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List Building Secrets


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List Building Secrets

  1. 1. ==== ====For Great List Building Tips Check This Out: ====List building secrets do exist. Secrets dont have to be unknown. If youre not sure list buildingsecrets exist. Ask yourself this question, "Why do Gurus have giant lists and I have a smallmediocre list?" Secrets exist. You know they do thats why youre reading this article. You want tofigure out every list building tactic and strategy to absolutely decimate your current list buildingprogress.Ive been there. I know where youre coming from. I wasnt always a master list builder. I spent alot of time and a lot of money to learn the knowledge you are about to gain. I hope you areprepared with pencil and paper because the secrets Im about to share with you are that powerful.Guard them with your life.First, I want to get one thing straight: Youre right for wanting to know the secrets. They do exist.You will find them, I promise. Keep list building and keep searching for list building secrets andyou will figure out what seperates the big boys from the little guys. Those are the secrets.List Building Secret #1: You need help building your list. This secret is so powerful when you reallyget it. Call it viral, call it leverage, call it joint venturing, call it tell-a-friend. This secret goes undermany names, but it all boils down to one single concept.List building is a team sport. In order for you to absolutely decimate your list building progresslatch on to this secret as your main guide if you will. Use other peoples lists to build you own. Useother peoples advertising dollars to promote your products. Use other peoples time to build yourempire. Use other peoples resources. Period.List Building Secret #2: You will never consistently fine tune your list building ratios until you trackthem. What you do not measure you can not manage. This secret is concealed behind EFFORT.The dreaded E word. Most marketers understand that they should be doing this list building secret,but they dont truly grasp the profound effect it has on their list building. It all boils down to oneprinciple: Your abilities can not be sharpened until you track what is getting your most wantedresponse and what is not getting your most wanted response.Which list building traffic method creates the most traffic for your squeeze page? Do more of it.Dont know which one? Track it. Which headline for your opt-in squeeze page is converting thebest for you? Dont know which one? Start tracking. Which one of your ethical bribes issuccessfully converting the most leads for your list? Uh huh. You got it. Start tracking today. Ifyoure not tracking every single component of your list building process dont bother buyinganymore products, interviews, or courses because youre wasting your money.List Building Secret #3: You need to specialize. This secret is hidden from 99 percent of all
  2. 2. marketers. They will never figure it out because they are too busy searching for the fast cash. Callit niching, sub-niching, drilling down, becoming the expert, becoming the authority, or the resource.It doesnt matter what you call it. It all boils down to one concept.Information is everywhere, specialized knowledge is rare. This one secret is so key. You mustreally understand it. Your list that you currently have or that you will build with the first two secretswill stay with you for TWO reasons. Your list is getting KNOWLEDGE from you or you are savingyour list TIME. As they get these things from you. Your list will develop a relationship with you.Emails that you send your list will be read. Products that you offer your list will be boughtconsistently. You will have their TRUST.List Building Secrets do exist. These secrets have taken me a long time to understand. They havetaken my list building to a different level. Read them, write them down, completely master thembecause they will take care of you and your family for a long time. I hope this information has"shown you the light" when it comes to list building because when you really get it. List buildingbecomes your money printing machine.Christopher Dittemore is a master list builder and is finally going to take marketers to the next levelwith list building secrets that gurus have used for years. Your free gift List Building Secrets[] is just a small taste of what is to come.Article Source: ====For Great List Building Tips Check This Out: ====