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Dave Cortright design portfolio 10

  1. 1. Dave Cortright
 design portfolio http://davecortright.com davecortright@yahoo.com June 2010
  2. 2. My Design Philosophy First define the problem, Then design a solution.
  3. 3. If I had 20 days to solve a problem, I would take 19 days to define it. —Albert Einstein
  4. 4. Re-designing Yahoo Messenger First, a bit of context. The last two versions (which I didn’t own): Yahoo Messenger 7.0 • Top tabs for viewing the Address Book • A toolbar for starting conversations • A section for accessing other Yahoo services. Yahoo Messenger 8.0 A single toolbar with •   both tabs and buttons An auto-complete field • Yahoo services plug-ins • A banner ad • Yahoo web search •
  5. 5. The elephant in the room The top reason people UI use Messenger is to see UI 21% which friends are online and have conversations 20% with them. But only about ⅓ of the Friends Friends window real estate is 37% devoted to friends! 31% The Yahoo “taxes” were getting out of hand. Yahoo Yahoo ←
 Yahoo Messenger 7.0 Services Services + a banner ad 42% Yahoo Messenger 8.0 →
  6. 6. Data that inspires design · The number of friends is a power curve · The average number of friends is 10 · The mode (most common number) is 1 · Engagement increases markedly at ~6 friends. % of Messenger users Engagement 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Number of friends Number of friends
  7. 7. My vision for Yahoo Messenger 9 A holistic re-design of the main window to focus on friends and their recent online activity to increase engagement. Every new feature added supported this new vision. Working in concert with the PM, I created a design concept document. ← Wireframe from my design concept 

  8. 8. Details of my design concept •  Custom skin with Yahoo-branded title bar. •  The “Me” panel—information, status, and actions relating to the user’s account. •  Auto-complete bar filters against both the Friends List and the Address Book. •  2-line contacts—bigger display image and more room for status messages. •  Emoticons in the status message enables increased self-expression. •  Show latest on-network activity if there is no custom status message (new feed). •  Contextual toolbar on mouse-over shows actions for that friend. •  Plug-ins closed by default. •  Unsold ad inventory drives engagement. •  Yahoo-branded web search bar.
  9. 9. What was actually implemented •  Yahoo-branded skin •  The “Me” panel •  Auto-complete bar •  2-line contacts •  Emoticons in status •  Latest on-network activity •  Toolbar on mouse-over •  Plug-ins closed by default •  Yahoo-branded search bar •  Everything except my unsold ad inventory idea •  But most importantly, Friends list coverage is 60% Previous version →

  10. 10. Why This Project Was Successful · Design involved from the very beginning · Close partnership with PM · Clear, customer-focused vision · Quality of features, not quantity · Vision and design communicated clearly; the team bought in and was aligned
  11. 11. Spec: Re-designing the IM window
  12. 12. A typical mini-spec Add a contact flow for a social networking site
  13. 13. Another mini-spec Contrasting flows for 1-way vs. 2-way social network connections
  14. 14. More data that inspires design · ⅓ of people surveyed weren’t aware that Yahoo had a web search service. · Of all the Yahoo toolbars installed, over ½ are never clicked. · Perhaps understandable considering the design:
  15. 15. My Big Idea · Why not brand the toolbar like a banner ad? · or a bit more subtly: · Even if users don’t engage, we get impressions. · The Toolbar team wasn’t interested, so I convinced the Messenger PM to try it.
  16. 16. New Messenger search bar design Old design (through Nov 06) New design (Dec 06–Feb 07) 6 $48,784 5 +85% 4 +30% page views 3.022 million 3.883 × 1,000,000 million 3 revenue × $10,000 $27,408 2 1.26¢ 0.89¢ +42% 1 revenue/page view 0 11/06/06 11/20/06 12/04/06 12/18/06 01/01/07 01/15/07 01/29/07 02/12/07 $1.1 million estimated additional revenue/year Note that this data is U.S. traffic only, and only ¾ of U.S. users have the new design. It can only get better.
  17. 17. Why this design is so effective · It is clearly labeled as Yahoo Web Search. All three words are critically important. People need to know exactly what it does; It searches the web using Yahoo. · It is bigger, bolder, and more clearly-defined. · It is visually distinctive from other UI. · It is uniquely Yahoo-branded. · It does exactly one thing.
