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Engaging Change


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Presentation to Learning Pool 'Hit the North' event in Sheffield in November 2010. All about how L&D folk should see organisational change as an opportunity to position themselves as the best channel for internal comms and cultural change messages using social tech.

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Engaging Change

  1. 1. Engaging change Dave Briggs Community Evangelist
  2. 2. @davebriggs
  3. 3. What I do • Think • Write • and • Talk
  4. 4. The internet and the cuts.
  5. 5. Searching for relevance.
  6. 6. Because: ‘If you don’t like change, you’ll like irrelevance even less’.
  7. 7. News Music TV
  8. 8. The question is not ‘how does the internet change the way we do things?’
  9. 9. It’s ‘how does the internet change the purpose of what we do?’
  10. 10. Add in the cuts.
  11. 11. Everyone must justify what they are doing in terms of actual outcomes.
  12. 12. In other words, in an age of instant publishing, limitless availability of content and always-on connectivity...
  13. 13. ...and where funding will be cut wherever it can’t be justified...
  14. 14. do learning and development folk remain relevant?
  15. 15. It’s all about positioning.
  16. 16. Budget cuts mean organisational redesign which means change on a massive scale.
  17. 17. Everyone says the hardest thing about change is engaging staff.
  18. 18. (And in this context, we mean the poor saps who are left.)
  19. 19. Learning and development should be positioned as being the main enabler of organisation-wide change.
  20. 20. You have the tools with which staff can be informed and engaged with the vision of change on a massive scale.
  21. 21. Because traditional internal comms just doesn’t cut it anymore. (It’s mostly irrelevant.)
  22. 22. E-learning style content.
  23. 23. Videos and podcasts.
  24. 24. Live web chats.
  25. 25. Discussion forums.
  26. 26. A vital channel for messages to be distributed in the format that suits the recipient.
  27. 27. Most importantly, the ability for staff to query and clarify in a safe environment.
  28. 28. After all, the last thing you want is for staff to be grumbling on Facebook.
  29. 29. As ever, Learning Pool is here to help!
  30. 30. We’ll be sending you a copy (whether you like it or not).
  31. 31. Talk to your learning consultant about how you can put together modules and interactive elements to create a change ‘hub’ on your DLE.
  32. 32. Or if you’d like some help from me and Breda, just get in touch!
  33. 33.