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Community engagement through social networking


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Slides used during a workshop at the Centre for Public Scrutiny conference on 1st July 2010.

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Community engagement through social networking

  1. Community engagement through social networking Dave Briggs Community Evangelist Learning Pool
  2. Or: how we can use the internet to make scrutiny more interesting? (It doesn’t need to be that confusing.)
  3. @davebriggs
  4. I was a scrutiny officer once!
  5. Five years later, I was working at Number 10. 3045344571/
  6. I think we can safely say, then, that this stuff works. 89186997@N00/3396410350/
  7. It’s not just a young person’s game.
  8. But be careful out there, folks!
  9. So, what is digital engagement? 4373062612/
  10. Cognitive surplus, anyone? poptech2006/2969510044/
  11. 100 million hours 200 billion hours
  12. £5,500 £153,516
  13. First up: people are already engaging online in your area.
  14. Sheffield Pop: 534,500
  15. Sheffield forum Total posts: 4,288,013
  16. Ampthill, Bedfordshire. Pop: 6,767
  17. Around Ampthill Total posts: 38,700
  18. Secondly, you really ought to be a part of this.
  19. It’s no different than any other kind of engagement - it’s just in a different medium.
  20. Quick Cheap Conversational Mobile Scalable 9229859@N02/1052409181/
  21. Third, there’s some things you need to do to get cracking.
  22. Listen Acknowledge Create Collaborate
  23. Most importantly: go ugly early. (Or: release early, release often.)
  24. Fourth, some important things to remember.
  25. Use existing networks, and grow your own too.
  26. If you build it, people won’t necessarily come. 9229859@N02/1052409181/
  27. Make policy, but keep it light.
  28. You have your culture, the internet has its.
  29. Be bold. Be relentlessly positive. Be human.
  30. All this in action:
  31. Thanks for listening! @davebriggs 3365682994/