Windows Phone Application Platform


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This is an overview of the Windows Phone 7.5 Application Platform.

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Windows Phone Application Platform

  1. 1. Windows PhoneApplicationPlatformDave BostSr. Developer Evangelist, WindowsPhone
  2. 2. People vs. IconsWindows Phone.
  3. 3. Modern communication built in A smarter way to app Internet beyond the browser3 Windows Phone.
  4. 4. Windows Phone puts people at the center making it easier to connect and share with friends, family and colleagues, so you never miss a moment. Modern communication A smarter way Internet built in. to app. beyond the browser.  People Hub with  Pin apps to the Start screen for  A fast, beautiful web experience Facebook, LinkedIn and live updates at a glance. with Internet Explorer 9 and Twitter, built in. hardware acceleration.  Apps connected to your  Group friends, pin them to Start searches make them easier to  Local Scout provides for live updates and text, email discover and use. suggestions and prioritized local and IM them all at once. search results on restaurants, shopping and things to do.  Facebook Chat, Messenger, check- ins, and photo tagging built in.4 Windows Phone.
  5. 5. Windows Phone DesignWindows Phone.
  6. 6. Windows Phone.
  7. 7. Windows Phone.
  8. 8. Windows Phone.
  9. 9.
  10. 10. Windows Phone Application PlatformWindows Phone.
  11. 11. Windows Phone Application Platform Runtime – On “Screen” Tools Sensors Media Data Location Phone Emulator Phone Xbox LIVE Notifications Samples Documentation .NET Framework managed code sandbox Guides Community Packaging and Verification ToolsSCREENCLOUD Cloud Services Portal Services Notifications App Deployment Registration Marketplace Location Identity Feeds Validation MO and CC Billing Social Maps Certification Business Intelligence Publishing Update Management Windows Phone.
  12. 12. Silverlight Starts with SL4, plus…  Performance tuning  Input integration  H/W, media, sens or integration  OS app model integration  Relaxed sandbox constraints Windows Phone.
  13. 13. XNA Framework Rapid creation of multiscreen 2D & 3D games Traditional update/draw/present game loop model Easy to write, test, & deploy Integrated with touch & accelerometer Windows Phone.
  14. 14. From Development to Device Windows Phone Dev Tools Phone Emulator Samples Documentation Consumer Guides Community Packaging and Verification Tools AppHub myapp.xap Windows Phone Emulator Windows Phone.
  15. 15. Windows Phone Developer ToolsFree Download!: WPDT Includes:  Visual Studio 2010 Express Edition  Expression Blend 4 for Windows Phone  Windows Phone Developer Registration Tool  Application Deployment Tool Visual Studio is an Integrated Development Environment for creating Applications and Games Expression Blend 4 is a visual design tool  Build user experiences, animations, configure data bindings, and create sample data Windows Phone. 19
  16. 16. Tools Windows Phone.
  17. 17. Developer portal Windows Phone.
  18. 18. DemoTools Windows Phone.
  19. 19. Windows Phone Emulator The emulator does not contain the complete Windows Phone experience  No Zune media playback  Only the browser application built in Internet Explorer 9 browser with HTML5 support Provides the phone behaviors for items like placing calls and sending SMS messages  There are also some entries in the Address Book and pictures in the media library Supports multiple touchpoints to pinch and zoom on multi- touch monitor Windows Phone. 23
  20. 20. Windows Phone Profiler The performance analysis tool will tell you where your program is spending most of its time Then you can consider optimising those parts It is activated from the Debug menu Windows Phone. 24
  21. 21. Performance Analysis Settings You can create and activate diagnostic settings that you can use and reuse as you develop the application Windows Phone. 25
  22. 22. Analysis Data The analysis provides plenty of good data Windows Phone. 26
  23. 23. DemoProfile Tool Windows Phone.
  24. 24. New in 7.5Windows Phone.
  25. 25. Windows Phone.
  26. 26. Fast App Switching30 Windows Phone.
  27. 27. Application Lifecycle - Dormant Fast App Resume runningState preserved!e.IsApplicationInstancePreserved Save State!== true activated deactivated dormant Phone resources detached Threads & timers suspended 3 Windows Phone. 1
  28. 28. Application Lifecycle - Tombstoned Resuming .. .Restore state!e.IsApplicationInstancePreserved== false running activated deactivated Tombstone the oldest app Tombstoned dormant Phone resources detached Threads & timers suspended 32 Windows Phone.
