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Journal 1 Preceptorship


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Queen's Park Hospital (Journal 1 - Preceptorship)

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Journal 1 Preceptorship

  1. 1. Name:Dave Jay S. Manriquez Date: October13, 2016 Instructor:Pam Barbati Placement:Queen’sParkHospital JOURNAL Objective Data: It is my first hand experienced to work in a night shift in a hospital here in Canada. To compare my experience whenIwas still inthe Philippines,because Iwas able to practice alsonursingback home from whatI have experiencednowthere are differences.Iknow fora fact that the dutiesof a nightshift nurse istoreplenish someformsinthe chartaswell stockingsomesupplies.Asidefromthattheyneedto see if patient is sleeping or not, and do some documentation. I noticed during my shift, most of the doctor’sorderare alreadybeenimplementedbythe nursingclerkinthe morningastoldbymypreceptor. If there are still doctor’sordernot done theyjustneedtofax this orderto the right departmentexample the pharmacy,dietary,andfor the labsthey put itto the computermanually.I noticedas well thattheir MAR isseparatedfromthe patientactual chartanditisplace usuallyatthe topof everymedcart. Usually aftergivingthe 2100 medswe replenishthe MARwitha new one andputtingthe oldMAR to the patient chart for record keeping. The unitisquite big witha capacity of 35 patients.Accordingtomy preceptor, theyusuallydividedthe teaminto4-5 groups,but thisis onlyapplicable duringmorningshiftbecause at nighttheyare understaff,usuallyonly1RN,1 LPN,and1 care aide.Sowhattheyare doingisthat the RN and LPN working a night carry two groups each to compensate the lack of personnel. The good thing though at night patients are sleeping, so our job is just to monitor them every hour to see if they are awake or sleeping. Since the unit is for patient to be assistedbefore goinghome most of themhas pain issues,itcan be physical,mental,or social dependingontheirdiagnosis.Asmentionedbymypreceptor night shift is a bit settle comparing to a morning shift because most of the nursing skills are done in the morningsuch as wounddressing.Mypreceptorhasherown routine thatshe observed,she isorganized, usually we finished task on time and take our break on time as well. Reflection/Reaction: Im not reallythat amaze because Im reallyexpectingit,the obligationof a nightshiftnurse,but still itisgoodtoknowthattheyhave developedtheirownsystemtomake theirworkeasy.Basicallythere are only three staff working at night, the way they communicate and collaborate to one another is exceptional.Theyworkasa teamand youcan reallysense thattheyhave goodbondingtoeach other.If one is on break the other one cover for that person. So it is really important to take note of all the 35 patients’conditionsduringshiftreport,thisiswhatIlearnthatforme isreallyimportant,notonlymaking note to your assigned patients, you need also to take note of other patients especially in this setting. Interpretations/Internal Analysis: How I interpret this is that even working in an under staff situation everything can still run smoothly when the members were able to collaborate to each other, stop being selfish, work for a common goal to make the job easy, and communicate effectively. Even if you are overwhelmed by the numberof patientsassignedtoyou,the jobcan still be easy whenyou are just to organize yourself,and manage your time effectively. If the job is too much for you, learn to ask help, anyone can lend you a helpinghand.Forme thisisreallyimportantassharedbymypreceptor,ineverythingyoudoinyourshift make sure that your patientsare in safe condition,thiswill preventyousome hassle inyourshift,thatis why it is so important to make some rounds every hour just to make sure that patients’ are safe, away from fall or any hazardous activity that might injured them.
  2. 2. Decisions/Determination: Teamwork and collaboration with other members of health team make the job easy. Through teamworkeverythingrunsmoothlyandeveryoneishappy.Wheneveryoneishappythiswillleadtogreat productivity.Ina hospital settingteamworkandcollaborationwill leadtoan effective patientcare.As a resultpatienthealfast,be awayfromcomplication,andtheycangethome soonerwhich isthe bestplace forthemtohave complete recovery fromtheircondition.The lesserdaysthe patients’stayinthe hospital the betterforthem. OnhowI react andinterpretthe thingsIobservedisjustnormal,itisexpectedif you are working as a team. In the future, working as an LPN I will still adopt this kind of system, I will collaborate toeveryone,workasone,andI will lendahelpinghandtomy teammatessothat inreturnif I need help they will also help me. With what I observed from my preceptorship, I will mimic how she organize her work, manage her time, and I will learn from her. In going to a shift, I will always put into perspective thatthe safetyof my patientismy top priorityamong otherthings.I guessI will notchange my thought in the future, because this thing are already working for them, so I will just going to mimic what is working, maybe a little twitch to improve it.