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The Story of the Region 7 Lead Practicee


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Preventive Dentistry

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The Story of the Region 7 Lead Practicee

  1. 1. The Story…
  2. 2. Their expertise and dedication to patient care were extraordinary. However, their approach to new opportunities was extremely different. Especially after the end of the day… Because they were married - but that’s another story !
  3. 3. “I know what you like, so I’ll start with the SCIENCE. The Antioxidant Scanner was invented at the University of Utah in 2001. It measures 18 different carotenoid antioxidants with a 30 second scan of the hand using Raman Spectroscopy. It provides a score, like 31,000, that indicates how much antioxidant protection a person has.” “Says who ? How do you know that thing works? Where are the studies?” “Instead of watching the news tonight, go to this website”: –
  4. 4. “The peer reviewed, published studies demonstrate • The value and nature of Raman Spectroscopy • The validity of the Phamanex Antioxidant Scanner Plus, there are tens of thousands of articles on about the importance of antioxidants in terms of protection against cancer, heart disease, macular degeneration, Alzheimers, & periodontal disease.” “Okay… Assuming that the science is valid and the scanner actually measures what they say it does, how is this going to fit in with the Imaginary Dental Group? How do we use it in the office?”
  5. 5. The System Receptionist Gives Letter #1 Patient Reads Letter Is Interested Patient may order product shipped directly from company …. Guaranteed to increase score . 1 2 Pays $20 Cash 3 30” Scan by Assistant Scan Assistant 4
  6. 6. “Ok, so it fits in with office flow – 6 minutes for the assistant several times a day works out. No bumps. Especially since the doctor doesn’t do anything. Now, $20 for each scan. Cash? I wonder if patients might object to that. How many scans do you think we would do each day?” “Probably 4-6 based on what other offices have done. Also, our patients will appreciate that we’re helping them prevent problems. This is where our country and healthcare are heading – prevention, not ‘drill and fill’ – and we can be one of the leaders! We can help motivate people to make life changes by having a numerical score, just like weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, A1C, and PSA – people understand numbers. We dentists can use the numerical score, to help them begin making changes in diet, exercise, and nutrition – and then monitor their progress a few months later, just like a regular lab test.”
  7. 7. “And what’s more, when they come back in 3 months for another scan, we will ask them to ‘Bring A Friend’ and we’ll scan them for free. And… the friend will get an introduction to us and our practice! Also, when the patients get scanned, they get a scan card which is perfect for a ‘show and tell’ with their friends, family, and co-workers. This is a terrific tool for identifying our practice as proactive and cutting edge. If you add up $20 per scan at, say 4 a day, that’s $20,000 for the year, and… if we recommend the guaranteed supplements, it’s much, much more!”
  8. 8. “You mean we HAVE to sell supplements? Is that part of the deal? That’s not very professional. Plus, why would we want to fill up our storage cabinets with bottles of stuff?” “When I talked to Dr. Edmiston about that, he said that when he used the scanner in his Sacramento ophthalmology office, he felt funny about ‘pushing’ pills on his patients, so he didn’t do that. He just let them go to Walmart, or whatever… However, when they came back for their 3 month re-scan, and their score didn’t go up, Dr. Edmiston began recommending the guaranteed products and things changed dramatically. And, we never have to stock anything – ever! Plus, there’s a remarkable commission from these products.”
  9. 9. “Download spreadsheet with notes*: ” Projected Annual Income $0 $2,000 $4,000 $6,000 $8,000 $10,000 $12,000 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 $40,746 (2015) TOTAL = $236,217 $116,755 (2017) $76,717 (2016)
  10. 10. “Actually, I’m interested in this scanner. How much does it cost?” “We don’t have to buy it. We lease it for $209 per month – but the good news is that we will probably never need to make a lease payment. If we enroll 6 patients a month, it’s free! Most practices never pay a dime... Now, we do have to qualify for the lease with a purchase of $4945 purchase of products and $500 for the mini Ipad with software. The product purchase amount is broken down into $4400 for four thousand scan cards (should last 3+ years) and $545 in product for ‘show and tell’ in the scan room.” So, when you look back at the spreadsheet, we’ve got our startup cost + our operating expenses taken care of in less than 3 months – the rest is gravy for us & our partners!”
