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Dave George - We're all busy


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20x20 - 20 slides, 20 seconds for each.

Two simple ideas for designing systems where people have to process lists of stuff (using an example of getting DJs to download promotional music).

Published in: Design
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Dave George - We're all busy

  1. 1. We’re all busy Dave George Serato Audio Research
  2. 2. Record Labels give music to DJs
  3. 3. 40,000 DJs 4.5m Downloads 1.6m Rejections
  4. 4. Pro DJs are busy
  5. 5. Pro DJ Goal: Download the right Music
  6. 6. New New New New New New
  7. 7. Yes No No No
  8. 8. Problem We waste their time by showing them everything again
  9. 9. Yes No New New No No
  10. 10. Simple Idea #1 Listen to their decisions (yes and no)
  11. 11. Simple Idea #2 Focus on new decisions
  12. 12. Yes No No No
  13. 13. New New New New New New
  14. 14. We’re all busy Simple Ideas: #1 Listen to their decisions #2 Focus on new decisions
  15. 15. Thanks, you’ve been rad. Dave George / /