Embrace the chaos of integrated search and content strategies


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In September 2013, Google moved completely to an encrypted search model, and the majority of keyword data evaporated. The biggest impact of this change is on the integration of paid, owned, and earned media.

Gain insight into the change and how to adapt your strategies in order to provide integration across channels.

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  • Embrace the chaos of integrated search and content strategies

    1. 1. Embrace the chaos of integrated search and content strategies David Freeman Havas Media Head of SEO London • 10–13 February 2014 • #SESLON @SESConf
    2. 2. London | 10–13 February 2014 | #SESLON | @SESConf @davefreeman @davefreeman
    3. 3. London | 10–13 February 2014 | #SESLON | @SESConf Embrace the chaos and provide direction… @davefreeman
    4. 4. London | 10–13 February 2014 | #SESLON | @SESConf And have clear objectives for what you want to achieve Maximise efficiency Maximise performance @davefreeman
    5. 5. London | 10–13 February 2014 | #SESLON | @SESConf Was September 2013 the end of PPC & SEO synergies? No, encrypted search changes everything, but integration is still possible @davefreeman
    6. 6. London | 10–13 February 2014 | #SESLON | @SESConf But, in this new world, you can only run integrated search strategies with Google When Referrer data passed Can you run integrated search September 2013 Yes Yes January 2014 No No January 2014 (optional) Not with encrypted search No Yahoo! and Bing don’t pass referral data – in site analytics referrals will appear as direct visits @davefreeman
    7. 7. London | 10–13 February 2014 | #SESLON | @SESConf And the basics become even more important than ever Analyse paid search keyword data on a regular basis Teams should meeting on a weekly and monthly basis to discuss integration Use technology like SearchMetrics for insight
    8. 8. London | 10–13 February 2014 | #SESLON | @SESConf The key challenge is moving from exact keyword level accuracy to page level correlation Tactic Testing incremental value of brand bidding strategies Testing incremental value of brand + product bidding strategies Testing incremental value of generic bidding alongside strong organic performance Testing keywords using Paid Search then rolling out to organic Research using Paid Search keyword data Easily spotting when Paid Search URLs are not tagged for site analytics Pre encryption Post encryption
    9. 9. London | 10–13 February 2014 | #SESLON | @SESConf OMFG! At first, not having exact keyword level data is scary
    10. 10. London | 10–13 February 2014 | #SESLON | @SESConf By embracing page level testing and data correlation, there is no need to worry We have lost keyword level data and, with it, data precision But, we have page level data! Page X Page X Date PPC On PPC Off Organic visits Paid visits Search visits 11/01/2014 2,508,180 267,318 2,775,498 12/01/2014 2,775,198 300 2,775,498 PPC On PPC Off Date Organic Revenue Paid Revenue Search Revenue 11/01/2014 £6,780,274 £155,749 £6,936,023 12/01/2014 £6,920,449 £15,574 £6,936,023 Ensure you run tests for a significant time period i.e. 1 month
    11. 11. London | 10–13 February 2014 | #SESLON | @SESConf It’s really easy to get this data and export it to Excel for analysis Pages report Use the landing page report with custom segments for organic search, paid search and search visits You will need custom segments for each traffic source Apply visits and conversion metrics Or use report builder if you have it @davefreeman
    12. 12. London | 10–13 February 2014 | #SESLON | @SESConf This all equates to this, right?
    13. 13. London | 10–13 February 2014 | #SESLON | @SESConf So - set expectations. Stay agile, iterate quickly and succeed/fail faster Keep tests small Iterate through a number of tests Easier to measure and you won’t get bogged down in planning overkill You will fail faster, learn quicker and adapt and perfect the process sooner – it’s better to hit issues on a small test @davefreeman
    14. 14. But first… London • 10–13 February 2014 • #SESLON @SESConf
    15. 15. London | 10–13 February 2014 | #SESLON | @SESConf Get stakeholder sign-off at every stage and agree: The aims The test strategy The keywords The measurement framework Timeframes Set expectations @davefreeman