  11. 11. “One last thing… Our office team needs to be behind this – how are we going to get them on board with this technology – and the supplements?” “There will be a special slideshow customized for them and our office. It will go over the scientific proof and include the action steps for them – there’s only a few. This is a piece of cake to learn, about five minutes.” “Plus, they’ll love that they are helping patients even more – and making extra income while doing it. We’re charging $20 for the scan and we get $10 when a patient begins a guaranteed product. I feel that our office team should be getting more than half of that – thousands of extra dollars each year! Plus, the larger income is from the commission of the supplements – by far!” “And…this is very important! When we present it to them as a group, we will actually have the scanner. It won’t be a bunch of words and pictures – they can get their own score – a true ‘show and tell’.”
  12. 12. “Okay, let me get this straight. The scanner improves our patient care by incentivizing patients to change their lifestyle, diet, and nutrition. The scanner brings us new patients and makes us a lot of money. The scanner establishes us as a visionary, leading edge dental practice.” “And, also, it allows us to hold open houses, fundraisers for charity, and take to health fairs and the talks we give for our colleagues and the community. Imagine the great publicity we will get!” “Done! The science is real. The benefits are extraordinary for our dental practice. What do we do next?” “Thought you’d never ask…”
  13. 13. At the partners’ meeting the next night, the two dentists presented the program to their colleagues. It was enthusiastically accepted. Dr. Hart and Dr. Stern celebrated with a wonderful dinner that evening.
  14. 14. the rest of the story…
  15. 15. Antioxidant Scanner Ordered Dr Hart called The Foundation of a Healthy America and spoke with its Executive Director, Dave Edmiston, M.D., who helped her obtain the scanner. It took 10 minutes online to place the order for the scanner and fax the scanner lease to the company. They reviewed the program again. The next step was to select a team member to be the SCAN DIRECTOR.
  16. 16. Scan Director Appointed 1. Supervises the Scan Operations and duties of the Reception Team and Scan Assistants 2. Submits daily/weekly report to Doctor about #scans, #patients beginning product, and patient satisfaction 3. Submits monthly report to doctor plus Bonus Money amounts for Team Members 4. Communicates on a regular basis with Dr. Edmiston
  17. 17. Scan Operators Trained 1. Performs scans (6’ encounter time per patient) 2. Informs patients of ways to improve their scores 3. Updates daily activity log Trained with DVD by Scan Director
  18. 18. Reception Team Trained 1. Gives each patient Letter #1 from the doctor about the scanner 2. Collects $20 for each patient desiring scan 3. Enters ordering information for each patient desiring product 4. Gives all patients having scan Letter #2 with their numerical score 5. Schedules 3 month re-scan appointment for all scanned patients
  19. 19. Training Operations Regular Communications Support !
  20. 20. Scan Operations Began on January 1 ! Collected $80 from patients wanting scan Scanned 4 patients Filled out order request from 1 patient Congratulated patient on their decisions Entered ordering info on computer Scheduled re-scan in 3 months for patient who ordered
  21. 21. Monthly Report Given to Doctors – January 2015 84 Patients Scanned 21 Patients Began Guaranteed Products $ 80 Average Cost of the Guaranteed Products * * * Scan Fees $ 1,680 Products Ordered $ 1,680 Team Bonus $ 1,050
  22. 22. Team Bonus Awards – January 2015 Receptionist (Lori) $ 250 for 50 current patients desiring scan Scan Assistant (Tina) $ 100 for 10 patients beginning product Scan Assistant (Kathy) $ 110 for 11 patients beginning product Team Members (Jodi, Carmen) $ 100 each for 10 new patients referred for scan Team Member (Lisa) $ 140 for 14 new patients referred for scan Scan Director (Cindi) $ 250 for 50 current patients desiring scan Total Bonus Awards = $1,050
  23. 23. How Much in Bonus Awards @#%!!!! ? When Dr. Hart & Dr. Stern presented the recommended bonus amounts to the other partners, they were met with great surprise at the generosity… Their response was, “Don’t forget the projections – the bonuses will make our Team feel even better about our preventive dentistry initiative!” “Our income will come from the sale of guaranteed products by ourselves and the practices in our region. As the Region 7 Lead Practice, we should easily make more than $175,000 this year – and it’s going to double & double…”
  24. 24. Region 7 – Lead Practice Income (2015)
  25. 25. “Also, by giving our Team Members a financial incentive to refer people for scans, we end up adding new patients to our practice.” “Everybody wins! – The Patients, The Practice, The Team, The Community!”