  29. 29. Execution model  understand; save appropriate state when deactivated  Application_Activated  check if state is preserved; if not restore state  reattached detached resources tombston e  what the user wants  text box contents?  scroll viewer location?  control focus and SIP Windows Phone. activation?
  30. 30. Multitasking Alarms & File Background Periodic Switching Reminders Transfers Audio Execution Fast App Built-in 3rd-party services services Resource Management Windows Phone.
  31. 31. Windows Phone.
  32. 32. Windows Phone.
  33. 33. Windows Phone.
  34. 34. Windows Phone.
  35. 35. Tiles & secondary tiles  at the most basic level, an  app launcher  the most distinctive, powerful, visibl e aspect of metro on phone  you can not dictate its use; the user has control; but you can prompt them on usage  local live tile API + background agents means you can update these without a push server now Windows Phone.
  36. 36. Demo Live & Secondary Tiles40 Windows Phone.
  37. 37. App connect xbox page on amazon xbox Windows Phone.
  38. 38. Demo AppConnect: Search Extensibility42 Windows Phone.
  39. 39. Windows Phone MarketplaceWindows Phone.
  40. 40. Joining AppHub (Your first step to Rock Star status!)Windows Phone. 44
  41. 41. Joining the Marketplace You can register to be a member of the marketplace for $99 per year Students can register for free via DreamSpark Registered developers can submit applications for approval in the marketplace Unlock up to 5 Devices for testing Join at: http://create.msdn.com45 Windows Phone.
  42. 42. Payment Developers can set a price for an application or give it away for free Developers receive 70% of the price paid for the application Payment starts once the developer has earned up to $20046 Windows Phone.
  43. 43. Free and Paid Applications Developers are limited in the number of free applications they can make available  Only 100 free apps per developer per year  Can publish further free applications at a extra cost of $20 per application Developers can publish as many paid applications as they like47 Windows Phone.
  44. 44. Applications for sale Applications can be free or paid Developers can also allow customers to use an application in “try before buy” mode Your application can determine which mode it is running in by calling a status API48 Windows Phone. 48
  45. 45. Detecting Trial Mode using Microsoft.Phone.Marketplace; LicenseInformation info = new LicenseInformation(); if ( info.IsTrial() ) { // running in trial mode } It is easy for an application to determine whether it is running in Trial mode49 Windows Phone. 49
  46. 46. Marketplace SubmissionWindows Phone. 50
  47. 47. Application Validation When you submit your application for validation the system performs a number of automated tests  Checks if the application makes use of any capabilities that were not specified  Checks for any unmanaged or disallowed libraries  Ensures that all the required assets are provided Then the application is manually tested to ensure proper behaviour in a number of scenarios  Proper dormant/tombstone behaviour51 Windows Phone.
  48. 48. The Marketplace Test Kit The Marketplace Test Kit lets you perform the same tests on your application before you submit it This vastly improves your chances of the application passing first time52 Windows Phone.
  49. 49. AppHubWindows Phone.
  50. 50. New Beta Distribution Service Windows Phone.
  51. 51. New Private Distribution Service Distribute certified apps privately to a targeted set of users Capabilities:  Applications are certified before distribution  Developer sends an e-mail with deep link to the users  Applications are not discoverable via search or browse  Developer can update the applications  No limits on the number of users or duration  No access control on distribution  Apps can be „free‟ or „paid‟  Apps can be published publicly at any time Benefits:  Enables broad distribution of apps in a more private way  Enables broad public betas, previews, and community distribution Windows Phone.
  52. 52. Making Money and Maximizing UptakeWindows Phone.