  18. 18. Yahoo Messenger updater UI Goal: increase uptake of additional Yahoo services when upgrading Yahoo Messenger. To keep it simple, I chose a single window for the UI. Additional services appear in this sidebar. Opting-out requires clicking Customize your install, and then unchecking the options. +12% in toolbar installs +35% in home pages set +20% in search engines set
  19. 19. Web site for airplane enthusiasts Inspiration: Glossy brochures and The Robb Report intoFlight SEARCH sign in e.g. cessna ! 1998 ! light sport !172 ! aerobatic ! N724DE ! $100k What’s New Cessna Skycatcher 162 Aeropro Eurofox Cessna 172 SkyHawk Summary updated.12:34pm Cessna Citation CJ3 N357JD photos added.12:07pm Own your own plane? Show it off! Add it to this site. Beechcraft Bonanza G36 N485FQ for sale.11:42pm Beech 350 Super King Air Cessna Caravan 675 Cirrus SR22 Comment added.10:358pm Help make this site better! Take a poll. It will only take 2 minutes. Pilatus PC12 Plane added. yesterday Cirrus SR20 Cessna Skylane 182
  20. 20. Design features •  Block-based layout allows content to rewrap easily on wide monitors. •  Custom font (rendered with SIFR) creates a stylish magazine look. •  Advertising requirements integral to the design framework.
  21. 21. Make and model page Large image slideshow · basic info · endless browse intoFlight SEARCH sign in e.g. cessna ! 1998 ! light sport !172 ! aerobatic ! N724DE ! $100k Cessna 162 SkyCatcher edit this page 2 passengers $110–125k 100 hp @2750 RPM Continental O-200D 490 lbs max useful load 15,500 ft service ceiling full stats Cessna’s entry in the light sport category, the 162 SkyCatcher was officially launched in the summer of 2007. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Phasellus pede. Duis eget nibh in neque. sollicitudin. Integer pharetra laoreet. Sed molestie. Ut ornare facilisis massa. Nulla porttitor ante in pede. Phasellus bibendum odio at tortor. Quisque sit amet elit ut diam vulputate nonummy. Proin pulvinar. Cras eu augue. Sed molestie. Ut nunc massa, sagittis vehicula, hendrerit vitae, laoreet eget, mauris. Fusce magna turpis, cursus. Sed dictum sem non odio. Vestibulum iaculis. Fusce dolor. Vivamus in orci. Vestibulum rhoncus sem at nisi. Duis in nisl eu nisl sodales sodales. Praesent fringilla. Cras tempus consequat justo. Suspendisse eget nisl eget mi posuere malesuada. Class aptent taciti sociosqu ad litora torquent per conubia nostra, per inceptos hymenaeos. Aliquam nisl tellus, condimentum ut, elementum eget, viverra quis, nisi. Cessna 172 Cessna 182 Eurofox Cirrus SR20 Pilatus PC12 SIMILAR PLANES
  22. 22. Concept map for flying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
  23. 23. Generic concept map A framework that can scale to other domains :#,#$+(*(%,(#/)*3-/ 0%(-)+%, #2/#$+#,(# +,8%$3-)+%, +065&+0$ +065&+0$ 2!3$ -3#,+)+#" +065&+0$ %)$ 3-,-1#$ 3&/0$ 0#""%, &#/!2/0$ !"-1#* %)$ +,")$!()%$ %)$ +065&+0$ +,")-,(# 4!()#!4%0+ ")%$-1#* cer$fica$on
 0+(#,"# +&.0$($%!435# 8-(+0+). %)$ $!0#"*9* %&+0$ -.+&/0$1 %)$()(-%!,01 /+()!$#"*5* $#1!0-)+%," #00.$ !#() $4!+0.()4 4+7#%" #00.$(4!(9#!" 5$0$ %)$ !"#$ /$%/#$)+#" (%33!,+).* )440#.$ %&'#()* #4#,)" !"#$ +0#4$ +,")-,(# %)$ 7+!"$0$ %)$ 758$ %)$ 758$ "%&'%(&$() 4022$ %)$ *+!, )./# -((#""%$+#" /$%8+0#*+,8% )$$!'&)40$("&4% *+!, ")%$+#"5 (%33#,)"5 %/+,+%," "#00#$ *+!,() %)6#$*!"#$" 4022$ )7!54 %)$()(+02)4&!#$%&: ;)#84%&#3(!#(4%&$(:)30 (0-""
  24. 24. LiveSpot: in-car connected service Explorations of use cases via design wireframes
  25. 25. Search UI Search results are on top so they aren’t obscured by the user’s hands when typing on the keyboard. Restaurants Paul Reddick Remoulade more... category contact restaurant ‹ back Re| Gas 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 Food q w e r t y u i o p Home a s d f g h j k l Work z x c v b n m , . School
  26. 26. Ambient view During lulls in navigation, show location-based information in an ambient, peripheral view. R in 16 mi 27 min Crystal Springs Reservoir Filled by water piped hundreds of miles from Remolade Hetch Hetchy Valley in Yosemite National Park, 652 Polk St. the reservoir lies in the bottom of the San San Francisco Andreas earthquake fault canyon.
