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DigiPlex induction briefing


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DigiPlex induction briefing

  1. 1. Secure, Resilient, Efficient. Data centres that never, never, ever go downWelcome toVisitor Induction BriefingPlease view this presentation infull before collecting your pass
  2. 2. This Site Induction is designed to familiarise visitingcontractors/operatives before work commences, to increasecontrol of health & safety risks and risks to businessoperation.This does not relinquish the user from their duty of care forthemselves, others and for the sensitive equipment & data onthis site.Please pay attention for the next few minutes
  3. 3. DigiPlex provides highly secure high-powered,energy-efficient, carrier-neutral, co-location datacentre space for our customers information andcommunication technology (ICT) equipment.We are:• Secure • Resilient • EfficientDigiPlex has outstanding uptime performance levels which have evolved through a decade ofexperience and growth. Based in Scandinavia and the UK, DigiPlex delivers 24/7 specialisedand quality-assessed services to many clients including• international companies, corporates and SMEs• public sector organisations• government agenciesAbout DigiPlex
  4. 4. We are very proud of our Uptime Record.Everybody in the data centre including our own staff, contractors and visitors hasa vital role to play in ensuring that our outstanding record is maintained.About DigiPlex
  5. 5. Health & Safety
  6. 6. Health & SafetyPlease familiarise yourself with the information onthe Summary of Contractor Safety InstructionsA copy is available at ReceptionKey Points follow in the next few slides
  7. 7. Carry out work activities in accordance with all relevantstatutory provisions and the safe working proceduresset down in your employer’s Health & Safety Policy;Be familiar with The Safety Rules and Codes ofPractice to be Observed by Contractors working onDigiPlex Sites and Projects;Be Competent to carry out the work or activities safelyand with due respect for the Environment;Health & SafetyYou Must:-
  8. 8. Risk Assessments and Method Statements should beprovided for all work that you intend to do and shouldincorporate any relevant pollution prevention and controlmeasures relevant to applicable environmental aspectsof the proposed works or project;Maintain a regard for the health, safety and welfare ofall persons who might reasonably be affected by yourwork activity;Ensure that all plant and equipment brought onto thepremises is suitable for the task, is safe and in goodworking order. Any necessary test or examinationcertificates (e.g. PAT) must be made available forchecking on request;Health & Safety
  9. 9. Ensure that the Site Operations Representative is informedof any hazardous, flammable or explosive substanceswhich are brought onto the facility.(COSHH assessments must be provided where required)Ensure that any equipment provided for your health, safetyand welfare, e.g. personal protective equipment, is used inthe correct manner and is in good working conditionHealth & Safety
  10. 10. Radios, Walkmans, or similar electronic devices are notallowed within the computer rooms.Coffee, Tea etc must not be taken into the computer roomsBe especially careful around any computer hardware thathas had the protective outer metal skin removed. With itscovers off, such equipment is usually more susceptible tonearby electrical disturbances.Do not touch any equipment unless it is specifically identifiedin your Work Order or Method Statement.Health & Safety
  11. 11. Fire is an ever present danger in a data centre.At DigiPlex we work hard to minimise the risksDigiPlex sites are protected by a number ofsophisticated automatic Fire Detection systems.FIRE
  12. 12. In the event of the Fire Alarm sounding please take the following actions:FIREIf you discover a fire Raisethe Alarm by operating a Redcoloured Break Glass UnitFire Alarm Call PointTry to put out the fire if youfeel confident to do sowithout putting yourself atrisk
  13. 13. AlwaysFollow the instructions given by the FireMarshalls/Incident Controllers and theEmergency Services Personnel immediatelyFIRE
  14. 14. DO: Evacuate the building immediately by thenearest Emergency Exit – Emergency Exits arelocated throughout the building and are indicated bythe ‘Green Running Man’ signsDO: Proceed to the Assembly PointDO: Make yourself known to the Fire Marshall orIncident Controller if you have information relevant tothe emergencyDO: Remain at the Assembly Point until directedotherwise by a Fire Marshall, Incident Controller or amember of the Emergency ServicesFIRE
  15. 15. FIREThe Assembly Point isoutside the mainVehicle Access Gate
  16. 16. DO NOT: RunDO NOT: Stop to collect personal belongingsDO NOT: Use the LiftsDO NOT: Attempt to use the fire extinguishers unlessyou have received training and you feel competent to doso without putting yourself in dangerDO NOT: Smoke or Assemble in the smoking areasDO NOT: Sit in your vehicle – You may be unable to acton further safety InstructionsDO NOT: Attempt to move your vehicle – You may putpedestrians in danger and obstruct access ofemergency vehiclesDO NOT: Attempt to re-enter the building until it hasbeen declared safe by the Incident Controller or theEmergency ServicesFIRE