  53. 53. 7 Ways to Make More Money The Opportunity Use trial API Revenue = price x quantity Live tilestop-tier of 70x moreincrease English Less than downloads 15% Many portfolio makes WP (75%) developers are Multiple localized into ad mobile FIGS Xbox are apps trial-to-paid conversion 10% frequency Use probably competing in real networks paying too much in2 Use live tiles w/push Marketplace work differently languages rate taxesother app storesuse time for each session Duration of than customers (like you) Most satisfaction ad requestin 7x higher sales Resulting User 25 of 29 countries have3 Use APS Ad Control w/location prefer andASP, 12 DL/uu/mo. $2.93 download apps in negotiated treaty ratesvia Better demo-targeting with Equaling paid) impressions their(3% more local language U.S. below 30% WLID4 Price it right 16 countries have 0% 70% of all ad revenue Tips and Tricks withholding5 Publish (and localize) globally Tips and Tricks Tips and Tricks Don‟t giveand Tricks Don‟t underpricetoo much Tips away yourself Tipsyour metadata and Localize and Tricks6 Keep more of what you make value Experiment withspeakers, if and different app with nativeTricks Tips trial experience Indicate “live tile” in ForMakepoints price theeCPM highest possible description compelling services for7 Get promoted… Add and providecountries ad in similar (A/B) Get location andITINin single Timenew languages price Add or Add relevant number targetingcapabilitycreative based to Microsoft to end ofover Start at upper trials content avoid cut pushvia updates xap work Know your user to to more withholding easier get range. It is Make itthan raisein the trial discretestand out prices Incorporate ads rather demographics Windows Phone. version
  54. 54. Merchandising Panorama Featured List 2000% 150% Windows Phone.
  55. 55. The Best Way to Get Promoted Delight Utility Functionality Windows Phone.
  56. 56. Functionality: WOutstanding performance. Content is dynamic or First use of the app isQuick loading. Does not hang exceptionally well prepared. intuitive and reassuring.or crash Description and metadata Advanced features are help sell the app discoverable and Windows Phone. understandable
  57. 57. Utility:App takes full Great use of color, Apps that are likely Concepts that pushadvantage of device graphic placement, to compel frequent the boundaries forfeatures and mobile and visual elements and repeated use mobile apps, offeringscenarios and innovative featuressurprises with or best-in-categoryunexpected innovationcapabilities Windows Phone.
  58. 58. Delight:Amazing app capabilities Makes full use of Windows Adoption of Windows Phonethat make the user smile Phone design language platform features (Live tiles,and inspires “show (controls, iconography, font). push notifications, huband tell” behavior Uncluttered, polished clean integration, etc.) Windows Phone. experience
  59. 59. Making Money with Advertising Microsoft ad control  Supports both Silverlight and XNA apps  Click-to-web and click-to-call  More markets coming in 2H2011 Ad monetization  Microsoft Ad Exchange  Multiple top-tier mobile ad networks competing in real time for each ad request  Better demographic targeting via WL ID  You keep 70% of ad revenue pubCenter  Windows Phone.
  60. 60. Managed Indie Games Microsoft Games Studio  Program for independent game publishers to bring premium mobile games to Windows Phone and Xbox LIVE  Access to Xbox LIVE services and promotion Great Games Wanted  Games of all types  Minimum price point of $2.99  Contact:  Mobile, Console, PC Windows Phone.
  61. 61. Now what?Windows Phone.
  62. 62. Windows Phone.
  63. 63. Getting Your Ideas Turned intoApps Windows Phone November 18, 2011, 8AM – 5PM Microsoft Technology Center, Developer Chicago Boot Camp December 6th - 8th Microsoft Technology Center, Chicago Windows Phone Accelerator Labs Target: Devs working on apps Experts on hand To apply: Windows Phone
  64. 64. What‟s Next? Download the Tools & Register for App Hub Get started with any of the three Starter Kits Key Resources Windows Phone.
  65. 65. Q&AWindows Phone.
  66. 66. Dave.Bost@microsoft.com Windows Phone.
  67. 67. The information herein is for informational purposes only and represents the current view of Microsoft Corporation as of the date of this presentation. Because Microsoft must respond to changing market conditions, it should not be interpreted to be a commitment on the part of Microsoft, and Microsoft cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information provided after the date of this presentation. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS, IMPLIED OR STATUTORY, AS TO THE INFORMATION IN THIS PRESENTATION.© 2011 Microsoft Corporation.All rights reserved. Microsoft, Windows, Windows Vista and other product names are or may be registered trademarks and/or trademarks in the U.S. and/or other countries.