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Think Digital - strategy, leadership and capability


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What should go into a digital strategy? How to get leadership buy in? How to get all your staff digital confident?

Published in: Technology
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Think Digital - strategy, leadership and capability

  1. 1. Think Digital Strategy, leadership, capability ! Dave Briggs
  2. 2. Hello! I’m Dave • Email: • Blog: • Newsletter: • Twitter: • LinkedIn:
  3. 3. Think Digital Think Digital is a description of capability required for organisations looking to move to a model of operating that is comfortable with change, able to act quickly and decisively, and technology-aware. In other words, the most interesting and powerful thing about digital is not technology at all. It’s mindset, attitude and culture. Find out more:
  4. 4. You need strategy, leadership and capability • To get your organisation thinking digitally, you need to have all three of these things in place. • Strategy sets the direction that everyone buys into and works towards. • Leadership provides the permission, the examples and the access that people need. • Capability spreads the mindset and skills to everyone who needs them.
  5. 5. Why have a digital strategy? Where% are%you% now?% Where%do% you%want% to%be?% How%will% you%get% there?% How%will% you%know% when%you% do?% How%to% ensure% quality?% What% skills%are% needed?%
  6. 6. Strategy Don’t try to do too much. Also, don't make it too long-term. Make it clear what needs to belong to ‘digital’ and what can be done by anyone. Pick four big things (exemplars?) to do in year one.
  7. 7. Strategy • Community* building* • Social*media* • Internal*social* • Open*up*access* • Agile* • Data*driven* • User*centered* thinking* • Access*strategy* • Inclusion* • Leadership* coaching* • Digital*champions* • Digital*passport* Capability* Customer* focus* Way*of* Engagement* working*
  8. 8. What can leaders do? Every organisation needs someone with clout to drive new agendas forward. Culture shift needs senior buy in. Deal with vested interests. An example must be set. Give permission and encouragement.
  9. 9. What can leaders do? Find your digital leader. Convince them of the merits: the big picture. Give them and their colleagues all the support they need, how they need it. Make sure you have the solution preprepared.
  10. 10. Leadership coaching Find out what they want to know. Deliver it in small bursts that fit their busy work patterns. Provide follow up material in a format they find useful. Consider bringing in experts from elsewhere to inspire.
  11. 11. Capability How can we ensure everyone in the organisation has the ability to make the most of this opportunity? What actually is digital capability? What do we want people to know?
  12. 12. Capability Understanding what digital means to someone working here Knowledge of common digital tools and how they can help you do your job To recognise that digital applications work in predictable ways using familiar designs and to use this knowledge to experiment confidently with new systems Understanding what ‘agile’ project management is and how it helps to deliver projects and services Understanding what your users want and designing products and services to meet their needs Recognition of the importance of good content and the ability to write for maximum understanding Recognition and understanding of the value of evidence based decision making and planning Ability to recognise good quality digital work and projects from our organisation and beyond An understanding that there are different ways of keeping information properly secure Knowing where to find digital help and support in and outside the organisation
  13. 13. Leaders' Champions' Passport'
  14. 14. Leaders' Champions' Passport' Vision& Enthuse& Basic&skills& Permission& Support& Comfort& Encouragement& Iden;fy& Confidence&
  15. 15. Capability Get leadership involved (see above) Get champions to promote, agitate and support Give everyone confidence via passport programme
  16. 16. Finally: Quality Deliver' exemplars' Free'up' others'
  17. 17. Gold% Finally: Quality • We’ll%do%it% Silver% • Do%it%yourself% Bronze% • Don’t%do%it% User%needs% The%team% Security%and%privacy% Improving%the%service% Design% Assited%digital%and%channel%shi:% Analysis%and%benchmarking%
  18. 18. In summary Write your ideal strategy first Get someone with clout onside Identify exemplar projects Run a capability programme Ensure quality while enabling people
  19. 19. Get help nkwhg
  20. 20. Copyleft Think Digital is published under a Creative Commons license. Specifically, Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0). You may adapt and share Think Digital as you see fit, but you must acknowledge the original work when you do so.