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Workload, Stress, Long Hours, Work-Life Balance, Change, Engagement, Leadership, Coaching, Diversity, Effectiveness, Team, Development, Management, Managers

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DFA Trifold Brochure

  1. 1. RepResentative Clients COntaCt us if: • Changes in the competitive environment are forcing your organization to seek more effective ways of doing business – to be faster, better, more efficient • Your organization is undergoing a major change in its environment – mergers/ acquisitions, new facilities or technologies, new product/service lines, reorganizations • You want to create commitment and alignment – at all levels – in support of yourRECREATE PMS(FROM PDF) strategy • You are struggling with sustainable growth, innovation and adaptation • You want all people in your organization, from leaders to employees to contractors, to optimize their personal impact and to maximize their results • You need help in defining business outcomes and performance metrics • You want your strategies to be implemented, realized and sustained “Unleashing human potential to achieve thrive@davefleck.com organizational success”™ northeast Corporate Office: Tel: 908-864-8045 / Fax: 908-864-8099 southeast Regional Office: www.davefleck.comWe take a holistic approach with our clients to Tel: 843-877-2627create sustainable high performance. www.davefleck.com
  2. 2. WhO We aRe tOday’s Business Challenges OuR pRaCtiCe aReas delivering on strategic promises We support the creation of break-through Only 30% of major change initiatives achieve results through our “hands-on” personal support successful realization and development of people, teams and organizations. We help you achieve sustainable high performance by developing and initiative success Rates implementing holistic, integrated solutions 19% in Culture Change through our following Practice Areas: 20% in Business Expansion 26% in Software 30% in Re-engineering leadership 33% in M&A Through coaching, continuous learning and 37% in TQM-Driven Change development, we provide you the opportunity 46% in Restructuring to explore and enhance the organizational andDave Fleck & Associates (DF&A) is a leading individual competencies necessary to lead yourorganizational development consultancy organization to optimal performance. engagement is Keybased in the eastern United States and doing The crucial issue is how the change is strategy & Business architecturebusiness across the globe in support of our accomplished, not what the change is We help you clarify your strategic direction andclient operations. We help leaders in a broad align your organizational design, core businessrange of industries and government agencies • The most successful transformations have a proactive approach that engages the processes and metrics. We developimprove all aspects of performance through workforce organizational renewal capabilities for the future.the authentic engagement of people. We are • Engaged people tend to be more supportive ofthe catalyst to assist you in building a healthy organizational change initiatives and resilient in people engagementand resilient organizational culture together the face of change We assist you to maximize individual & teamwith more customer focused and efficient • Productivity is 18% higher; profitability engagement by providing coaching, 12% higher development tools, training and other appliedoperations. • They are twice as likely as others to be top behavioral methods resulting in a higher level performers and miss 20% fewer days of work • The number of highly engaged people represents of effectiveness and improved results.Our vision only 21% of the workforceA world where people and organizations thrive Change Realization We go beyond the installation of an initiative so Our Keys for success you can achieve expected business outcomes onOur Mission w Holistic approach to change time and within budget. We specialize inTo be a catalyst for leaders and organizations to w Employee engagement managing the human dynamics of change andachieve sustainable high performance by w Executive sponsorship proactively mitigating execution risks.unleashing human potential w Integration of action and learning