  27. 27. Design insight: park first, then walk Navigating directly to the destination does not make sense in dense urban areas. First, assist in parking. < ! mi look for parking Street parking is now free (after 6pm) Remolade 652 Polk St. San Francisco $12/day $5/hour $10/day $10/day $4/hour $4/hour
  28. 28. Where I Hang (a Facebook application) Destination recommendations for friends and FOAFs in their 20s !"#$%&'&"()* !"#$%&'()$'#'&#*+),-. +'0($,-0+5*(7.$32 !"#$%&'%(""$)*+,-   I did both the visual & +,-.&&&&/0&12)*3,45&&&&/0&6$7%)85&&&&(88&2&12)*3,4&&&&')974%&6$7%)85&&&&1%:; interaction design. !"#$%&$'()*+%+,-.%   Basic layout & colors C*>$)067 !"#$"%&'()#*+, !"#$%&'()*+$,-.$/01*$21-*.$32 consistent with the =0CJ'$6-X)$9('0-$5*($9>C).$J>-$[$80-'$J'6+9$ **91'7$JC$-8'$7(>+A$5(0-$J*C)Q 4$5(6'+7)$80+9$8'(' Facebook’s UI. '+7C )067$C')-'(70C -,)&-()$&."/*) !"#$%&# :;"$<6110$,-.$=*>+-06+$<6'?.$32   Orange color added @'A'$B>)-$077'7$6-$C')-'(70C P')-$J>((6-*$*+$-8'$G'+6+)>10Q$2+7$ for a younger look. H8'0G'($-80+$N0$3*)-'R0S -,)&01*(* T0U6'($)067$EV$70C)$09* D"E$%1$30&6+*$F'01.$='+1*$/0(A.$32 !"#$%&# G*G>10($6+$-8'$,-0+5*(7$+'-?*(A   Distressed fonts W('0-$G10H'$-*$9*$5*($0$86A'$-80-$ add character 7*')+X-$6+U*1U'$9'--6+9$6+$0$H0(Q while maintaining YU*++'$)067$10)-$Z8>()70C =6H80'1$I0H*J) lightweight visuals. !"#$%&# 4$80+9*>-)$6+$H*&&*+ K0-0)80$L'M-'(   Column widths use D$80+9*>-)$6+$H*&&*+ the golden ratio. @'A'$077'7$0$?''A$09* N0+H'$O0&61-*+ C*>$)067 E$80+9*>-$6+$H*&&*+   Main column shows W*-$)6HA$05-'($'0-6+9$8'('Q$K*-$9*6+9$J0HAQ friend feed; right T0U6'($)067$0$?''A$09*$ column shows ]$G('U6*>) ! D$ 4$ "$ ;$ !$ ^$ _$ :$$$+'M- ` recommendations.
  29. 29. RockYou Super Wall: Requirements Super Wall Re-design Overview • Video hyper-aggregation across multiple hosting providers • Social distribution - discovery and interaction through FB communication channels • Better recommendations - social and demographic data • One click access - direct nav from Facebook portal • Better UI than YouTube =) Goals • Reduce dependence on spam for engagement • Increase unique visits • Increase pageviews/visit • Increase page RPM UI changes • New streamlined header to increase page content above the fold • New ad space for 300x250 placements User features • Subscriptions - user subscribes to video channel they want to follow, we send app to user notifs to update the user when subscribed channels have new videos available • Comments - users can comment on videos and respond to other users' comments, noti cations will abound • Comprehensive feed - capture all user events and expose them to drive increased engagement Best bet for a progress thermometer: in a banner above the nav bar.
