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OpenID Introduction - IIW2008b

Presentation introducing OpenID to the Internet Identity Workshop, walking through some of the successes, and updates from Europe and Japan.

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OpenID Introduction - IIW2008b

  1. 1. Heard of OpenID?
  2. 2. Have an OpenID?
  3. 3. Used OpenID?
  4. 4. Use OpenID?
  5. 5. OpenID says who and describes where find my services and data
  6. 6. “The next phase of developer adoption will not be measured in the number of OpenIDs or sites that support it, but rather user experience, accessibility, and seamlessness of integration into a wide variety of applications and experiences.” —David Recordon (O’Reilly Radar '08)
  7. 7. Joseph Smarr (Plaxo)
  8. 8. OpenID Foundation The OpenID Foundation is a membership organization for individuals and organizations that facilitates the development of OpenID technologies, ensures the technology is open, and promotes the technology. • Non-profit organization with a board composed of individuals from the community and companies • Mainstream media attention toward OpenID • New specifications being created (PAPE) • Range of members from individuals to enterprises
  9. 9. OpenID Europe Purpose: Promote OpenID in Europe Ensure a European voice in OIDF Initial focus: Secure Trademarks and domains Existing National Chapters: - OpenID France (OIDFR)‫‏‬ - OpenID Portugal (OIDPT)‫‏‬ - OpenID Schweiz (OIDCH) - Switzerland - OpenID Türkiye (OIDTR) - Turkey Planned National Chapters: - OpenID Sverige (OIDSE) - Sweden - OpenID Polska (OIDPL) - Poland - OpenID România (OIDRO) – Romania - OpenID Denmark (OIDDK) – Denmark
  10. 10. European Status and Issues • Privacy • Efforts (still) on a national level, but looking forward to exchange of best practices • Alignment with European E-ID and possibly Kid-ID's • Multiprotocol solutions (OpenID + SAML)‫‏‬ • Lower barriers to implement OpenID2 RP (ensure not to loose developer enthusiasm)‫‏‬
  11. 11. OpenID in Japan • OpenID Foundation Japan Activity • Now “OpenID” catches the Wave Awareness Use • Lots of media attentions (30% aware of OpenID) • 32+ Corporate Members (Financial / Marchant / Telco / etc.) 30.0 • Partnership with Liberty Japan SIG 22.5 • 15.0 Trust Extension (TX) 7.5 • SSO & Payment Solution for Japan Airline’s Partners Program 0 Feb Aug Oct • Hotel, Car Rental, etc. WBS (Oct.30) • TX Provides Trusted Messaging for Sensitive Information • The Site Handles over 4000 Transactions ($50-$1000/tr) per month! • Banks & Telcos considering using it right now • About to form the new Working Group • Join the discussion during IIW!
  12. 12. OpenID Auth 2.1 • Backwards compatible with 2.0 • Specification cleanup and errata from 2.0 • Appendix focused on security • Updated discovery as XRDS has evolved • Clarifications around XRI support and best practices • Possible exploratory work with emails as identifiers and OAuth signature mechanisms
  13. 13. Questions?