you become an authority in your niche.” – Matt Cutts, head of Google’s web spam team
  4. 4. Creating User-Friendly Web Content People read and consume information very differently online than in traditional media. • Content should be simple and easy to skim • Web users only read 28% of a page in a best case scenario • Keep it concise, use sub- headings to break up long articles • Consider a year-end content audit to determine if your site content is friendly
  5. 5. The Multi-Lingual Web New technologies make it easier than ever to bring your mission to an international audience. • Reaching new international donors is a key objective for many NPOs • Translation services can be costly • Try Google’s free translation tool which currently supports 71 languages • Making your site available in multiple languages doesn’t have to be labor
  6. 6. The Rise of Infographics Infographics use compelling imagery to explain key facts, complex topics, and most importantly, relationships. • Visual, easy to scan, memorable, and shareable • Experiment with calls-to- action • Infographics are on the rise in an increasingly visual web and a great cultivation tool
  7. 7. When Should I Hit Send? Every organization’s list is different. Experiment with different days and times to figure out what works best for you. • Tuesday – Thursday, early AM, has long been considered the “ideal window” to send an email • 2012 data suggests open and click rates are now highest on weekends • Early morning remains the strongest time of day
  8. 8. Google+ is Growing Google+ has grown to over 500 million users. That’s up from 90 million at the beginning of 2012. • As search begins to come in more flavors, +1’s influence Google search rankings • In January, AWF had just over 700 followers. Today we have over 32K • Take part in communities, use hashtags, employ visuals, add a +1 button • Google+ is a fast-growing social network with
  9. 9. Google Analytics + eCRM = Powerful (and Free) Google analytics is an incredibly feature-rich tool to gain valuable intelligence about your online constituents. • It also features e- commerce tools that add a revenue dimension to a variety of behaviors • eCRM systems used by many NPOs can be integrated to provide rich, real-time data • If you haven’t already done so give it a try. Many large eCRM providers offer off- the-shelf documentation