  30. 30. News feed view Best bet for a progress thermometer: in a banner above the nav bar. Super Wall setup: 70% complete Next step: receive email Super Wall by RockYou! by RockYou! My Posts Videos Photos Videos Photos Videos My Posts Videos More ! More " Promo Item! Promo Item! Settings Settings Help Help Search Videos Search Videos ! ! 7 new videos in your subscribed channels View them now Top Videos My Subscriptions Friend Feed Paulus Trisnadi watched a video. Title of Video by SomeUploader or another, easier−to− Other videos you might enjoy... 2 hours ago use "More"ofmenu with Title Video Comment "More" menu bigger click targets. Photos More ! Promo Item! Title of Video Photos More ! title of when it Longer Promo Item! Rebecca Fieldman Photos by SomeUploader wraps to 2 lines .. .... .. posted a video. 1 day ago Comment Gra!ti Comments Gra!ti Photos “ ” .... .. .. .... Comments Title of Video Deirdre Marie Title of Video O’Tierney by SomeUploader favorited a video. Longer title of when it 2 days ago wraps to 2 lines Comment Jenny Lin Title of Video wrote a comment. by SomeUploader 4 days ago Comment RECT AD 1 2 3 4 5 6 Next Three column format in the feed 300 ! 250
  31. 31. Video page with new compact header Super Wall by RockYou! My Posts Videos Videos Photos More # Promo Item! Settings Help Search Videos ! Title of Video by UploaderDude Subscribe Favorite !"go back to Top Videos Send this video to... start typing a friend's name... Paulus Trisnadi EMBEDED VIDEO Kathleen Watkins Rebecca Fieldman 425 " 344 Jenny Lin Deirdre O'Tierney Todd Beaupre None selected Select All Send add your own comment here... Comment Search results UploaderDude videos Paulus Trisnadi 2 hours ago Title of Video Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing 90 " 70 elit. Duis semper massa sed eros. Nam a urna ut sapien imperdiet dapibus. Reply ! Report Spam Longer title of when it Rebecca Fieldman 1 day ago wraps to 2 lines Morbi leo felis, tincidunt quis, cursus sed, hendrerit et, mauris. In hac habitasse platea dictumst. Nulla egestas eleifend libero. Sed elit. Title of Video Deirdre O’Tierney 2 days ago Phasellus a nibh ut neque posuere suscipit. In
  32. 32. Super Pets: Increase engagement Consistent header design across all new RY apps (like Super Wall) Super Pets from RockYou! Enter a new status message... Home Playground Battleground Dressing Room Shopping Coins Get More Friends Help "Pengo "This is my status... This status..." 12 2365 Save Cancel In context with the app "Pengo "This is my status..." 12 2365 Super Pets Home from RockYou! Playground Battleground Dressing Room Shopping Coins "Pengo Health "This is my status..." 12 2365 Get More Friends Help Buttercup is healthy, but she always appreciates a snack! Feed Pengo close Battle "Pengo "Pengo status..." "This is my Buttercup is looking to 12 2365 "This is my status..." Happiness mess someone up! 12 2365 Buttercup is happy, but she HP: 23 Exp: 565 always a good hug! Atk: 10 W: 18 Def: 12 L: 3 Hug Pengo close Spd: 11 Random Battle close Note the pet status bar that appears above the "Pengo This is how many coins you 12 2365 app header, which shows key pet stats and money. "Pengo status..." "This is my "This is my status..." Health 12 2365 have right now. get more Buttercup is clean, but she Pengo would always love to have a scrub! appreciates the "Sunny Day" Each of these red areas is a click target that brings up an overlay... background. Clean Pengo now for 200 coins Buy it close no, thanks "Pengo "This is my status..." 12 2365 If you want to be more aggressive, don't require a click. Pop the overlays up on mouse−over (after a delay perhaps);
  33. 33. Domain name registration for consumers
  34. 34. My design wireframe This version given to a visual designer for final polish. "0*)"-1!"!+)+#)*2!!'345!35 Claim Your Name own your name on the web on the Web! 6 7*'& 0"'& get your name on the web 803./!9)*)!3,!1$%!"0*)"-1!$:5!1$%*!5"+)!$5!&9)!:)# I am Today, your first impression AmyBela.com is made on the web. You need to control that. Do it now before your name is gone! !"#$%&!%'!(!&)*+'!(!,))-#"./
  35. 35. Home page with clear call-to-action Dave Cortright
  36. 36. Search results with Buy It Now CTA
  37. 37. My super-clean payment form
  38. 38. Me signed in showing admin bar Dashboard on the left; admin actions on the right
  39. 39. My Day design concept—Microsoft Mac Office A persistent strip along the side of the screen gives a peripheral view of the day’s activities. Clicking brings up a detailed view. You can print it to take it offline.
