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Social Media is Still Huge! Social media mining hicss 46 part 1



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Social Media is Still Huge!
Alexa Traffic Oct 6, 2012
Rank Website Type
1 Facebook Social
2 Google Search
3 YouTube Social
4 Yahoo! Search
5 Search
6 Wikipedia Social
7 Windows Live Search
8 Twitter Social
9 QQ.COM Portal
10 E-Commerce
11 Social
12 LinkedIn Social
13 E-Commerce
14 Google India Search
15 Yahoo! Japan Search

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Editor's Notes

  • Requires structured data (numbers and categories well-defined)Transformed by data preparation or collected with an a prior design in mindTypically housed and organized in a relational database, data mart or data warehouse
  • First step in textual data preparation is to systematically collect samples of text, i.e. the documents related to the context being studiedRange of possibilities: word documents, PDFs, emails, IM chat, Web pages, RSS Feeds, Blogs, Tweets, Open ended surveys, Transcripts of Helpline calls …Convert into organized set of texts – called a corpus – standardized and prepared for the purpose of knowledge discovery
  •  “Do you have the flu? Fever, Chest discomfort, Weakness, Aches, Headache, Cough.”
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