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ScubaBots - Ignite Sf


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Published in: Technology, Sports
  • Dave, I'm not a scuba diving fan, but if this presentation is serious (I have some doubts after seeing Brad drinking wine underwater), then I can suggest a couple of things:

    1. I saw word wiki in the presentation and though that you might be interested in a bundle of MediaWiki + Semantic MediaWiki + Semantic Forms which will make wiki site more user-friendly, still wiki-flexible, but hold some structured information about data which helps build a resource. This can be low-cost easy start wiki solution that still isn't that hard to adopt for non-geeks. As an example, take a look at my or at

    2. You might want to talk to folks from Make magazine, e.g. Phil Torrone or Bree Pettis - they live and breath robots, open source hardware and stuff and can easily implement OpenID into this robot using Bluetooth or something ;)

    Sergey<br /><br/>
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