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Heat Pump Brochure


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Heat Pump Brochure

  1. 1. ENERGY PRODUCTIONHarnessing free, renewable energy for superior home comfortRoth GeothermalHeat PumpsWhen it comes to value, safety, comfort and environmentalresponsibility, nothing beats a Roth geothermal heatingsystem. Geothermal heat pumps tap into renewable solarenergy stored underground. Instead of burning propane,natural gas or another fossil fuel, the geothermal processabsorbs and distributes this free natural energy.Geothermal heating eliminates safety risks like fumes,combustion and carbon monoxide poisoning and canreduce energy costs for the life of a home by as muchas 70 percent. Inside: Find out ELIGIbLE FOR a Tax how Roth Geothermal CREDIT OF UP Heat Pumps pay TO 30%! for themselves. Environmentally-friendly products that produce, distribute and store energy for the finest homes.
  2. 2. “Geothermal heating systems are the most efficient and environmentally friendly option available.” —The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Solid engineering from the inside out Key benefits We use advanced engineering and superior components on all of our products. • Most efficient heating and cooling As a result, our heat pumps surpass industry standards for construction. Our scroll system available compressors have minimal moving parts and provide better reliability. Coated air coils • Potential savings of 70 percent over prevent corrosion and ensure longevity. We use heavy gauge powder coated steel, the life of a home compared to foamed-in heat exchangers that prevent condensation and durable stainless steel drain conventional systems pans that are resistant to corrosion. Plus, we offer a comprehensive equipment and • Minimal environmental impact service warranty. • No harmful emissions • No risk of combustion, fumes or Designed for superior home comfort carbon monoxide poisoning Roth Geothermal Heat Pumps are perfection on the inside and comfort and convenience • Higher capacity, lower cost on the outside. And while you can feel its effects, you’ll barely know a Roth Geothermal • Heating and cooling capabilities Heat Pump is there. The system is insulated with material that is safer and more sound- • Reliability and longevity deadening than fiberglass insulation. Variable-speed ECM blower motors are standard on • Solid construction that lasts all Roth equipment, providing a quiet start-up while operating at a fraction of the cost of a conventional blower motor. Roth surpasses industry standards beyond construction, offering certification training to ensure the highest quality installation. Environmentally-friendly products that produce, distribute and store energy for the finest homes.AVERAGE MONTHLY FUEL COSTS FOR Roth Geothermal Heat 30% Federal TaxDIFFERENT HEATING OPTIONS Pumps pay for themselves Credit plus more!300 Because geothermal energy is free, a In 2009, the U.S. government Roth heat pump ends up costing much established a 30-percent tax credit250 less than a conventional heating system for the installation cost of qualified200 over time. Monthly fuel costs for the geothermal systems, including Roth Roth Geothermal Heat Pump can be Geothermal Heat Pumps. Incentives150 $254 half as much as a natural gas system are available on federal and local (in100 and nearly 60 percent lower than most states or provinces) levels. Please $180 $184 propane systems. check with your sales representative for 50 $99 your specific eligibility—programs can 0 Roth 14 SEER 93% Efficient 93% Efficient Chart reflects general comparisons. Actual fuel costs change without notice. Heat Pump Natural Gas Propane may vary depending on location.
  3. 3. Roth Water-to-Air Water-to-Air Models RXT Series Heating Cooling Model Capacity Btu/hr COP Btu/hr EER Employs two-stage compressor technology to deliver unsurpassed Part Load 17,000 5.0 22,300 31.2 024 comfort to the home. Full Load 20,300 4.5 28,700 23.2 Part Load 22,000 4.8 29,000 28.4 036 • 5 sizes: 2-6 tons Full Load 28,500 4.1 38,900 18.2 • Digital controls Part Load 33,500 4.7 42,400 25.2 • Coated air coils for extended life 048 Full Load 42,500 4.0 53,500 17.7 • ECM blower motors Part Load 39,500 4.3 48,600 23.5 • Corrosion-proof, stainless steel drain pan 060 Full Load 50,000 3.8 65,500 17.6 • Copper coaxial water heat exchanger Part Load 50,000 4.3 56,500 20.3 • High Efficiency Copeland UltraTechTM 072 Full Load 60,000 3.9 70,000 15.6 scroll compressor • Optional desuperheater Roth Water-to-Water Water-to-Water Models Single Compressor RWT Series Ground Loop Heat Pump Model Capacity Heating Cooling Perfect for radiant floor, snow-melt, and many more applications. Btu/hr COP Btu/hr EER Part Load 16,200 3.1 18,200 17.7 026 • 8 sizes: 2-12 tons Full Load 26,400 3.1 23,100 14.3 • Optional matched hydronic air handlers Part Load 25,500 3.0 26,400 17.9 034 • Digital controls Full Load 33,100 3.0 36,200 14.6 • Copper coaxial water heat exchanger Part Load 37,300 3.1 36,700 17.4 • High-efficiency single- or two-stage 046 Full Load 46,400 3.0 47,900 14.2 Copeland scroll compressors Part Load 37,200 3.1 40,500 19.7 • Optional desuperheater 058 Full Load 45,700 3.4 52,700 15.4 * † Part Load 44,800 3.0 49,900 18.4 070 ‡ Full Load 55,900 3.0 64,500 15.0 Water-to-Water Models Dual Compressor Part Load 73,600 3.1 73,400 17.4 092 Full Load 90,200 2.9 95,800 14.2 Roth offers GeoAnalyst® design software Part Load 50,000 3.0 54,100 17.0 120 to assist in sizing and selecting the Full Load 100,000 3.0 108,200 17.0 Part Load 61,400 2.6 64,000 14.7 heat pump and geothermal source. 144 Full Load 122,800 2.6 128,000 14.7 Roth Heat Pump Accessories Roth makes the following accessories available for a complete system: • Pressurized flow centers • Conventional, electrostatic, • Complete 10-foot hose kit and dynamic air cleaner filters • Field-installed internal electric • Plastic, polyethylene foam, or heaters (RXT series) modular block air pads • Programmable, touch-screen thermostats Call 1.888.266.7684 or visit for additional information and product lines.*Roth Geothermal Heat Pumps are listed as a brand under Enertech Manufacturing’s Energy Star ratings. †Roth Industries Geothermal Heat Pumps are shown as a multiple listing of Enertech Manufacturing’s ETL certification. ‡AHRI certification is shown as the Roth brand under the Enertech Manufacturing certification reference number.
  4. 4. Roth, a family-owned business established in Germany 60 years ago, now operates in 29 countries worldwide with $250 million in sales and 1,100 employees. The North American division operates two manufacturing plants in upstate New York. Roth specializes in environmentally-friendly products that produce, distribute and store energy for the finest homes. ENERGY PRODUCTION: Solar and Heat Pump Systems ENERGY STORaGE: Septic, Cistern, Rainwater Collection and Oil Storage Tanks ENERGY DISTRIbUTION: Radiant Floor Heating and Pex-c Plumbing Systems Roth Industries, Inc. North American Corporate Office P.O. Box 245, Syracuse, NY 13211 Toll Free US: 888.266.7684 CAN: 800.969.7684ROT.07.10.02 // SEPT 2010 P: 315.755.1011 F: 315.755.1013