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List Building Tips

  1. 1. ==== ====For Great List Building Tips Check This Out: ====Years ago, when I first started in online marketing, all the rage was something called "list building".I immediately jumped on this subject and started gathering every list building technique one couldpossibly imagine. It very quickly became one of my most favorite areas of Internet marketing toexplore; so much so, that when I reached my first goal of getting 1000 subscribers, I was sopleased with myself, I even wrote an ebook on list building.But that was then, this is now.Since that time, online marketing and even the web itself, has changed tremendously. And we arenot talking about small changes or minor adjustments here - the web has fundamentally changedfrom the core up. People simply use the web in a different way than they used it 10 years ago. Ithas become so much more of a user-friendly place, so much so, that marketing on this friendlierweb has become a whole new ballgame.The question remains: is list building still relevant on todays web?The answer is still a solid "YES", but the "WAY" lists are built have almost changed completely.Not too long ago, traditional list building meant you slapped some sign-ups forms (provided byyour web host or an autoresponder service) onto your web pages and you were in business.Subscribers who signed up to your list or newsletter, would receive follow-up emails from you oryour site.Anyone could do it since it was so straightforward and so simple, almost to the point of being idiot-proof. However, the underlying key to building a successful list was gaining loyalty and forming alasting relationship with your subscriber. Successful online marketers and list builders will tell you,this was really the hardest part. Communicating effectively with your subscribers over a longperiod of time is extremely difficult to do anddoes require gaining some skills, especially in the copy writing area.So what has changed the list building process?In a couple of words, three to be precise: social networking sites. These social networkingprograms and sites have completely changed how lists are built on the web. Actually, these socialnetwork sites such as FaceBook, MySpace, Twitter, YouTube... have made list building as easy astaking your next breath. List building is integrated into these programs so seamlessly, many usersare unaware they are actually building a list.Simply by using these social networking sites any webmaster or marketer can build a list ofcontacts or subscribers. Call them friends, fans or followers - they are your subscribers and you
  2. 2. can easily reach them with your next posting, tweet or video. There are countless teenagers onmany of these social networks who have subscribers that number in the 100s of thousands, evenin the millions. And the rate at which they build their list of subscribers, would put many aseasoned marketer to shame.There are several reasons why this new way of list building is much more effective than traditionallist building methods. First, building your list of contacts is fully integrated into these networkprograms, often it is the main goal or purpose of the program. Seeing how many followers you canget on Twitter has become a world-wide sport - just go ask Ashton Kutcher!However, from a marketing perspective, using these programs eliminates one of the majordrawbacks of marketing on the web - spam. Actually, contacting your list by email is becomingtroublesome, even with double opt-in, many of your emails never get through to your legitsubscribers because they are blocked by spam-filters and Internet service providers. Using thesesocial programs is a way of contacting your subscribers without the whole issue of spam beingconsidered at all.Perhaps, an even more important reason to use these social media sites to build your list, has todo with the tricky problem of establishing relationships with your subscribers. These sites make itmuch more easier to build that long-lasting relationship with your contacts. In the case ofYouTube, it can simply mean making a video and talking directly to your subscribers.Communication is direct and immediate. In most cases, theres no need to acquire additional skillsor techniques. Besides, in most of these social network sites, the communication is often moreeffective because its just not one-way, your subscribers can easily communicate back with you.Same goes for Twitter, which has become the list building tool of choice for many webmasters andonline marketers. Twitter is an excellent medium for building your list. It can be used effectively toget your message out to thousands of like-minded followers and have that message spread rapidlyaround the web. Marketers are now taking advantage of such a system to market online, but beaware abusing this program will get you banned especially if you just use it to send spam. Like anytype of marketing on the web, you shouldnt have any problems if you keep all yourcommunications/interactions real and human.Another element of these programs which cant be denied, they are all free. Anyone can use thesesocial network sites to quickly build their list or lists without having to worry about paying for it.Actually, in the case of YouTube, you can become a partner and earn revenue from GoogleAdSense while building your list.Theres also no denying these social network sites have changed not only list building, but how weuse the web. These programs have a "pooling effect" on all web activity, gathering like-mindedindividuals into or around certain "pools" on the Internet. These concentrated pools of people canbe formed around a certain topic or even around a certain person. These are excellent areas inwhich to carry out your list-building activities and your online marketing efforts since they providevery targeted prospects. Ones you can easily contact and communicate with by using these socialnetworking sites.While the old traditional email list should not be forgotten, list building, as we know it, has beenchanged forever by the introduction of these social networking programs. And as these network
  3. 3. sites become more and more popular, they will play an even greater role in all your list buildingefforts. A role that cant be ignored or dismissed, especially if you want your list building to be trulyeffective.If you want to find out more about list building, try this handy eCourse on: list building Or why dontyou simply follow us on Twitter to get other useful marketing and list building help: twitterCopyright 2010 Titus Hoskins. This article may be freely distributed if this resource box staysattached.Article Source: ====For Great List Building Tips Check This Out: ====