  26. 26. “And we doctors don’t do anything except remark on the patient’s score & congratulate them for taking positive action about prevention.” “While getting the word out to the community about our cutting edge, preventive dentistry initiative!”
  27. 27. Monthly Report Given to Doctors – February 2015 * * * JAN FEB TOTAL Income from Scans $1,680 $1,680 $3,360 Income from Products $210 $852 $1,062 TOTAL INCOME $1,890 $2,532 $4,422 “The Team Members are excited about helping patients still another way –the extra income is wonderful.” “Operations are smooth and fast. I know you doctors aren’t doing much, but we still love you! “We’re ready to talk to people about this!”
  28. 28. Monthly Report Given to Doctors – February 2015 JAN FEB TOTAL # of Scans 84 84 168 - On Products 21 38 38 Average Product Cost $80 $80 $80 Team Bonus $1,050 $1,050 $2,100
  29. 29. Publicity & the Other Dental Practices After the partners agreed that things indeed were going well, Dr Hart and Dr. Edmiston decided on a plan of action: 1. Press Release to the local and area media (Dr. Edmiston) 2. New Page on Practice Website about the scanner 3. Facebook Business Page & Yelp Business Page (Dr. Edmiston) 4. Contact all Dentists within 50 miles of the practice and ask them to come view the scanner (Dr. Edmiston) 5. Contact all Dentists in Region about the scanner and provide phone number & email of practice for questions (Dr. Edmiston)
  30. 30. Publicity 1,041 likes 1,762 visits Online article and interview with Scan Director & Doctor 1/4 page article on the Scanner & the Practice
  31. 31. The Foundation of a Healthy America contacted dental practices throughout each state of Region 7 and selected a State Lead Practice: Other Dental Practices Perfect Smile Dental (Des Moines) : Iowa Lead Practice Heartland Dentistry Group (Topeka) : Kansas Lead Practice ShowMe Dentistry Associates (St. Louis) : Missouri Lead Practice Dentistry Group of the Plains (Lincoln) : Nebraska Lead Practice
  32. 32. The dentists from each of the practices had contacted The Imaginary Dental Group and generally asked these questions to the Scan Director and Dentist: No long explanations, presentations, etc. were required – everything was then turned over to Dr. Edmiston Other Dental Practices… 1. How is the antioxidant scanner working in your practice? 2. Do the patients like it? Does the Team like it? 3. Does Dr. Edmiston and The Foundation of a Healthy America contribute much to the program?
  33. 33. After the Lead Practices in the states were selected, the training and marketing process was repeated for each one – and a network was built within their state. Two months of successful operations later, Dr Edmiston and The Foundation of a Healthy America contacted every dental practice in each of their states. And all of them became very successful. And their network grew & grew… Other Dental Practices…
  34. 34. Annual Report to Doctors - 2015 2015 Activity TOTAL Our Practice : Income from Scans $20,160 Our Practice : Income from Products $20,585 Our Region (4 states) $136,010 OUR TOTAL INCOME $176,755 “We also got 45 new patients, had five articles published, two radio interviews, a TV story, and everyone knows about us!” “The Team is wonderfully happy – what a great year!”
  35. 35. This story was created by the The Foundation of a Healthy America To live your own success story, contact: Dave Edmiston, M.D. 916.765.9261