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Social Media Kung-Fu for Travel Writers


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Travel writers seek interesting places to visit and audiences to amplify and enjoy their stories. Using social media can help build awareness, create interestingness, and measure results - all through DiY efforts of sharing stories, making friends and fostering goodness between context and content.

Published in: Self Improvement
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Social Media Kung-Fu for Travel Writers

  1. 1. Be Local Everywhere Be Local Everywhere
  2. 2. Tech is (just) a Tool
  3. 3. DiYFTW
  4. 4. Everyting/Nothing is new
  5. 5. Start with Listening
  6. 6. Build a PosseBuild a Posse
  7. 7. Add Interestingness
  8. 8. Find handy locals
  9. 9. Be your Audience
  10. 10. Content <3s Context
  11. 11. Don’t Boil the Ocean Don’t Boil the Ocean
  12. 12. Instantfeedback helps(r)evolve
  13. 13. Creating a Culture Tweet my Mom please
  14. 14. Cheap & Cheerful FTW
  15. 15. #FSMA Cheers Dave OlsonCommunity Wrangler etc. @daveohoots