Social Media Policies And Ethics


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Presentation given by Dave Fleet at the Advanced Learning Institute conference on Social Media in Government on May 14, 2009

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Social Media Policies And Ethics

  1. 1. Building a solid foundation Social media policies, best practices and ethics for your organization May 14, 2009
  2. 2. “This leg is for people who like running up hills.”
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  5. 5. Blogging policy
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  7. 7. External Policies
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  9. 9. Yes Is the post positive or balanced? No CONCURRENCE TROLLS A factual and well cited post, Is the person dedicated to which may agree or disagree degrading others? Yes MONITOR ONLY with you yet is not factually Avoid responding to No erroneous, a rant or rage, specific posts; monitor RAGER Yes bashing or negative in nature. and flag internally Is the posting a rant, rage, joke You can concur with the post, or satirical? let stand or provide a positive No review. MISGUIDED FIX THE FACTS Do you want to respond? Yes Do you wish to respond Are there erroneous facts? with factual information? No No UNHAPPY CUSTOMER RESTORATION LET STAND Yes Is the posting a result of a Yes Do you wish to rectify the Let the post stand – negative experience? situation reasonably? no response Yes RESPONSE CONSIDERATIONS Transparency Cite sources Timeliness Tone Influence Adapted from Air Force Web Posting Response Assessment
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  11. 11. • Wikipedia • Ghost Blogging • Astroturfing • Online Personas
  12. 12. When you edit Username OR ‘Anonymous’ BUT Sometimes IP addresses can be traced back Source: Virgil Griffith
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  14. 14. • Neutral Point Of View • ‘Discussion’ page • Follow the established process • Don’t attack others
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