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Mozilla Web QA - Evolution of our Python WebDriver framework


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In 2011 Mozilla developed and released a pytest plugin that simplified the task of maintaining functional UI tests for over a dozen web applications. It has served us well, but its uses outside of Mozilla are limited - unless you happen to have exactly the same requirements as us. To address this, the plugin has been shattered into three: pytest-selenium provides a Selenium instance and browser (with some nice new features); pytest-html provides a handy HTML report; and pytest-variables provides a useful way to inject variables into your tests.

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Mozilla Web QA - Evolution of our Python WebDriver framework

  1. 1. Mozilla Web QA Evolution of our Python WebDriver framework @davehunt82 -
  2. 2. The TeamUnlike Honey Badgers, we do care! by BellaEatsBooks on Flickr
  3. 3. Foundations Selenium Python pytest
  4. 4. pytest-mozwebqa The clue is in the name... ✓ share common code ✓ transition to WebDriver ✓ custom HTML reports ✓ sauce labs integration ✓ credentials injection ๏ bespoke to Mozilla’s needs ๏ solves too many problems ๏ slow release process ๏ inadequate documentation ๏ incompatible with “live servers”
  5. 5. Evolution pytest-variables Simple variable injection for tests pytest-html HTML report for tests pytest-selenium Browser automation for tests
  6. 6. pytest-variables { "foo": "bar", "bar": "foo" } def test_foo(variables): assert variables['foo'] == 'bar' assert variables.get('bar') == 'foo' assert variables.get('missing') is None
  7. 7. pytest-html from from
  8. 8. pytest-selenium ✓ no longer supports legacy Selenium RC ✓ uses pytest fixtures for support of live servers ✓ augments pytest-html report ✓ documentation! Sauce Labs BrowserStack TestingBot
  9. 9. Demo ...all the things!
  10. 10. Resources • pytest-variables - • pytest-html - • pytest-selenium - • examples - • team - • email -