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Coast 2 Coast Mobile Media packet

  1. 1. Consider the “power” of a billboard that, DRIVES BY YOU------------------------------------------------------------------------!
  2. 2. Thank you for your interest in Coast 2 Coast Mobile Media. We offer the most reliable, professional, and cost-effective mobile advertising solution in the U.S. Our fleet of vehicles are readily available for your campaign. Anywhere! Anytime! For any size campaign in all U.S markets and all calendar events throughout the year. First, We can perform the demographic research for you; design a campaign specifically for your target market; and strategically promote your message. Second, Coast 2 Coast puts your business in front of thousands of buyers every day with a cutting edge marketing tool at an affordable rate. Third, Our clients are more than just “accounts”. We work with your company Or agency hand in hand to create a targeted campaign, guaranteeing that your company’s message will be seen in high traffic and targeted areas. Create custom routes and strategic stationary exposures so that you can take your advertisement where traditional billboards and media cannot. We provide a personal touch with knowledge and expertise of your geographic market. Ultimately, our goal is to get you the results you need with the service you expect at affordable prices. Contact Us: Coast 2 Coast Mobile Media  (6) Mobile Billboards Trucks 1125 Peachtree St.  (4) Scooter Billboards Atlanta, Ga. 30309  (20) Street Team Members  (8) Walking Billboards Phone: 770.873.7565  (6) Interactive Video W. Billboards Email: Website:!
  3. 3. Face to Face Marketing, At its Best…Coast 2 Coast Mobile billboards go with the untapped flow of people - where they live,shop, work and play. Mobile billboards are an effective advertising medium because oftheir versatility and constant ability to find a receptive audience. With a massiveexterior sound system, nighttime illumination and a driver at your disposal. Our mobilebillboards are 100% interactive. Our drivers will gladly distribute productsamples, handout coupons or brochures and giveaway specialty items toconsumers when our mobile billboards are parked.*Vibrant Mobile BillboardsOur large 13’ x 22’ mobile billboard fleet is a high impact, attention grabbing mediumthat will attract thousands of new prospects to your products and services.*Flexible SchedulingWhether its a one-day sporting event in Florida, a convention in Atlantic City or aone-year run in Atlanta, we can accommodate all your needs.*Maximize VisibilityMaybe you need to drive prospects to your grand opening and one truck will meet yourneeds. Or perhaps you need several trucks cruising the city to steer customers to aspecial event or promotion. We provide what works for you.*GPS TrackingWe want you to be confident that the job will get done well. Check out the routes ineasy to read activity reports complete with maps. Pinpoint the location, speed,direction, and status of vehicles enrolled in your advertising campaign. We can re-directour drivers at any time you wish to change target areas.*Evening and Late night AdvertisingAll Coast 2 Coast Media trucks come equipped with illuminated signs. They are perfectfor evening and late night campaigns.*Fast TurnaroundCoast 2 Coast can print, install and deliver a mobile billboard unit ready to market yourAD Campaign within a one week lead time. Sample < Image of the GPS Tracking System >“Truck side ads reachconsumers, in shoppingcenters, on streets and intheir Neighborhoods. Truckside ads heighten awarenessfor advertisers in ways thatT.V., radio, newspaper,magazine, and evenbillboards cant.”Source OAAA and Media Life.!
  4. 4. Options Daily * Effective * Circulation (DEC) of mobile billboards can produce over 350,000 viewer impressions.Target your market by region, zip code, highway, or special event.Mobile Billboard Advertising is effective for all your needs:Car Dealerships Movie releases Spring BreakParades Fairs Sports MarketingFundraisers Charity Events Community GatheringsPolitical Elections New Product Launch Major Sporting EventsSpecial Events Conventions Trade ShowsConcerts Festivals Restaurant Grand OpeningsSales Events Going Out of Business Product DemoTaste Tests Product Comparisons Product SamplingProduct Distribution Consumer Education Movie In The ParkRecruitment Campaigns Brand Awareness New Construction Media Comparison(*)Medium CPMNewspaper (1/2 page, B&W): $24.75Spot TV Ad (30 sec, prime $19.25time):Magazine (1/4 page 4 color) $13.00Radio (30 sec, prime time): $8.95Billboard (static): $5.60C2C Mobile Billboards: $1.50Source: OAAA – Outdoor Advertising AssociationCPM : Cost Per Thousand ImpressionsTraffic congestion is BAD NEWS for motorists, ITS GREAT NEWS FOR ADVERTISERS!!
  5. 5. Photo GalleryStudies show that 96% of the viewers of mobile outdoor advertisements say theyhave more impact than a static billboard. American Trucking Association Study!
  6. 6. Cost Effective Alternative:We understand that “getting the most bang for your buck” is vital when developing anadvertising campaign. Coast 2 Coast Mobile Media offers a cost effective outdooradvertising campaign per Impression. Consider the traditional competition’s costs asrecently reported by the Wall Street Journal:Local TV:A 30-second television commercial on a local station in a top 10 market ranges from$4,000, generally during a movie, to $45,000 for time on one of the highest-ratedshows.Network TV:A 30-second spot in prime time ranges from $80,000 to $600,000 depending upon howhigh a show is rated and the show’s genre. The average is $120,000 to $140,000.Cable TV:A 30-second spot in prime time runs between $5,000 and 8,000 depending on thenetwork.Stationary Billboards:To place several short-term ads from one to three months on the 14X48 signs along thefreeway ranges from $5,000 to $25,000 in top 10 markets.Radio:Commercials range from $550 to $2,500 for a 60-second spot, depending upon criteriasuch as time of day and the program’s ratings.Newspapers:A full-page ad in the top 10 markets runs an estimated $920 per 1,000 circulation.Direct mail:(Junk Mail) The most common forms of direct mail include packages of coupons inletter-sized envelops, which cost $55 to $200 per 1,000 delivered, and single-sheetnewspaper inserts like fliers, which cost between $65 and $240 per 1,000 circulation.C2C Mobile Billboards:(10hrs a day/50 hrs a week)Can generate 50,000 to 80,000 impressions a day, it is a quick way toincrease local or regional awareness and a cost effective means to build market share.!
