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ICW Getting Started In Insite Desktop


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This is a Quickstart Guide to Insite Desktop

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ICW Getting Started In Insite Desktop

  1. 1. InSite Creative Workflow Select if you are Type your service The following table briefly describes how to organize elements in a project: System connecting to a provider’s Web page server in an SSL address. To In Desktop for Mac In Desktop for Windows Version 3.1 (Secure Sockets Layer) environment. Create a new project File > New Project File > New Project Getting Started in InSite Desktop This adds the prefix https:// to the URL. Type your user name. Rename a selected element Click the element name, File > Rename Type your password. type the new name, and This card introduces you to the Kodak InSite Creative Workflow system. It explains how to ® ™ Select to have a press ENTER. view elements and set the status of tasks assigned to you when you access the system using Desktop window open automatically the next Select the frequency Copy an element within a Drag the element while Drag the element while the Kodak InSite Desktop software. time you start Desktop, at which Desktop without prompting you will be automatically project pressing OPTION. pressing CTRL. What you can see and do in the system depends on the user rights that are assigned to you; this for your user name and refreshed with updated card may describe features that you cannot see in Desktop. As well, this card describes how to password. information from the Copy an element between Drag the element to the Drag the element to the perform procedures in Desktop for Mac. If you are using Desktop for Windows, what you see server. projects project in the left pane. project in the left pane. on this card may di er slightly from what you see on your computer screen. Move an element within a Drag the element to the Drag the element to the project desired folder. desired folder. Move an element between Drag the element to the Drag the element to the Installing Desktop projects project in the left pane project in the left pane You must install Desktop before you can use it. You download Desktop from your print while pressing . while pressing ALT+SHIFT. service provider’s Web site. (For information about logging on to your print service Edit > Delete Edit > Delete Delete a selected element provider’s site using a Web browser, see the InSite Creative Workflow 3.1 Getting Started in a Web Browser card.) Getting Around In the Creative Workflow system, you use projects to collaborate on work in progress. Elements (the files that make up a publication) can be uploaded to a project and then tasks can be assigned to you to review and approve one or more of the elements. Viewing Your Tasks The left pane lists all of the projects to which you have access, and any tasks assigned to There are three ways to view your assigned tasks: you in those projects. Click a project to open it. 1. In the My Tasks view, which lists all tasks assigned to you for all projects to which you When you open a project, you organize and manage elements in the Elements view. have access: Click to view The customer with which each task is The project with all tasks associated (you may have access to which each task assigned the projects of multiple customers) is associated to you in all Click to verify projects to whether your which you computer is running have access. Expand a task to the required see the elements operating system, included in the Web browser, task, and your task JavaScript and status for each cookies settings, and Click the name element. Sun® Java® software of a project to version. open it. Click to download and install Desktop. Follow the on-screen instructions. The lower pane displays details Logging On about the selected task or element. When you start Desktop, you log on with the user name and password that you were previously assigned. View elements in Gallery, Upload Download Right-click (CTRL-click) Tip: If the New Account dialog box disappears, you can open it again by selecting List, Table, or Carousel mode. elements to selected an element to access An orange icon Click to open the Window > Accounts > New. (Carousel mode available in the project. elements. more actions. indicates that the project in which the Mac OS X 10.5 only.) task is overdue. selected task resides.
  2. 2. 2. In a project’s Elements view: Click to join a group review Comparing Elements in Smart Review Display icons If the element has multiple Select the task for session, to collaborate on for tasks revisions, select the revision which you want to set the element with other assigned to that you want to view. the element’s status. users in real time. When you click the Compare Mode button , you can select another element to you, or for compare to the current element, or another revision of the same element. This enables the overall you to see what changes were made between two versions of an element, or to verify completion status of that requested changes were made. tasks. When you compare two images, a third, comparison image is created and appears in the right-hand column. At least one All elements associated Select an option to approval display di erences task with the selected task, only, toggle between associated Text the two images, or with the and your task status for annotation The two elements or Comparision flash di erences in element is revisions being compared image red and green. assigned to each element. you. Click an Double-click a thumbnail At least one review task element name to open the element in associated with the or thumbnail Smart Review. element is assigned to you. to view that element. 3. In a project’s Tasks view: Tasks associated Filter to display all Your task status for the selected task with the selected tasks or only the tasks (if the task is assigned to you) and project only. assigned to you. each element in the task. Shape with associated text annotation Expand a task to see its associated elements. Double-click an element to open it in Smart Review. Add a shape with (option- ally) an associated text Add a horizontal Setting Task Status Pan and zoom annotation or vertical guide Click to approve or reject Your task status is the element, and select the automatically updated. desired task status. Selection Add a text Measure Check the color Loupe tool annotation density of a (zoom (comment) specific area in on a specific area) Compare two Display and Display and elements, or two Viewing Elements in Smart Review hide separa- hide an- revisions of the View the element tions notations same element in Full Screen mode Before you set your task status for an element, you should open and view it in Smart Review. Smart Review enables you to view a full-resolution preview of an element, annotate the element, and set your review or approval status for the element. If you have the Kodak Matchprint® Virtual technology installed on your computer, are Rotate the image View Change the Resize the image Indicates whether the using a qualified, calibrated monitor, and have been assigned a color approval task, you element element that monitor is calibrated Open the information is displayed for color-accurate can also use Smart Review to perform color-accurate monitor proofing on an element, Annotations monitor proofing and approve the color accuracy of the element. Manager 732-00165A-EN Rev A © Kodak, 2008. All rights reserved. dialog box TM: Kodak and InSite Eastman Kodak Company To open an element in Smart Review, double-click the element’s thumbnail. 343 State Street To learn more about solutions from Kodak, visit Rochester, NY 14650 U.S.A. Subject to technical change without notice.