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Digital Customer Experiences in the age of faceless applications

My keynote from Perform Day in Australia. Why digital customer experience is so important, and the role digital performance management plays.

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Digital Customer Experiences in the age of faceless applications

  1. 1. Confidential, Dynatrace LLC Digital customer experiences in the age of faceless applications Dave Anderson – VP Marketing EMEA and APAC @daveando | @dynatrace
  2. 2. Digital mastery is wizardry Confidential, Dynatrace LLC Cool… Crap… mmm…um ….eh….. 24,000 Different Android Versions up 28% 3rd party components on websites up 22% Amazon releases new software every 11.1 secs 1.6 million transactions a day 200,000 lines of code 7000 servers 0.5 sec increase in response time costs 11% in revenue @daveando | @dynatrace China Singles Day 70% mobile Cloud and Microservices emerge as a new normal
  3. 3. CX Part 1: The rise of the faceless organisation Confidential, Dynatrace LLC
  4. 4. Speak to the hand We are spending 2.5x times longer in apps than we did 2 year ago @daveando | dynatrace
  5. 5. Software is eating the world Confidential, Dynatrace, LLC TRAVEL MEDIA TELCO AND COMMS RETAIL Performance is non-negotiable. People are spoilt for choice and thirsty for ‘new’ @daveando | dynatrace
  6. 6. Platform Depth Confidential, Dynatrace LLC OS Music Payment Productivity Cloud Video Device Voice Tablet | Streaming All All All + Gaming @daveando | dynatrace
  7. 7. The new normal is: - Competition is borderless and industry-less - People expect you to be ‘like’ the best - Brand loyalty is dead - Customer experience can be ‘unseen’ Confidential, Dynatrace LLC
  8. 8. CX Part 2: Disruption is real, now, and only just getting started…
  9. 9. 70% of the 2005 Fortune 1000 companies don't exist anymore Kienbaum 87% companies think that digital transformation is a competitive opportunity Capgemini Digital Disruption. It’s happening 70% of companies would "attempt" to go digital but only 30% of those would succeed CISCO @daveando | @dynatrace
  10. 10. @daveando | @dynatrace
  11. 11. Confidential, Dynatrace LLC @daveando | dynatrace
  12. 12. Speed of Disruption Confidential, Dynatrace LLC #PokemonGo made $16k every 15 mins. That’s $15.6 million a day. @daveando | dynatrace
  13. 13. Confidential, Dynatrace LLC @daveando | dynatrace
  14. 14. Confidential, Dynatrace LLC @daveando| @dynatrace
  15. 15. Confidential, Dynatrace LLC
  16. 16. Confidential, Dynatrace LLC Principles of customer experience Solve a need Simple & convenient Fast & bug free Fun, novel or innovative
  17. 17. CX Part 3: Speed matters Confidential, Dynatrace LLC
  18. 18. Milliseconds make a difference @daveando | dynatrace
  19. 19. You have 100ms to respond to user input before they notice a lag. Fast or Furious Source: @daveando | dynatrace
  20. 20. “I’m not a transaction” Dynatrace and Harris Poll, Oct 2015 will air their frustration on social media when facing bad user experiences 51% rate app performance as #1 expectation, ahead of features and functions. 60% 46% would leave if a mobile site or app fails to load in 3 seconds or less @daveando
  21. 21. Benchmarks Slide
  22. 22. CX = Revenue -100ms response time = +1% revenue +100ms load time = -1% revenue @daveando | dynatrace How fast is your site? Milliseconds make a difference
  23. 23. @daveando| @dynatrace 0.5 second increase in response times, reduced conversions by 11% Nordstrom
  24. 24. Insert headshot image here “Who are you to say response time has to be 2.5 seconds?” “I don’t set our SLA’s, our customers set the SLA’s” Nordstrom Performance Engineering Team @daveando| @dynatrace
  25. 25. Monitor and continually improve performance – milliseconds matter
  26. 26. CX Part 4: Kill bugs before they kill you Confidential, Dynatrace LLC
  27. 27. Confidential, Dynatrace LLC @daveando | dynatrace
  28. 28. #Perform2015 @daveando | dynatrace
  29. 29. #Perform2015@daveando | dynatrace
  30. 30. Hi @azelew23, I can see you are on a Surface using Windows 10. Seems we have a bug right now as others are impacted. I’ve sent to IT. Please enjoy a free month on us @azelew23
  31. 31. Less time troubleshooting more time innovating
  32. 32. CX part 5: It’s a team sport Confidential, Dynatrace LLC
  33. 33. Source: Forrester Must tie back end systems to front end CX @daveando | dynatrace
  34. 34. Confidential, Dynatrace LLC • Alignment of Teams • Common Metrics • Performance is non negotiable • Find and fix fast • Dynatrace is critical @daveando | dynatrace
  35. 35. Confidential, Dynatrace LLC @daveando | dynatrace
  36. 36. Nike has many more software developers than apparel designers. @daveando | dynatrace
  37. 37. Rapid innovation to: 1) Cover future monitoring requirements 2) Save you time 3) Make it easy 4) Align teams The Dynatrace Platform @daveando | dynatrace
  38. 38. Thank you Confidential, Dynatrace, LLC TRAVEL RETAIL TELCO & MEDIA GOVERNMENT FINANCE CONSUMER GOODS @daveando | dynatrace
  39. 39. Team sport Kill bugs Speed Matters Simple Solve a need Convenience Limit guess work
  40. 40. Confidential, Dynatrace LLC Performance management for the digital customer age