  40. 40. Single page product vision Great design cannot happen without a great vision Add basic pstn In, Out and Voicemail features to Yahoo Messenger by integrating our acquired Dialpad technology. Release as a premium service in beta by 11/28/05. Goals (in priority order) Assumptions 1.  Add basic pstn (public switched telephone network) 1.  This is a date-driven release functionality into Yahoo Messenger 2.  pstn user experience not integrated with im or pc calls 2.  Release a public beta by 11/28/2005 3.  Part of the team will work in parallel on Lucy 3.  Increase mindshare and thought leadership in the (the version of Messenger after Postman) emerging VOIP market 4.  psi will be used for premium service billing 4.  Increase pc-to-pc and pstn voice usage through 5.  The new service will replace Dialpad’s service Yahoo Messenger 6.  No automated migration; existing Dialpad customers 5.  Increase number of premium subscribers to the will have to manually sign up for the new service. Yahoo network Pstn Out Pstn In Signup and Other Features (priority 2) Account Management Allow users to call pstn Allow users to received calls Advertise the new premium OpenTalk phone numbers from within to their own phone number services of pstn Out and pstn In Users set their status so Yahoo Messenger. within Yahoo Messenger. within the UI. friends can connect and start Allow users to sign up for the talking immediately. premium services via a web- More 360° support based flow. Add a button to go to the Allow users to manage their user’s 360° page. account on the web: Podcasting support ·  View account balance Record a call and publish it to ·  Add/remove services your blog. ·  View billing history ·  Get help & support
  41. 41. Writing great design bugs Written by me for Yahoo’s internal design pattern library problem Design issues always come up after the spec has been 6. Justify. Include the reasons why this bug needs to be completed but before the product ships. During this fixed if it’s not implicitly clear. When in doubt, over- time, bugs are the best tool to drive design changes in communicate the justification. This is especially the product. A well-written bug can mean the difference important for enhancements and more controversial between getting an issue fixed and not. bugs. Include as much real data and links to backup materials as possible. solution 1. Choose your bugs wisely. Make sure you only write up 7. Include one or more screenshots. Use circles and call bugs that you really think need to be fixed. Don’t waste outs to focus attention and add context. the team’s time with trivial stuff, especially when there In Windows, press Alt+Print Screen to capture the front- are much bigger issues out there. most window to the clipboard; paste into Paint. Save out 2. Search for duplicates or related bugs. Someone may as a png. On the Mac press Cmd+Shift+4 and then the have already written up this bug or one like it. If so, space bar to capture the front window to a pdf file. Open either add your content to that bug, or at least refer to it and re-save out to a png. it in yours. 8. Fill in all fields accurately. Product, Component, Version, 3. Include the build number at the start of the Summary Browser, os, and especially Severity and Priority. It's a field. This should be a separate field, but until it is, good way to earn the respect of the product managers include it at the start of the Summary field. and developers on your team. And if you do it poorly, it's a good way to lose their respect. 4. State the desired behavior in the Summary field. If you state what’s wrong here, that leaves things wide open 9. CC wisely. Choose the appropriate audience to include for devs interpreting what the fix should be. It doesn't on the CC of the bug (pm, dev lead, your manager…). But matter if the solution is in the body of the bug; Devs don’t overdo it. spend much more time reading bug lists than they do 10. Drive your bugs to closure. If the bug is languishing the body of each bug. Make it so they can successfully pending a decision from pm, dev, or bug council, go make fix the bug without looking at the body. sure that person is working to make the decision and 5. Include three sections in the Description field— move the bug to closure. The longer a bug sits around steps to reproduce, actual result, and desired result. untouched, the less likely it will get fixed.
  42. 42. Conference room maps Yahoo! HACK problem solution Cleaner visual design, direct DAY It is difficult to find conference rooms— especially when not in your home building labels, and rotated versions or on your home floor. mounted in obvious locations: stairwell and elevator exits. ·  Maps aren’t in obvious locations ·  Maps aren’t rotated to account for And massive, highly-visible the direction they are mounted room labels too! ·  Labeling is indirect, via a legend ·  Labels are too small ·  Maps are visually cluttered
  43. 43. Design aphorisms Sayings I’ve either written or heard over the years to help me focus and inspire my work ·  First define the problem, then design a solution ·  Make it easy to do the right thing and difficult to do the wrong thing ·  People want outcomes, not artifacts ·  Without clear goals, design is either art or gambling ·  Communicate—concisely, candidly, consistently ·  Communication is always the primary goal ·  Just because you can doesn't mean you should ·  Ask why; know why ·  Identify all assumptions ·  Crave data ·  Question all assumptions ·  Optimize ·  Know all of your options ·  Be pragmatic ·  Doing nothing is always an option ·  Iterate, iterate, iterate ·  Learn from the past