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September "Creativity" program, co-developed and delivered with Paul Nus, Andrea Nus and Jane Schlegel. Multiple focus views on Where does Creativity come from, why is it important and how can you have more of it?

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Self image-sept27v2

  1. 1. How You can be More Creative! Andrea Nus Paul Nus Jane Schlegel Dave Langston UWECI Sept, 2013
  2. 2. AWE!
  3. 3. Courage Clarity Caring Calm Self Creativity Curiosity Compassion Connection
  4. 4. Conscious Mind Sub-Conscious Mind Creative SubConscious Mind
  5. 5. Autonomy Mastery Purpose Dan Pink “Drive” Julia Cameron from the Artist’s Date Book: “Our artist is actually our inner playmate. As with all playmates it is joy, not duty, which makes for a lasting bond.” “Creativity is God Energy flowing through us, shaped by us, like light flowing through a crystal prism.”
  6. 6. Courage Clarity Caring Calm Creativity Compassion Self Curiosity Connection
  7. 7. Conscious Mind Affirmations Sub-Conscious Mind N E W Self Images Creative SubConscious Mind Goal Seeking Problem Solver
  8. 8. Creative Life Enrichment - Can't Force It, instead Allowing space for Self to experience creativity - rekindle an old love for poetry, music, knitting, wood working - increasing capacity for philosophical and spiritual growth Creative Problem Solving = Looking at things in Different Way From Michael Michalko’s “ThinkPAK” – SCAMPER – Card #1 Substitute something Combine it with something else Adapt something to it Modify or Magnify it Put it to some other use Eliminate something Reverse or Rearrange it Creativity to break an impasse in negotiations, finding a 'Win Win' solution Creativity in new design breakthroughs, new product and service concepts
  9. 9. The Artist Date (Julia Cameron): is a block of time, perhaps 2 hours weekly, especially set aside for only YOU when you are committed to nurturing your creative consciousness, your inner artist. I have a list printed for ideas. Change your environment – get out of your normal routine Hang out in places where other creative people hang out – NewBo, art museum, coffee shop, library, college campus – someplace with a creative vibe. Try something that challenges you – or that you are afraid of Follow people/subject on social media Learn and experience different cultures – attend a different place of worship, go to an ethnic restaurant Talk to people – young, old, strangers, friends/family, different ethnic groups, different professions Morning Pages: Writing “Morning pages” as described in the Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron is a way to map our own interior. 3 full pages (one sided) the first thing in the morning to get the random thoughts out of your head and onto paper. If you roll out of bed and onto the paper, you evade your “censor”. Do not judge yourself – the writing can be a stream of consciousness – not topic related, not published, not solution based – just pure thought. With morning pages, we become “explorers rather than tourists”
  10. 10. IFS Exercise or Guided Imagery
  11. 11. PI Exercise, Any Other Good Quality Exercise
  12. 12. Resource List! Pointers to Books, Authors, Websites, Recordings, Videos