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Revenge of the Nerds - Why digital performance for app and website success.


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Marty Mcfly arrived back in 2015 and found that the nerds had completely disrupted business. But releasing an app is not as simple as it seems. That's why you must consider a strong monitoring solution because you'll get blamed for everything.

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Revenge of the Nerds - Why digital performance for app and website success.

  1. 1. Revenge of the nerds Dave Anderson Marketing Director @daveando
  2. 2. Disrupt or be disrupted
  3. 3. #Perform2015 52% of the Fortune 500 firms since 2000 are gone“ ”@daveando
  4. 4. #Perform2015 @daveando
  5. 5. The new rockstars…
  6. 6. mobile browser network multi-geo 3rd parties cloud containers services code hosts synthetic logs business transaction applications multi-tier network relax
  7. 7. #Perform2015 There are now 24,093 unique Android Devices 28% more than last year… Developer Migraine? @daveando
  8. 8. #Perform2015
  9. 9. Generation of spoilt idiots
  10. 10. 44% of people will vent on social media if they experience a poor performing website or app
  11. 11. 0.5 secs increase in response time, beyond 2.5 seconds, reduced conversions by 11%. — Gopal Brugalette, Nordstrom It needs to be quick…real quick @daveando
  12. 12. Australian Crawl
  13. 13. #Perform2015 Digital Performance Management
  14. 14. The World’s Leading Brands Trust Dynatrace