Pecha Kucha style on running, GPS and mapping.


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My Pecha Kucha style presentation at be2camp in Birmingham on August 12th. Obviously it doesn't quite work out of context and is all pics and no text. Was fun delivering it though. Is basically about how I love my funky GPS running watch. Also mentions the great website.

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  • Beautiful book - reflective, about the state of mind you have when running. About how running is a kind of cleansing experience. full of positive advice BUT - not enough about gadgets.
  • This presentation is about how I;ve fallen in love with the data that comes out of my Garmin running watch. I’m a boy and this is my latest toy.
  • Sometimes proprietary solutions are beautiful. After I go for a run I take off my watch, the garmin USB fob detects that my watch is in range and then uploads my data to the Garmin Connect website. Other than the initial set up I don’t need to do a thing.
  • I love seeing where I’ve been. I can download other people’s runs if I want to and copy the route, run against the original runner as a ‘virtual partner’ and see if I can beat them. In this example from the Isle of Wight I started to copy someone else’s beach run but got bored and ran back instead.
  • Running is a social experience. Some of these people I have never seen in anything but shorts. What the technology can do is make this a social media experience as well.
  • Garmin connect outputs an RSS feed. By taking that and using to create a twitter account that tweets every time I run.
  • Having a fancy watch doesn’t mean you won’t get lost. Getting lost is an incredibly satisfying experience for a runner. It helps build stamina when you end up going out for a 7 miles run and end up doing nearer 10. Like all good technology this one has the habit of making you feel incredibly stupid sometimes.
  • Runsaturday - it ユ s simple aim to help bridge the gap between fitness devices and websites.From an earlier plug-in called hollybar - ie plug in to connect garmin forerunners to mapping sites like gmap-pedometer.
  • However, I;ve started to look at other solutions as well to see what else I can do with the data. You can map onto open street map as well as google which is far superior as it shows off road tracks. This is a section of the Rea Valley route.
  • It can also produce charts. It’s a great resource that veers towards that satisfying state of over-analysis. I have no idea what’s going on here. I think it’s saying that it is easier to run downhill than up.
  • But most of all I’m in love with my maps and the territory they mark out. I like to think of myself as a cat spraying my way over south Birmingham - marking out split times others can only dream of.
  • And like any boy with a new toy excitedly seeing what shapes I can create. Here’s me running in wiggly lines across some playing fields.
  • But it’s the detail I like. The time I drifted off course to look for a place to pee but realised there were people having picnics in the bushes. Using colour to understand where I slowed down on a hill
  • I’ve talked before about sharing personal data. This is a snapshot of a reading from my current cost electrivity meter. I was trying to get this data to tweet on its own but it was a little beyond my technical knowledge. Getting the garmin to tweet has been a lot easier.
  • Take my data - mash me up. As I begin to understand the complexities of dealing data held my large organisations I’m beginning to think the most interesting stuff we’ll do with data will happen from data we create ourselves. Data that comes into being just from the way we live our lives.
  • Pecha Kucha style on running, GPS and mapping.

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    3. 20. <ul><li>“ I hope that, over time, as one race gadget follows another, in the end I’ l l reach a place I’ m content with. </li></ul><ul><li>Or maybe just catch a glimpse of it.” </li></ul>