List Building Profits


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List Building Profits

  1. 1. ==== ====For Great List Building Tips Check This Out: ====One of the major benefits of an opt-in list for online marketing is the cost. The cost to market toyour own list of customers is almost zero.Communicating with your list via email marketing is lessexpensive than any off-line or most on-line advertising.Developing and building a large list of buyers for your products reduces your cost of doingbusiness. This list represents a potential for high profits and a very low cost.How to Build Your Own Opt-In ListGetting individuals to sign up for your opt-in list means you need to announce the benefits of yourproduct, report or ebook to the target audience. You must make the intended recipient of your offerunderstand that only you can solve their problem, relieve their pain, help them grow hair or find amate. In other words, you need to let the intended recipient know that you have exactly what theywant and need.In return for finding the solution to their problems, these recipients will provide you their contactinformation. The opt-in process is a high level bartering system where you exchange qualitycontent for the contact information of your potential customer.List building is a powerful strategy to increase your profits. Building a large list of subscribers isjust a numbers game - one that you can quickly and easily master. When you apply the rules of listbuilding and maintenance to your business your profits will increase exponentially.List Building Success: Calculating Your ProfitsYou can calculate the value of your list by dividing the number of subscribers you have by theamount of money your list generates.For example when a list of 10,000 individuals generates $3,000 in profits, the value of eachsubscriber would be $0.30. This means that each time you send a product recommendation youcan earn an average of $0.30 from each subscriber...and thats at the low, conservative end of theprofit scale.Bare in mind that some list owners have list members that they value as high as $1.00 to $1.50per subscriber. Do the calculations so you can quickly see the profit potential in a largeresponsive lists.Targeted List Building
  2. 2. A well-targeted list will generate more income. A list of 10,000 is small to many veterans of internetmarketing. Some marketers build separate lists of 10,000 or more subscribers for each niche theyserve. Separate lists allow you to market a completely different product mix to a different set ofclients and earn twice/three... or more times the profits.The key element in building a highly responsive opt-in list is to focus your marketing efforts on atarget group of people. Another word for a target group of people is a niche. The tighter you buildthe niche, the higher your response rates bill become. Build a cohesive campaign that speaksdirectly to your intended recipients.The Internet represents the quintessential instant gratification medium. People love the idea ofinstant access. When someone opts in to your list, you must supply this instant gratification bysending an immediate follow-up email thanking your customer for opting into your list and alsoproviding the download link for the information. The quicker you follow up with your customer,your relationship with the customer is enhanced.Shouldnt you start building your own targeted opt-in list today?Fabio Marciano is known as the List Profit Coach. Learn how to build a powerful and responsivelist quickly through his free list building ebook at: http://www.InstantListProfits.comArticle Source: ====For Great List Building Tips Check This Out: ====