  17. 17. Customer ComputerModules are alsoprotected by anArgonite Gas FireSuppression SystemFIRE
  18. 18. ARGONITE® is an inert gas with a 50:50 mixture of argon and nitrogenARGONITE®FIRE
  19. 19. Argonite extinguishes by meansof reducing the oxygen contentwithin a room to the point atwhich fire can no longer burn,but without compromising thesafety of individuals present.There are no toxicologicalfactors associatedwith the use of Argonite.ISO14520 design concentration forARGONITE®Mixture of Air Before and After DischargeFIRE
  20. 20. • Zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP)• Zero Global Warming Potential (GWP)• ARGONITE®, being an inert gas, doesnot decompose within the flame to formsecondary products.• Non-conductive, therefore excellent forextinguishing fires involving electricalequipment• No residue, excellent for protectingdelicate artefacts and high-value assetsWhy do we use Argonite?FIRE
  21. 21. FIRESystem OperationThe Argonite Gas Suppression System is known asa ‘Double Knock’ System1st Knock – Smoke detected in 1 zone – BuildingFire Alarm is initiated2nd Knock – Smoke detected in 2 zones – Systemis initiated– a siren and strobe light is activated inthe affected moduleAfter a short delay period, Argonite is dischargedinto the moduleThe Module must be evacuated on hearing the Building Fire Alarm
  22. 22. Computer Room ModulesComputer Room Modules may contain manyhazards.Help us to keep them safe by following thesesimple rules
  23. 23. Before any work can begin, theSupervising Technician/Mechanic mustnotify the Operations department.Work is not to commence unless anapproved Method Statement is held.An approved Method Statement and atleast two qualified electricians arerequired whenever any type of "live"electrical work is performed.Computer Room ModulesA contractor should never operate acircuit breaker unless specificallydirected by an Operations departmentrepresentative
  24. 24. Do NOT remove more than 6 raised floor tilesfrom any area. This will preserve static pressure,prevent the raised floor from shifting orcollapsing, and minimize the risk of people orequipment falling through. Mark all open floortiles with safety cones or other barriers.Computer Room ModulesNo open torches or welding equipment ispermitted unless a ‘Hot Work’ Permit has beenapproved.Do not turn any valves on or off withoutpermission.
  25. 25. SecuritySecurity is animportant aspect ofall DigiPlex sitesEach site is protectedby a combination ofphysical and electronicsecurity systems
  26. 26. SecurityDuring your visit to DigiPlex you may become aware of information, proceduresand systems that are sensitive to DigiPlex and its clients.To protect DigiPlex operational continuity, the rules and regulations as set out inthis Induction Slide set are mandatory.The Rules apply to all Customers, their staff, visitors and appointed Contractors.
  27. 27. SecuritySite Access: -Visitors are only provided with access tothe Facility following DigiPlex securityclearance processesIt is important for Visitors andnominated access cardholders to notethat the Access Card application formconstitutes acceptance under NationalData Protection Codes that individualsmovements around the Facility will bemonitored and reported on request toCustomers and other authorised bodies.
  28. 28. SecuritySite Access: -Some visitors may be asked to sign aContractor Confidentiality AgreementThe Site Induction Form also contains aConfidentiality declaration for ALL visitors
  29. 29. Security• All contractor personnel are to use temporary accesscontrol cards given to them by DigiPlex Security.• Contractors may not implement any variation inestablished security procedures without prior expressapproval from DigiPlex• No hoardings, signs, notices or advertisements ofany form may be erected on any part of the Facility,including doors and windows.
  30. 30. Security• Vehicles bearing company logos or livery are not tobe parked in DigiPlex car parks – Delivery and shortstay vehicles (less than 15 mins are permitted)• Visitors must not place any lock or locks on any doorin the Facility without prior written consent fromDigiPlex.• The Facility goods-in entry point is intended to beused only for goods access and must not be usedfor routine personnel entry to the Facility.
  31. 31. AccidentsIn case of an accident first aid equipment is placed outside the main entrance to each datacentre corridor.If further assistance is required customers should contact Reception.You must report the Accident to the DigiPlex Operations ManagerOutside Core business hours, if Reception is unmanned and assistance is required,Customers should contact DigiPlex by calling the switchboard.DigiPlex aims to ensure that all its data centres are a safe place for itsemployees, customers and visitors.If you see or become aware of any unsafe features or practices, please bring them to theattention of the Operations Manager
  32. 32. Thank You for your attention during this Induction BriefingIf you have any questions or concerns regarding your visitplease bring them to the attention of the Operations Manager.Please now sign the Site Induction Form before collectingyour pass.