Handy tips for creative thinking


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***UPDATE: much of this content is now available in my book 'A User Guide to the Creative Mind'***

Find out more at: UserGuideToTheCreativeMind.com


I did this talk for the Ogilvy Idea Shop. It was directed at small businesses, charities and organisations that need a little help with problem solving. This is a special slideshare version with additional text on the slides to explain them better.

If you're the copyright holder for any of the images, please get in touch so that I can credit you or remove them.

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  • Handy tips for creative thinking

    1. Jolting yourself out of the rutTips to get the ideas flowingDave Birss
    2. Much of this contentand a whole lot moreis now available inmy book.UserGuideToTheCreativeMind.com
    3. Hit the pub Go somewhere different. Different environments give you a different state of mind.
    4. Research proves it works. Cows that listen to soothing music produce more milk. The tempo of Baroque music is similar to the speed of the brain waves that are associated with creative thinking.Give yourself a soundtrack
    5. Hit the pub again If you’re putting pressure on yourself, a pint or two might help you relax. Or maybe some coffee. It’s worth a try.
    6. Write down the problemIf you ask the rightquestion, you’rehalf way to solvingthe problem.Or maybe more.
    7. Keep rewriting the problem Maybe you’re still asking the wrong question. Rewriting it in a different way may help you think about it differently too.
    8. Do somethingthat requires alot ofconcentration.It clears yourmind andpushes theproblem toyour morepowerfulback brain.Solve a sudoku instead
    9. If you can’t solve the problem as you, do it as someone else. Imagine you’re someone extra smart and try to solve it as them.What would Stephen Fry do?
    10. You may be setting your standards too high. Deliberately lower them to get the ideas flowing. You can raise them again later.Deliberately come up with bad ideas
    11. Go read some stuff Maybe you don’t have enough information. Do more. The answer may come from a small insight hidden away.
    12. Have a nap They say that dreams are your brain’s way of sorting out data. Have a nap and let it go to work.
    13. If there’s a way people usually try to solve a problem, think about the opposite way. It probably won’t work but it’ll get you thinking differently.Do the opposite
    14. Map your thoughtsIt’s a great way of seeing that you’re exploring lotsof areas.
    15. Finish those Post Its Don’t settle for the first idea. Set yourself a goal and don’t give up until you reach it.
    16. Hit another pub Buy someone a drink and talk to them. Get their opinion. Business advice for under a fiver (with Pork Scratchings thrown in).
    17. Give up Just for the moment. If it’s not working right Give up** ** now, don’t push it. You’ll only push yourself further into the rut.
    18. Now go andbuy the book!UserGuideToTheCreativeMind.com
    19. dave@getadditive.com@davebirss