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Online options


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Built on Microsoft SharePoint ® and designed with teachers, pupils and school administrators in mind, the Online Options Tool from SharePointEduTech comes in three parts that work seamlessly to manage your option choice process at GCSE, A Level or indeed at any point where you ask pupils to make a subject choice.

This very graphical approach to the subject catalogue allows the student and parent, with appropriate permission to find out all they need to know about a subject.
How it is taught
What exam board the school uses
What type of pupil the subject attracts
What career or HE path the subject could support

Users can browse the carousel and watch sample lessons, read or listen to pupils opinions and then add the subject to their “interested basket” for later consideration.

At the side of the subject catalogue, the school may wish to define a series of key dates, highlighting deadlines for the process.
To complete the package, OnLine Options from SharepointeduTech comes complete with a series of useful reports.

A list of pupils who have selected subjects, displaying their current approval status

A list of pupils who are yet to start

A csv export of pupils and subjects that you can feed in to your MIS systems such as Options for
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