Letter From Russia - Creating a Story


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Whether blog article, photo, video, podcast - should tell a story. The best stories are retold and shared with others, and the very best stories create conversations which might live on for generations.

How does a content creator elevate their work from craft to art? The same creative parameters apply whether the delivery method is digital or analog or both. When applied with vigour, the work elevates to something beyond an ephemeral musing.

Using a mixed-media project called "Letters from Russia" as a example, Dave will discuss practical tactics for harnessing inspiration, plotting the big picture, grinding out the "real work", and finally creating a satisfying tangible artifact.

Dave will discuss the role of blogs, podcasts, reader interaction, RSS, and self-publishing with chapbooks and/or on-demand web services as efficient methods of sharing and distributing the project to an audience.

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Poet, podcaster, pundit, and chronic documentarian, Dave Thorvald Olson particularly enjoys making arts and crafts and listening to vinyl albums while gazing at trees or soaking in a hot bath.

An ace marketer by day and renegade social media brewer by night, Dave gracefully nurtured, launched, sold, and/or jettisoned several internet companies. He now works for Raincity Studios (partially) revolutionizing the way media is created, consumed, and shared.

Published in numerous magazines, journals, and books, Dave is most proud of his handmade chapbooks, static montage art, and international audio hi-jinks. His co-conspirators frequently comment on his ability to recount stories after several micro-brews while inventing new lexicon and avoiding the bill.

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Letter From Russia - Creating a Story

  1. 1. Letters From Russia
  2. 2. Inspiration Tension ~ Purpose ~ Meditation
  3. 3. Execution Environment ~ Character ~ Process
  4. 4. night lake diving freshly skinny white leaping from the storm the 2AM moonlight fractures with the impact the rocks below clarified by the glacial melt jagged but deep enough for divers and explorers escaping ennui and malaise on the shore bobbing over rocks shook freed from constraints the absence reveals no barriers for the lubricious and clumsy emerging from the cold to stumble on the wretched shore where bullets won’t start a fire only tinder and a spark is all i can stammer
  5. 5. Distribution Audience ~ Medium ~ Publication
  6. 6. Are these letters authentic? Please respond promptly and honestly, I really need to know ASAP. Thank you, -- I enjoy military history and literature, so when I stumbled across these letters while doing some research of my own I made the now obvious mistake of believing them to be authentic. I absolutely treasured them for months and even did further research in an attempt to discover if Henri had survived the French retreat, and in doing so found your podcast and website. I was very dissapointed to discover that they were fictional. -- Kristopher Floyd Says: May 8, 2008 at 6:45 pm I have just learned that these letters are not authentic. I had feared as much. More should have been done to make that fact obvious from the outset, and the fact that more was not done leaves me now feeling somewhat hostile towards the work and its author. This “project” seems to me to be nothing more than a well written prank.
  7. 7. Chronicle book letter
  8. 8. Letters from Russia - war & love epistletory discourse http://www.uncleweed. net/words/literature/lettersfromr ussia.pdf http://www.uncleweed. net/words/literature/letters- from-russia-illustrated.pdf Twitter: @uncleweed Library: uncleweed.net Flick: /uncleweed