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Journal 2 preceptorship


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Journal 2 preceptorship

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Journal 2 preceptorship

  1. 1. Name:Dave Jay S. Manriquez Date: October22, 2016 Instructor:Pam Barbati Placement:Queen’sParkHospital JOURNAL Objective Data: In Queen’sPark,IobservedthatLPN’sandRN doan hourlycheckto theirassignedpatient.Since I am buddy up with an LPN, as a preceptorship student I do have also the task to do this hourly rounds. For this week I have 2 days and 2 night’s duties,I noticed that during day shift, the staffsare not really concernof thishourlyroundscomparingittoanight shift.Duringnightshift,weusuallydothe final round ataround0530, thistime we are helpingthe care aide inchangingbrief toadependentpatient,sometimes we alsoassistin preparingthe patientfora wash. Aftermakingthe round,we replenisheverything,this include stockingthe medicationcartwithsyringe,addingcapstobe use fordrinking,straws,spoon, filling the pitcherwithwater,andlastlycalibratingthe bloodglucosemachine before we closedeverythingand leave at 0700. Reflection/Reaction: To compare it from mylast exposure inSt.Paul Hospital,itisreallydifferent.Iamcuriousat first why theyare doingthisbut it was explainedtome by my preceptor,whythere is a needfor them to do an hourlyrounds.Idon’tknowinSt. Paul if theyare doingan hourlycheckat nightbecause we onlyhave dayshiftinthere,evenindayshiftwe don’tdohourlyroundsinSt.Paul butinQueen’sParkIdoobserved it with my preceptor and some of the staffs but not always within the 12 hours shift. My preceptor explainedtome whytheyare doingthis,according to herthis isto prevent any accidentor fallsbecause it is more hassle to them if this happenfor theywill fill outan accidentform and the top of it theyneed to do a close monitoringonthe patientwhichis an additional job,that will give themstressthroughout the shift.Duringday shifttheydo it seldomlyasshe explainedthatmostof the patientare awake,some have visitors,there are a lotof hospital staff goinginandout of the room, and most of the staff are busy giving medications, performing nursing skills, discharge, new admission, and so forth. I am also amaze with the kind of collaboration they are showing like helpingthe care aide in changing brief, and putting the soiledlinensonthe humperroom.I feltlike there are notime beingwastedbecause eveninthe last hour we are still busy in restocking supplies for the next shift. Interpretations/Internal Analysis: I guess my reaction of being curious is just normal. I just need an explanation from what I observed.Tothink of it,what the staff are doingreallymake sense.You don’twant any accidentduring yourshiftbecause itwill justdelayyourwork.Youdon’twantalso thatsomethingbadwill happen toyour patientbecause itwill prolongtheirstayinthe unitorevenworsttheywillbe brought backtothe hospital. This hourlycheck isa protocol that nursingstaff needto observe and follow.There isa form needto be check and sign every shift, just to serve as a reminder that this thing need to be done religiously every houras muchas possible.Ianalysethatthisisaperfectmove bythe managementof Queen’sPark,atthe same time thiswill protectthe nurse andthe patientwelfare.Helpingone anothermake the jobeasyand fastto accomplish.Doingthe smallthingslikerestockingsuppliesmakesabigdifference.Time shouldnot be wasted, it should be manage properly. Decisions/Determination:
  2. 2. After knowing all of this I decided to be completely obedient with the protocol and religiously observedthe hourlyroundsevenif Iam busy,Iwill still findawaytodo it. In the future whenIbecome a LPN,I will keepinmindthe experience andthe learningsIgetfromthisexposure.Monitoringis veryvital inthis profession.Evenasimple clue shownbyapatientmaymean a lotof things.Iwill neverassume or neglect any significant findings. Doing the hourly rounds have its benefit and currently working for the staff tosave theirselvesfrom anytrouble.If thisisworkingforthem, thenthissystemcanstillworkinthe future. With the advancement of technology, CCTV can be added to further safeguard and monitor the patient. Collaboration and lending a helping hand make a working environment very productive.