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Exercise Word 2


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clinical informatics word exercises

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Exercise Word 2

  1. 1. Exercise Word 2: Soccer Sign-up What you will do: type in text select font, font size, and alignment add shading create bulleted list add clipart and resize it create a header do pre-print steps print Start with: a blank Word document a. Type in all the words and blank lines as shown above. To have a paper copy to type from, click here and from the browser menu select File | Print. Use the Back button to return to this page. b. Format line 1 with Font = Impact; Size = 28. Center c. Line 2: Font = Impact; Size = 20. Center d. Line 6: Font = Impact; Size = 22. Center e. Lines 9 - 12: Font = Arial; Size = 18. f. Lines 13 - 18 : Font =Arial; Size = 14. g. Line 21 (last line of text): Font = Arial; Size = 16, Bold, Italics; center. h. Select lines 1 and 2 and apply a Shading of 20% gray applied to the paragraph. i. Select line 6 and apply a Shading of 20% gray applied to the paragraph.
  2. 2. j. Make lines 9-12 a bulleted list with solid discs for the bullet shape. k. Click the Indent button twice to indent the lines two tab stops. l. Insert a clip art image on line 4 - under Sports and Leisure or search on "soccer" -man kicking a soccer ball. (Use Insert | Picture | Clip art . If you can't find this picture, use another soccer-related picture.) m. Center the image. n. Size the image to be about as wide as the title, but keep all the text on one page. (Use the bottom corner handles. If you drag the upper handles, the picture may move above the title lines.) o. Create a header with your name, two spaces, the date, tab twice, type Exercise Word 2 . p. Spell check. q. Check the Print Preview and make any necessary changes to keep the document as 1 page. You may need to size the image smaller. Use the context Help button in the Print Preview toolbar or the Reveal Formatting task pane to check your formatting. r. Save as flyer-City Soccer League.doc on your Drive D disk in the word folder. s. Print. Quite a change from the original that you typed! t. Close the document once you have checked that it printed successfully.