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Table Of Specifications - Assesment of Learning


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table of specifications in assessing learning

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Table Of Specifications - Assesment of Learning

  1. 1. Table of Specifications Subject : EMERGENCY NURSING (BASIC LIFE SUPPORT) Degree Program: BSN Academic Level: 4TH Year Competency : Demonstrate knowledge, skills and attitude necessary in the performance of Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation Learning Outcomes Instructional Objectives Total Motor Skills Declarative Knowledge Procedural Knowledge Strategic Attitudes Knowledge I. Safe and Quality Nursing Care A. Demonstrates knowledge base on the status of the individual and the emergency situation. Assessment technique : 3 1. Identifies emergency Enumeration (3 pts) situation prompting implementation of basic life support procedure. 2. Identifies individuals subject to basic life support during emergency situations. Assessment technique : 3. Explains health status of Essay (2 pts) 2 the individual / group
  2. 2. B. Provides sound decision making in the emergency care of the individual/group in the emergency situation. Assessment 20 1. identifies the problem Technique : 2. gathers Primary Survey Procedure checklist (20 pts) data related to the individual in the emergency situation 3. analyzes Primary Survey data gathered 4. selects appropriate age- specific basic life support procedure 5. monitors progress of the procedure performed
  3. 3. C. Promotes safety of the Assessment individual Technique: 100 1. Performs age-specific Return safety measures in all Demonstration (100 pts) aspects of patient/individual care. D. Ensures continuity of care 1. refers patient to appropriate agencies 2. establishes means of providing continuous patient care E. Implements nursing care to achieve positive patient outcomes 1. implements nursing interventions that is safe to the individual 2. acts according to patient’s health condition during the emergency situation 3. performs nursing procedures effectively and in a timely manner
  4. 4. F. Evaluates progress towards expected patient outcomes Assessment 1. monitors effectiveness of Technique : 20 nursing interventions Multiple Choice 2. identifies sudden changes (20 pts) in the individual’s health situation 3. implements immediate and appropriate nursing intervention according to patient situation
  5. 5. II. Personal & Professional Development A. Identifies personal and Portfolio: 20 professional developmental Self Evaluation needs (20 pts) 1. Lists down strengths, weaknesses and limitations in the performance of BLS 2. Identifies professional and personal goals and aspirations 3. Verbalizes desire to undergo personal and professional developmental trainings/education B. Observes the advantages in continuing education 1. Attends in formal and non-formal education / training Assessment 100 2. Applies learned skills, Technique – Return knowledge and Demonstration attitudes in the (100 pts) performance of BLS 3. Demonstrates competency in giving
  6. 6. care during emergency situations
  7. 7. C. Involves in professional organization and civic Portfolio: 20 activities Collection of 1. Maintains membership Certificates of to professional and Participation social organizations (20 pts) 2. Participates actively in civic and social activities 3. Supports activities related to emergency nursing
  8. 8. II. Management of Resources and Environment A. Utilizes resources to support patient needs in the emergency care. Performance 15 1. Determines the resources Assessment : Holistic Rubric (15 pts) needed to deliver effective basic life support procedures. 2. Determines the number of patients and additional resources. 3. Explains the need of preparation of resources to a proper emergency care. 4. Controls the use of supplies and equipments needed. 5. Checks proper functioning of equipments and refer malfunctioning ones.
  9. 9. V. Legal Responsibility A. Adheres to international standards in the actual performance of giving emergency nursing care. Pencil – Paper Test : 20 1. Fulfills legal requirements in Multiple Choice giving emergency nursing care (20 items) 2. Practices in accordance with the standard operating procedures and protocols 3. Secures consent or waiver of responsibility for refusal to undergo procedure B. Properly documents care rendered to the individual/ group 1. Formulates appropriate and proper referral to appropriate agencies 2. Accomplishes accurate documentation in all matters regarding care provided to the individual/group according to accepted international standards VI. Ethico-Moral
  10. 10. Total 200 25 35 20 40 320 Type of Assessment Tool/ Test Return Enumeration/Essay/Multipl Procedural Checklist/ Multiple Portfolio Demonstration e Choice Performance Choice Assessment