  7. 7. Frequently Asked Questions:1) Why should I use mobile advertising?Mobile billboard trucks are a great medium to increase your company’s REACH and IMPACT.C2C Mobile billboards are very unique and highly affordable compared to other forms ofadvertising. The buying customer is also very mobile.You must go out and put your company’s message in front of them. 2) For what functions should mobile billboards be used?They can be used for numerous reasons such as: creating a company image, branding acorporate name or product, grand openings, new product launches, event advertising,recruitment advertising, convention advertising, trade shows, secondary media to analready established campaign, etc.3) Why can’t I utilize my own company van to do mobile advertising?Almost all companies have vehicles, but how many of those company vehicles are as large,have high-resolution graphics, are illuminated at night and are actually out on the road for8 hours per day. Our job is to drive to your target market and reach out to your prospectivecustomers. We do not use these vehicles as a mode of transportation.They are used as tools to help you, help your business! 4) Can I use your truck as a stationary billboard?Yes, a mobile billboard is a great way to give outdoor exposure to that one day or weekendlong event. Provide the location point and we are sure that your attendees will take noticeof your message. 5) What is the production lead-time for the vinyl billboards?Once we receive your artwork, a proof is available within two days. Once it is signed-off byyou, it typically takes one week to receive your vinyl billboards. Rush orders cansometimes be accommodated. 6) How quickly can a billboard truck get out on the road?If we already have your vinyl billboards produced, we can typically get them on the truckand ready to go in less than three hours. 7) Can we utilize two trucks for our advertising campaign?Yes, you can have access to as many vehicles in our fleet as needed.The vehicles should be booked in advance.8) What are the dimensions of the mobile billboard’s advertising space?The actual dimensions for the advertising space are 10’1”high X 22’9.5” wide.This dimension is the same for each side of the vehicle.!
  8. 8. 9) Can we have different artwork produced for either side of the truck?Yes, numerous companies place different messages on opposite sides of the vehicle.10) Is there advertising space on the back of the truck?Yes, a custom rear mounted 5’H x 3’W Lighted Scrolling Sign.(10) different Ad availabilities.11) What is a DMA and how do you determine this?Designated Market Areas (DMA’s) are used to identify TV stations whose broadcast signalsreach a specific area and attract the most viewers. A DMA consists of all counties whoselargest viewing share is given to stations of that same market area.Nielsen Media Research Study 12) Can the truck run on roads with its advertising floodlights on?We travel highways and side roads with our billboard flood lights on so that your messagewill be seen even when the sun goes down.13) What is GPS? (Global Positioning System)When our trucks are out on the road, a satellite system is taking a picture of the location ofthe truck every few minutes. The data is then recorded inside the truck and is laterdownloaded to show our customers the exact route of the truck.14) What is CPM? (Cost Per Thousand Impressions)It is used in “marketing” as a benchmark to calculate the relative cost of an advertisingcampaign or an ad message in a given medium. Rather than an absolute cost,CPM estimates the cost per 1000 views of the ad.15) Is there a way to include sound with the Ad Campaign?Absolutely, our trucks are fully equipped with a massive A/V Entertainment System.Allowing you to play a commercial or music, while your advertisement is on displayor in motion.16) What is DEC?The Daily Effective Circulation is the average number of persons 18+ potentially exposed toan out of home advertising display.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Benefits: Your advertisement will penetrate the minds of commuters,pedestrians and large crowds as they are captivated by the movingmessage.Flexibility: is the main advantage of this unique "mobile billboard." Thisproduct can be used to achieve market saturation, or be skewed to reach aspecific demographic target. It can also be used geographically by providingcoverage in and around specific venues such as schools, sporting events andconventions.!
  9. 9. Artwork Submission RequirementsAdobe PhotoShopAll colors should be converted to CMYK.Finished copy area is 10’ 1” (Height) and 22’ 9.5” (Width).Images should be at a 1 inch = 1 foot scale, at 370dpi.If possible keep all elements in layers for editing.Adobe IllustratorAll colors should be converted to CMYK.Finished copy area is 10’ 1” (Height) and 22’ 9.5” (Width).For best results use 1 inch = 1 foot scale.If you have placed art in your document, please make sure you supply thenecessary support files. Please make sure you Create Outlines to all type.Macromedia FreeHandAll colors should be converted to CMYK.Finished copy area is 10’ 1” (Height) and 22’ 9.5” (Width).For best results use 1 inch = 1 foot scale.If you have placed art in your document, please make sure you supply thenecessary support files. Please make sure you Create Outlines to all type.Corel DrawAll colors should be converted to CMYK.Finished copy area is 10’ 1” (Height) and 22’ 9.5” (Width).For best results use 1 inch = 1 foot scale.Convert all type to Curves, or include necessary fonts.!