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Dave’s tech timeline


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Dave’s tech timeline

  1. 1. Why might you be If you don’t know this How much do you character you shouldsurprised to discover think my first work spend more timewho made this? Read phone weighed? browsing this blog!!on to find out! The 80’s Early 90’s 1999 2000-2009 2010 2011 Why does this machine Figuratively, this period My current partner-in- have a connection with was a desert for crime is one that you my education and my interesting tech in my should be able to job too? life – ‘a series of beige name! boxes’ would be a good description!
  2. 2. Dave’s Tech Timeline A chronological guide to the technology that has enhanced my life and career.
  3. 3. What’s this? – My Primary PC
  4. 4.  The BBC Micro was an incredible innovation by the British Broadcast Corporation (more widely known for TV and radio). It introduced me to computing in general and gave me my first taste of the world of programming.In the beginning.....
  5. 5. What’s this? – Off to “big school”
  6. 6.  The machine pictured is an RM Nimbus. It was a machine designed for use in schools and, as such, it was tightly controlled. I remember really disliking RM and everything they did to keep the machines in working order.... Which was funny, as I went on to work for them!!!Restrictions weren’t a problem!
  7. 7. What’s this? My first smartphone
  8. 8.  The Nokia 9000 communicator was a hunk of a phone, weighing about 400g but it was amazing. As my first work phone, my data charges were covered and I had access to a machine with telnet and a FAX! I fondly remember faxing maps to my phone for directions while out and about. No Google Maps for me!Ahead of its time!!!
  9. 9. What’s this? You should know!
  10. 10.  Since joining the LIFEBOOK4Life project in 2010 the P770 has been an inseparable sidekick assisting me in my professional life every day. Its power and reliability have shone through and I might shed a tear when the day comes to wave goodbye to my trusty friend.An office workhorse
  11. 11. What’s this? This one’s easy!!
  12. 12.  The Q550 slate PC from Fujitsu has tried its best to outshine its cousin (my P770) but they have had very different roles in my professional life. The Q550 has undeniably changed the way I work for the better. I have benefitted and so have my students. Acting as my personal interactive whiteboard and portable library, it is an invaluable teaching tool!The young pretender