SharePoint CPD Solution (Continued Professional Development)


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One of the business processes that lends itself perfectly to SharePoint in the education sector at any level is CPD (Continued Professional Development) management. We have already installed this solution in Schools, colleges and universities in the UK and also in the US.

We have found that this process has generally been handled by paper based solutions which is prone to lost or damaged forms and also the feedback process can be problematic to manage. With our CPD solution this is all managed through SharePoint below you will see the steps needed to manage all your CPD requests.

• A member of staff identifies a suitable training event that will support their CPD
• The staff member completes an internal request.
•The business process of agreeing or refusing the request takes place
• The staff member is notified of the outcome and may take the necessary step
• A record of the request and subsequent outcome or actions is recorded

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