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Why You Should Publish a Book… or Not

Between a lack of know-how and a pile of limiting beliefs, you have put that book idea you have on the back burner for far too long. Now is the time to take charge of your legacy and write the book you were always meant to publish.

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Why You Should Publish a Book… or Not

  3. Anytime I do something new, (write a book, launch a podcast, film a video, write another book) some folks will tell me how cool it is that I did those things. IMAGE: David Gabino
  4. Which is almost always followed by “I want to do one too, someday.” IMAGE: Natalie Johnson
  5. My next response is always the same If you want it Go Get It!
  6. When I wrote my first book, I was TERRIFIED. IMAGE: Hammonton Photography
  7. I had no idea how to deliver it, didn’t know how to host it, didn’t know which format to use, and no idea how long to make it. IMAGE: College Degrees 360
  8. I was scared, worried people wouldn’t want it. IMAGE: Cayusa
  9. Fear of rejection is a bad Mutha-Trucker. Fear stalled me for months, but eventually I wrote that book IMAGE: Romana Klee
  10. Did it get downloaded thousands of times? NO Did it make me rich? NOPE DID IT PROVIDE VALUE? Hell Yes! IMAGE: AMcGill
  11. If you want to write a book, stop talking about it, and do it. IMAGE: Steven DePolo
  12. Yes, it really is that simple. Open up Word, Notepad, or Google Docs and start writing IMAGE: The Culinary Geek
  13. Get your ass out of “eventually” and get to work.
  14. Need some compelling reasons? You should publish a book because... IMAGE: Kevin Dooley
  15. #1 BECAUSE YOU CAN! IMAGE: Kevin Dooley
  16. You were equipped with opposable thumbs, and the innate ability to string words together, What more reason do you need? IMAGE: Tom Conger
  17. #2 Completing a monumental task is liberating. Finish the book, and you’ll feel unstoppable IMAGE: Gonzalo_AR
  18. #3 People will love you. Share your words and the world will beat a path to your door. IMAGE: Neal.
  19. #5 Make the world a better place The more value you provide, the better the world will be. IMAGE: NASA
  20. #6 Help someone else up the ladder Remember that one book you read that changed your view on life? BE THAT RESOURCE FOR OTHERS IMAGE: Georgios Karamanis
  21. #7 Insane amounts of credibility You can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a blogger, but tell someone you wrote a book, & WATCH THEIR EYES LIGHT UP IMAGE: Jeff Harris
  22. #8 You may already have all the content Pull together a couple dozen blog posts you wrote on a subject clean it up, organize it, create a cover and BOOM! YOU’RE AN AUTHOR IMAGE: GinneRobot
  23. #9 More eyeballs on your work Provide a free resource guide & gain a whole legion of new fans to your tribe. IMAGE: Ashley Rose
  24. #10 The root of authority is author Write a book and people ask you to be part of things. IMAGE: Theresa Thompson
  25. THERE ARE MANY REASONS why you should write a book. Then again, maybe you shouldn’t.
  26. Consider a few reasons why you shouldn’t publish a book.
  27. A: There’s no money in it Unless you’re Stephen King, JK Rowling, or Seth Godin, IT IS UNCOMMON TO MAKE A LIVING ON THE SALES OF A SINGLE BOOK. IMAGE: Alex Barth
  28. B: You’re not a good writer Stringing words together in a cohesive manner not your strong suit? A BOOK MIGHT NOT BE THE RIGHT GIG. IMAGE: Alex Proimos
  29. B: Your heart isn’t in the work You may have a lot to share, but if you’re not passionate about the work, it will show.
  30. C: You’re miserly over your methods Go ahead, hold onto your precious trade secrets...
  31. I’m sure your competitors will be more than willing to take your place
  32. D: Mediocre is the best you can do WE HAVE NO ROOM FOR mill f tINheLIBRARIES. run o OUR PHOTO: Azrasta
  33. NOW YOU HAVE A DECISION TO MAKE Are you up for the challenge? PHOTO: Trilli Bagus
  34. Willing to put for time & energy to put out something WORTHWHILE? Then let’s get started PHOTO: James Clear
  35. So, how do you start Your First Book?
  36. Rule #1 BABY STEPS IMAGE: Efilpera
  37. If you run your engine at full throttle, YOU’LL BURN IT DOWN, AND END UP STUCK. Motor along at cruising speed, you’ll last longer, and pass the guy burning on the side of the road IMAGE: Ashley Burton
  38. Automotive metaphors aside, the 1st thing you need IS A PLAN IMAGE: Dollar Bin
  39. Know your Niche. Know Your Reader. UNDERSTAND EXACTLY what and who you are writing toward. IMAGE: Dollar Bin
  40. And the deeper the niche the BETTER! (specific sells better than general) IMAGE: Hani Amir
  41. OUTLINES RULE! Get your thoughts down hard and fast, and then put them in a structure that creates fluid progress. IMAGE: Ulisse Albiati
  42. Write Every Day Small, daily rituals of writing lead to better success of finishing on time. REMEMBER: Baby Steps IMAGE: Luca Barcellona
  43. Side Note! If you miss your daily writing goal, don’t beat yourself up about it. Just start fresh again & move on. IMAGE: Luca Barcellona
  44. Read Strunk & White’s ELEMENTS OF STYLE A resource every writer should have in their library. No screwing around, just buy it, and read it. IMAGE: Kevin Dooley
  45. Know Your Formats The more you know about headlines, subheads, and body copy, the better off you’ll be in the end. IMAGE: Bbum
  46. Know Your Publishing Options IMAGE: Brenda Starr Should you give it away as an incentive, or should you sell it? Do you want to go print, or should you stay digital?
  48. You will have questions along the way, BUT THE ANSWERS EXIST. I learned by doing, and you can too. IMAGE: jjjohn
  49. But Wait, THERE’S MORE! IMAGE: Daliborlev
  50. Did you think we would leave you hanging? VISIT Free training to help get you started.

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Between a lack of know-how and a pile of limiting beliefs, you have put that book idea you have on the back burner for far too long. Now is the time to take charge of your legacy and write the book you were always meant to publish.


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