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Your Homework Tonight, Minecraft #NCCE2014


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What is it about Minecraft that has captivated so many children and adults the world over? How can teachers leverage the game as an instructional tool? This presentation illustrates how Minecraft in the context of quest-based learning can empower student learning and achievement. Drawing on the 7 principles of constructivism, learn how Minecraft can be used as a heutagogical tool in the learning process, whether at home or school.

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Your Homework Tonight, Minecraft #NCCE2014

  1. 1. Your Homework Tonight,
  2. 2. Dave Guymon Online middle school teacher Graduate student studying games and simulations in education EdTech and games blogger @DaveGuymon
  3. 3. What is Minecraft?
  4. 4. Minecraft is . . . an open-world sandbox exploration and building game that lets you go where you want, build what you want, and set your own goals.
  5. 5. Who will you be? INVENTOR Nomad HOME MAKER rancher community planner PETTY LORD artist DWARVEN MINER
  6. 6. How are teachers and students using Minecraft for learning?
  7. 7. “I don’t let them just play the game however they want. They must follow a path I lay out for them, which allows me to carry out lesson plans.” - Joel Levin “The Minecraft Teacher”
  8. 8. Guided by objectives
  9. 9. How do you get from Solve real-world & mathematical problems involving area, volume, and surface area. to
  10. 10. 7Principles of Constructivist EDUCATION
  11. 11. Establishment of a cooperative, sociomoral atmosphere
  12. 12. Appeal to children’s interests
  13. 13. Teach in terms of the kind of knowledge involved
  14. 14. Choose content that challenges children
  15. 15. Promote children’s reasoning
  16. 16. Provide adequate time for investigation and engagement
  17. 17. Link ongoing documentation and assessment with learning
  18. 18. Quest-based Learning
  19. 19. How are curriculum-based quests made?
  20. 20. Identify content standards. Write narratives to develop real or imagined experiences or events using effective technique, well-chosen details, and well-structured event sequences. CCSS.ELA-Literacy.CCRA.W.3 1 2 3
  21. 21. Determine objectives. SWBAT adopt a specific role in a larger online ecosystem. SWBAT participate in developing online narrative. SWBAT record key events from role play in journal. SWBAT reflect on journal entries to write a story based on narrative. 1 2 3
  22. 22. Create quest-based activities 1 2 3 Build a house that reflects the needs and personality of your character. Establish a farm near a water source that grows 3 different types of plants. Build a corral and domesticate at least one type of animal. Successfully trade a commodity with another player using the chat box to communicate. Assemble a functioning land-based transportation system with rails and redstone. Create a landmark (either real or imagined) with a description posted on a sign. Concoct a potion that produces its intended effect. Create a hidden entrance to a space using redstone and a sensor. Engage a Creeper, and survive.
  23. 23. Math Explore principles of area, volume, and functions by making tools and building structures.
  24. 24. English Erect a replica model of the setting from a classroom novel.
  25. 25. Science Experiment with networks and circuits by creating booby traps.
  26. 26. History Use “mods” to generate a Minecraft version of Ancient Rome, and take a walking tour together.
  27. 27. Ask the Experts
  28. 28. “The results were far from expected.” - Joel Levin “The Minecraft Teacher”
  29. 29. Individual Accounts Classroom Accounts
  30. 30. MinecraftEDU FoodCraft at the American Museum of Natural History Learnist ncce14 Institute of Play of-minecraft-as-a-classroom-learning-tool/ Lessons 4 Minecraft Additional Resources