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EEE Handy Resource Guide

  1. 1. JRUL: Handy Guide Electrical & Electronic Engineering: information sources IntroductionThis handy guide provides you with information on the available resources for Electrical& Electronic Engineering students at the John Rylands University Library (JRUL).You can also access detailed subject guides from the Library webpages. Recommend reading – Link2ListsYou can find all the recommended books, e-books, journals, websites etc by accessingLink2Lists. Just search by your course code or a keyword to bring up the recommendedreading for your course. BooksYou can use the Library Catalogue (TalisPrism) to locate books and e-books. Thecatalogue can be searched by author, title or keyword and you can narrow the searchby:  Specifying a catalogue e.g. John Rylands, Copac (British Library), Library of Congress  Selecting the Library Site you want to search from e.g. Main Library, Joule Library, Precinct Library etc.  Choosing a Year.The Librarys stock Electrical & Electronic Engineering Engineering books and journals isfound in the Joule Library, Sackville St Building. (Campus map)Dave Hirst, JRUL: Handy Guide to EEE Information Sources: May 2011
  2. 2.  Electrical Engineering is shelved at 621.3 onwards. Main level  Electronic Engineering at 621.18 onwards. Main Level  Computing 001-006 Upper Level. E-BooksE-books are electronic versions of printed books accessible via the Internet. Theindividual books in the major collections are listed in the Library catalogue.You will find the following E-books databases useful for Electrical & ElectronicEngineering related material:  Knovel  Refererex  Dawsonera  Springer eBook collection JournalsJournals are available in printed and electronic format via the library catalogue or the A-Z listing.You can also locate relevant articles by using the electronic databases that are listed inthe database section below. Key DatabasesDatabases A-Z Listing  ACM Digital Library - Full text of all ACM journals and conference proceedings from 1985 - date. A few journals have earlier issues included.Dave Hirst, JRUL: Handy Guide to EEE Information Sources: May 2011
  3. 3.  Compendex - Indexes and provides abstracts from over 4,500 periodicals, reports, books and conference proceedings in the fields of engineering and technology. It covers the period 1884 to date and is updated quarterly. Although produced in the USA, it also covers the principal European journals  ESDU - The ESDU database consists of over 1200 data items, many with associated computer programs, presented as PDF files. Data items are selfcontained design and analysis guides covering specific engineering components or problems.  Proquest - Technology Research Database - 1962 to present. Sources covered include over 4,000 periodicals, conference proceedings, technical reports, trade journal/newsletter items, patents, books, and press releases. This includes: o Electronics and Communications Systems Abstracts o Computer & Information Systems Abstracts o Corrosion Abstracts o Engineered Materials Abstracts o Solid State and Superconductivity Abstracts General Databases  British Standards  Index to Theses  Programmers Heaven  Science Direct  Scopus  Web of Science BlackboardEach MACE student can access an Information Skills tutorial on Blackboard whichconsists of 7 modules:  Literature Searching  Find a Book  Find a Journal  How to Reference  Evaluating ResourcesDave Hirst, JRUL: Handy Guide to EEE Information Sources: May 2011
  4. 4.  Distance Learners  Key WebsitesYou can access this course through the Student Portal. Reference MaterialElectrical and Electronic Engineering: Dictionaries  IEEE 100; Authoritative dictionary of IEEE standards and terms, 7th ed. IEEE, 2000 REF 621.303/INS  Kaplan, S Wiley electrical and electronics engineering dictionary Wiley, 2004 REF 621.303/KAP  Graf, R.F. Modern Dictionary of Electronics. 7th ed. REF 621.381 GRA  Electrical and Electronic Engineering: Encyclopaedias  Muller, N. Desktop Encyclopaedia of Telecommunications, McGraw-Hill, 2000 REF 621.38/MUL  Encyclopaedia of Electronic Circuits, TAB books, 1985 REF 621.381/GRA  Reference Data for Engineers, 7th ed, SAMS, 1985 REF 621.38/VAN  Wiley encyclopedia of electrical and electronics engineering 24 vols. Wiley, 1999 REF 621.303/WILElectrical and Electronic Engineering: Yearbooks and Directories  Kempes Engineers Yearbook CMP United Business Media, 2002 REF 620.3/KEM  Spons mechanical and electrical services price book Spon, 2003 696/SPO  Engineering industry buyers guide 2004 CMP, 2003 REF 620/ENGElectrical and Electronic Engineering: Handbooks  Christiansen, D. Electronics Engineers Handbook 4th ed. McGraw-Hill, 1997 REF 621.381 CHRDave Hirst, JRUL: Handy Guide to EEE Information Sources: May 2011
  5. 5.  Standard Handbook for Electrical Engineers 13th ed. McGraw-Hill, 1993 REF 621.3/KNO  Powell, R.H. (ed.) Handbooks Contact DetailsYou can ask for assistance at any of the JRUL enquiry desks at the Main Library, JouleLibrary and Precinct Library.Dave HirstFaculty Team Librarian for Electrical and Electronic EngineeringTelephone: 0161 306 4932 (Ext: 64932 on the internal telephone network)Email: Websites: can contact Dave about any EEE related subject enquiry which cannot be answeredby staff at the Librarys Information Desks. He is based at Joule Library in the SackvilleStreet Building.Dave Hirst, JRUL: Handy Guide to EEE Information Sources: May 2011