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CPE4 Teaching and learning assignment reflection


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Teaching and learning assignment reflection

Published in: Health & Medicine
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CPE4 Teaching and learning assignment reflection

  1. 1. Student Name: Dave Jay S. Manriquez Date: August 21, 2016 Instructor Name: Asal Makhmour TEACHING AND LEARNING ASSIGNMENT REFLECTION 1. What principles of teaching and learning were applied? What worked, what didn’t? I asked the patients’ what are their preferences in learning and both of them have the same style of learning, they are both visual and auditory learners. So, I told them that I will be teaching them the steps on how to use the Dalteparin Injection to themselves. What worked is that I have the materials to use to demonstrate to them correctly the proper way of injecting themselves. I have the pamphlet and the Dalteparin kit provided by the hospital. I have also the actual medication to show to the patients’, so it is just easy for me to show to them the proper way of injecting themselves. I also show to them the areas in there body where they can inject the medication and it seems that they understanding and they know what to do if they apply the injection to themselves. For me what did not worked well when F.S. tried to inject himself with Dalteparin and he forget to follow one step which is to stabilize the syringe after poking himself with the needle before pressing the plunger, but what he did after poking, he just immediately press the plunger. With that action of him there might be a possibility that the medication is not properly administer or there will be wastage. On the other hand, M.E. was able to follow my teaching and hopefully he will be able to administer the Dalteparin successfully or he can ask someone to do it to him just relaying the information I shared to him about the medication. 2. What adaptations did you make based on the client’s individuality, culture and diversity? Both of my patients’ are Caucasian as their race. They are more open and understanding to any teaching as long as it will do something good to them. I have no problem in adjusting because I am already familiar with the Caucasian attitude. What it is important to them is that you value and respect their time. They want also to have their space for privacy. So, what I did before doing the teaching I asked them if this is the perfect time for me to do the teaching, if they said yes I can go with it, but if they said no, I ask them what the appropriate time for me to do the teaching. I am making sure that they are in there best moment, and they are comfortable so that when I teach them they will be able to grasp what I have said. What is important for me is that they understand and will be able to inject themselves with Dalteparin confidently. 3. Were these adaptations appropriate and successful? If not, how could they be improved? Since my culture is influence mostly by the western culture I don’t have really to adapt that much in preparing for my teaching. As long I asked permission to my patients’ and they agree to it that they want to hear about the teaching then I’m good in proceeding with my agenda. Off course I prepared myself by reading the pamphlet that I gave to the patient. Before going in to do the teaching, I had rehearsal with my fellow colleague with my instructor listening around just to perfect and be given with some important points. What I learned with that discussion is that I need to be direct in giving the information, no more flowery words or biting around the bush, just go
  2. 2. directly to what I want them to learn to reduce confusion or prevent them from being bombarded with information. I think I did well, if there is something to improve on maybe giving myself more time to prepare and do more rehearsal just to perfect what I will going to say to the patients. 4. How did your client respond to your teaching? Both of my patients’ are so thankful at the end of my teaching. F.S. and M.E. told me after I did my teaching to them that I am doing a great job, that they learn about the medication and how to inject the medication to themselves. They told me that I am so clear in explaining the steps of injecting Dalteparin and they learn from it. Hopefully they will be successful in administering the medication once they are at home. 5. What were your feelings as you planned and implemented this teaching? Usually I get nervous when I am teaching someone especially an instructor is listening to what I am saying but during this time I don’t know why I am so confident in reinforcing information to my assigned patients about Dalteparin Injection. Maybe I felt comfortable with them because I already chatted and inform them that I will be doing a teaching about Dalteparin, and also, I can see from them that they are willing to listen and excited. I only prepared for one teaching but since my two assigned patient has almost same situation that they undergone abdominal surgery and they will be injecting themselves with Dalteparin when they get home, I just seized the opportunity to teach them both. At the end, I felt so satisfied because not only I teach them how to inject themselves and reinforce their knowledge about the use of the medication, one of the patient almost successfully injected himself with the medication, and that’s for me is already a great achievement. I feel happy because for me if I help someone just giving pertinent information is already a big deal, knowing that I am able to help change someone life for the better.