Table Of Specification Assessment Of Learnings


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Table Of Specification Assessment Of Learning.

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Table Of Specification Assessment Of Learnings

  1. 1. Table of Specifications Subject : EMERGENCY NURSING (BASIC LIFE SUPPORT) Degree Program : BSN Academic Level : 4TH Year Competency : Demonstrate knowledge, skills and attitude necessary in the performance of Cardio- Pulmonary Resuscitation INSTRUCTIONAL OBJECTIVES LEARNING OUTCOME Motor Declarative Procedural Strategic Attitude Total Skills Knowledge Knowledge Knowledge Pencil paper test : I. Safe and Quality Nursing Care A. Demonstrates knowledge base on Selection Type the status of the individual and the Multiple choice emergency situation. (5pts) 5 1. Identifies emergency situation prompting to implementation of basic life support procedure. 2. Identifies individual subject to basic life support during emergency situations. B. Provides sound decision making in Pencil paper test : Pencil paper Pencil paper the emergency care of the Selection Type test : test : individual/group in the emergency Multiple choice Selection Selection situation. (1 pts) Type Type 5 1. Identifies the problem Multiple Multiple 2. Gathers Primary Survey data choice choice related to the individual in the (3 pt) (1pt)
  2. 2. *Airway *Breathing *Circulation 3. Analyzes Primary Survey data gathered 4. Selects appropriate age- specific basic life support procedure *infant *child *adult 5. Monitors progress of the procedure performed C. Promotes safety of the Pencil Paper test : Pencil Paper Pencil Paper individual Selection Type test : test : 1. Identifies age-specific safety Multiple Choice Selection Selection measures in all aspects of (16 pts) Type Type 49 individual care. Fill in the blanks Multiple Multiple *manner of opening the airway (12pts) Choice Choice *site to check the pulse (5 pts) (16pts) *methods/rate and depth in giving rescue breathing and chest compression 2.) Identifies the complications of improper performance of CPR D. Implements nursing care to Alternative achieve positive client outcomes Assessment:
  3. 3. 1. implements nursing Performance interventions that is consistent Assessment to the safety of individual using 2. acts according to client’s health Rubric 16 condition during the Scoring emergency situation in timely (16 pts) manner 3. performs the Basic life support procedures completely and spontaneously 4. Demonstrates the skills effectively and efficiently in giving care during emergency situations E. Evaluates progress towards Pencil-Paper expected patient outcomes test : 1. monitors effectiveness of Selection nursing interventions Type 3 identifies sudden Multiple changes in the individual’s Choice health situation (3 pts) Alternative II. Management of Resources and Assessment: Environment A. Utilizes resources to support Performance patient needs in the emergency Assessment 16 care. using 1. Organizes the resources as to Rubric the number of clients and Scoring additional resources. (16 pts) 2. Prepares the resources needed to deliver effective basic life
  4. 4. support procedures 3. Checks proper functioning of equipments and refer malfunctioning ones. 4. Utilizes the devices or equipments in the performance of the procedure 5. Refers the client to appropriate agencies Pencil-Paper test : III. Legal and Ethical Supply Type Responsibilities A. Adheres to international Short answer standards in the actual (Identification) 10 performance of giving (10 pts) emergency nursing care 1. Identifies the legal aspects in giving emergency nursing care Negligence Assault Battery False Imprisonment malpractice abandonment good Samaritan law consent -informed -implied B. Respects the rights of individual 1. Defines the patient’s Bill of rights in rendering basic life support *privacy *non-maleficence
  5. 5. * autonomy Alternative IV. Personal & Professional Assessment: Development A. Identifies personal and Portfolio professional developmental needs using 1. Identifies the importance of Journal 20 BLS in the profession and Rubric personal life. (20 pts) 2. Verbalizes desire to undergo personal and professional developmental trainings/education B. Observes the advantages in continuing education 1. Attends in formal and non- formal education / Alternative training/activities related to Assessment: Emergency Nursing Portfolio 50 2. Identifies learned information using for the improvement of Journal emergency nursing care Rubric (50 pts) Total 32 44 8 20 70 174 Type of Assessment Tool/ Test Alternative Pencil Paper Test: Pencil paper Pencil paper Alternative Assessment: Multiple test: Selection test: Assessment: Performance choice/identification Type Selection Portfolio Assessment /fill in the blanks Multiple Type using using choice Multiple Journal Rubric Choice Rubric Scoring