Child Care


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Child Care

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Child Care

  1. 1. By: Dave Jay S. Manriquez RN.
  2. 2. Learning The Basics Of Baby Child Care Is Simple For most parents, the entrance of a newborn baby into the world is a major event that will have a profound affect on their lives that will also mean changes in routine and everything after the birth of a baby will revolve around taking care of the baby. Fortunately, baby child care is not something that is complicated and in fact it is a task that will provide a lot of joy to the new parents.
  3. 3. Basics Of Good Baby Child Care The basics of good baby child care are simple to learn and if parents ensure that they enjoy their babies, things will prove to be very interesting and enjoyable for everyone concerned.
  4. 4. Cannot Understand Spoken Words Mothers will need to set aside a certain amount of time that should be devoted to baby child care. It is also necessary for parents to realize that babies are not capable of understanding spoken words; however, speaking in a gentle manner to them is recommended as babies can inflect from the tone how much they are loved by their parents. Slowly but surely babies will come to understand what parents are saying and pretty soon they will start responding by cooing and making gushing sounds.
  5. 5. Thirty Minutes A Day Even spending just thirty minutes a day is enough to provide necessary baby child care, and even the father should join in and help in changing of nappies. Mothers should also ensure that they feed the baby with their own milk as this will give much pleasure to the baby who will love to suck on their milk.
  6. 6. Giving Breast Milk Proper baby child care also means having close and intimate contact with the baby child and mothers should ensure cuddling the baby, especially when feeding the baby. Giving breast milk is advantageous and recommended in baby child care as the baby gets easily digestible milk that is free of germs, and is safe as well as of the desired temperature.
  7. 7. Fed With Milk In case the baby is to be fed with milk that is not derived from the breast of the mother, dried milks can be preferred as these are safe and convenient, and even fresh, diluted and boiled milk can serve a useful purpose as well.
  8. 8. Seek Professional Guidance One of the biggest concerns facing mothers is providing their babies with proper baby skin care. Every mother will realize that when choosing the proper baby child care for their babies, many important decisions will have to be made. What’s more, having chosen a particular baby child care option, it is then up to the parents to ensure that they diligently follow the recommended steps, and if they have any doubts, it is never a bad idea to seek professional guidance to help get these doubts cleared up.