7 Simple Social Concepts to Grow Your Business


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May 10, 2013- Orlando Fl

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  • Summer 2011Price hike for all servicesDVD rentals and streaming services split (DVD mailing now called Qwikster)Customers outraged (took to social media)CEO Reed Hastings apologizedKept price hike, got rid of QwiksterAll too often, businesses will take a bad idea and run with it—only to have to come back later and pick up the pieces.But Hastings decided to cut his losses rather than draw them out. Not only was his decisionrefreshing, but it proved to be the best plan for his business in the long run: after losing 800,000 afterannouncing Qwikster, Netflix gained a net 610,000 customers in Q4 of 2011.
  • “All those that have ever worked with Michael Dell, and have experienced him first-hand, havesaid he's one of the most intense listeners you'll ever meet. He just insists upon listening over talking. Iworked with a Dell country manager from the Netherlands who had a meeting with Dell. He didn't sayanything at all for 45 minutes. When he finally spoke, he asked one question that simply cut through theBS.” - Verne2 KPIs: First, measure the number of minutes you spend listening compared to talking. Second, measure the ratio of questionsyou ask versus answers you give. The more questions you ask, the better you’re listening.
  • Turn to the person next to you and tell them your company’s story.
  • After Research In Motion (RIM) CEO Thorsten Heins took the reins of the company, heintroduced himself via video with the same rhetoric RIM had been repeating for ages about howeverything was going to be fine. Wall Street reacted negatively, with stock prices falling 13 percent.xxiInvestors were clearly displeased with the PR-canned messaging. Heins later clarified his message in aninterview, admitting that there had indeed been a shift in the mobile market and that because RIM had notrecognized it initially, the company had lost its competitive advantage. But, he said, there would be manychanges coming, both in structure and products, to help counteract this shift. Stock prices reactedpositively, climbing three percent.
  • Turn to the person next to you and tell them one thing you’ve never told anyone else about yourself.
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BHxquD0q2NM
  • The “hacker way” has defined the culture of the company. The foundation of the “hacker way” culture is the hackathon, an all-nighter that occurs every fewmonths at the company. There’s only one rule at a hackathon: no one is allowed to work on anything heor she normally does. This is the chance for Facebook engineers to try out a crazy idea and create newproducts to show Zuckerberg and othermanagers. This intense event has resulted in many of Facebook’shigh-profile features, including, more recently,Timeline.
  • Think of an activity that you can do with your team
  • Verne Harnish gave money and got back 10X back in return.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8YcvuxN-T28
  • Take a thank you card and write a note expressing gratitude for one person in your life.
  • 7 Simple Social Concepts to Grow Your Business

    1. 1. 7 SimpleSocial ConceptsTo GrowYour BusinessFortune Leadership Summit, May 2013@DaveKerpen, CEO, @LikeableLocal and Chairman, @LikeableMediaAuthor of 2 @LikeableBook’sdave@likeable.com / Slidehare.net/DaveKerpen#Likeable #LS13
    2. 2. #Likeable #LS13
    3. 3. #Likeable #LS13Listen.Respond.Tell Stories.Be Transparent.Work Hard. Play Hard.Be Grateful.Let’s Poll!Be Authentic.
    4. 4. Listen First andNever Stop Listening.“When people talk, listencompletely. Most people neverlisten.”- Ernest Hemingway#Likeable #LS13
    5. 5. Listen ToYour Prospects.#Likeable #LS13
    6. 6. Listen ToYour Customers.#Likeable #LS13
    7. 7. Your Customersare Asking for You.#Likeable #LS13
    8. 8. The KPI’sof Listening.#Likeable #LS13
    9. 9. “Life is ten percent what happens to youand ninety percent how you respond toit.”- Charles SwindollRespond.#Likeable #LS13To Everyone.
    10. 10. ResponsivenessIs No Longer Optional.#Likeable #LS13
    11. 11. #Likeable #LS13Is This Customer Serviceor Marketing?
    12. 12. The 4 Most Important WordsIn Business:I’m Sorry & Thank You.#Likeable #LS13
    13. 13. #Likeable #LS13
    14. 14. Respond To Positive Comments Too.In Your Unique Brand Voice.#Likeable #LS13
    15. 15. #Likeable #LS13
    16. 16. Join a Conversation.#Likeable #LS13
    17. 17. ListeningandRespondingWorkshop.#Likeable #LS13
    18. 18. “Storytelling is the most powerfulway to put ideas into the worldtoday.”- Robert McAfee BrownTell.#Likeable #LS13Don’t Sell.
    19. 19. MyStory.#Likeable #LS13
    20. 20. TV vs Online Video for Storytelling.#Likeable #LS13
    21. 21. StoriesYou Can Tell.Your humble beginnings.Customers who have overcome obstacles.Employee challenges.Inside the lives of leadership.Community and charity partnerships.#Likeable #LS13
    22. 22. Where To Tell Your Story.#Likeable #LS13Blog.Company Website.Webinars.E-Books.Whitepapers.Infographics.Facebook.Pinterest.LinkedIn.YouTube.Twitter.Hemingway: For sale. Baby Shoes. Never Worn
    23. 23. Workshop.#Likeable #LS13Storytelling
    24. 24. Be Transparent.“As a small businessperson, you haveno greater leverage than the truth.”- John Greenleaf Whittier#Likeable #LS13
    25. 25. Createan OpenAtmosphere.#Likeable #LS13
    26. 26. #Likeable
    27. 27. The TruthShall Set You Free.#Likeable #LS13
    28. 28. TransparencyWorkshop.#Likeable #LS13
    29. 29. Be Authentic.“I had no idea that being yourauthentic self could make me asrich as I’ve become. If I had, I’dhave done it a lot earlier.”- Oprah Winfrey#Likeable #LS13
    30. 30. Take the team away.Be vulnerable.#Likeable #LS13
    31. 31. Be You.@dens#Likeable #LS13Online & Offline, In Public & In Private.
    32. 32. Work Hard. Play Hard.“Individuals play the game, butteams beat the odds.”-SEAL Team Saying#Likeable #LS13(Together).
    33. 33. Do the (Likeable)Harlem Shake!#Likeable #LS13
    34. 34. Host aHackathon.#Likeable #LS13
    35. 35. Authenticity andTeam PlayingWorkshop.#Likeable #LS13
    36. 36. Be Grateful.“I would maintain that thanks are thehighest form of thought, and that gratitudeis happiness doubled by wonder.”- Gilbert K. Chesterton#Likeable #LS13
    37. 37. Those who receivedhandwritten thank younotes were 38% morelikely to donate again!Donor’s Choose:R.O.I. of Gratitude#Likeable #LS13
    38. 38. The original socialmedia.#Likeable
    39. 39. GratefulnessWorkshopThe Original Social Media.#Likeable #LS13
    40. 40. Listen.Respond.Tell Stories.Be Transparent.Be Authentic.Work Hard. Play Hard.Be Grateful.#Likeable #LS13Just Remember:
    41. 41. “How dare you settle for lesswhen the world has made it soeasy for you to be remarkable?”-Seth Godin#Likeable
    42. 42. Thank You!Feedback / Questions / Grand Prize@DaveKerpendave@likeable.comLinkedIn.com/in/DaveKerpen#Likeable #LS13