    16. 16. London | 10–13 February 2014 | #SESLON | @SESConf Understand what to test by building a picture of search performance @davefreeman
    17. 17. London | 10–13 February 2014 | #SESLON | @SESConf Plan a small number of well defined tests Target page Keywords Length of test Launch date Type of test i.e. day on day off with weekly rotation Results feedback @davefreeman
    18. 18. London | 10–13 February 2014 | #SESLON | @SESConf Create and agree a measurement framework Measuring visits is generally not good enough to get reliable results Measure revenue and/or conversions as well Conversion rates can have a sizeable impact on incremental value Visits + Revenue Consider whether you want to look further than last click and consider attribution @davefreeman
    19. 19. London | 10–13 February 2014 | #SESLON | @SESConf Plan how you will measure Use site analytics – fully de-duplicated data Ensure your site analytics is correctly configured – if unsure, get it checked Agree how often the results will be analysed Let all stakeholders know when results will be shared @davefreeman
    20. 20. London | 10–13 February 2014 | #SESLON | @SESConf Analyse your results, agree next steps with stakeholders and implement changes accordingly @davefreeman
    21. 21. London | 10–13 February 2014 | #SESLON | @SESConf Tip: Hire maths/statistics grads or data scientists as part of your team @davefreeman
    22. 22. London | 10–13 February 2014 | #SESLON | @SESConf Integrated strategies work Travel client case study 45% reduction in paid search budget Only incremental paid search left on Paid search revenue down 50% - almost completely picked up by organic search On top of the recovered paid search revenue, organic search revenue grew 5% Overall revenue from search up 4% with reduced costs @davefreeman
    23. 23. London | 10–13 February 2014 | #SESLON | @SESConf Never stand still – strong organic search is vital to an integrated strategy Don’t take risks with your SEO performance Focus on a content led strategy You will need to prove the value of content @davefreeman
    24. 24. London | 10–13 February 2014 | #SESLON | @SESConf Great content is key – put your audience first and SEO/SMO second Content is and always has been king Rubbish content = poor user experience = no engagement Don’t pollute the web with rubbish content under the banner of SEO Don’t waste time measuring how effective poor content is @davefreeman
    25. 25. London | 10–13 February 2014 | #SESLON | @SESConf When planning content, always have clear goals and KPIs @davefreeman
    26. 26. London | 10–13 February 2014 | #SESLON | @SESConf And keep in mind that different types of content have different impacts and should be measured accordingly @davefreeman
    27. 27. London | 10–13 February 2014 | #SESLON | @SESConf Create an Excel measurement matrix based on your KPIs – not knowing what success looks like is huge point of failure for content Over time, understand what success looks like and build in success thresholds @davefreeman
    28. 28. London | 10–13 February 2014 | #SESLON | @SESConf Evolve your content based on results @davefreeman
    29. 29. London | 10–13 February 2014 | #SESLON | @SESConf As with Search integration, stakeholder sign-off is vital Initial brainstorm on the idea and theme and development of the design brief Research Approval on research sources Design #1 draft delivery - Creative development paused #1 round of feedback Design #2 draft delivery - Creative development paused Content is presented to internal teams for approval: Legal and Risk feedback Additional Stake holders feedback if required Feedback is collated and fed back #2 round of feedback to be delivered Design time for any additional amends (last round) #3 draft delivery - Final design submitted PR and Social teams informed of launch date On-site development Content Live Report on progress of content first week Results measurement - first cut Results measurement - second cut 6 stages of stakeholder approval for each piece of content 3 stages of results analysis @davefreeman
    30. 30. London | 10–13 February 2014 | #SESLON | @SESConf Insight and data are vital at all stages to build and seed great content Understand what people search for in each market Customers find what they were looking for Monitor performance against defined KPIs i.e. links, rankings, visits Recommend relevant content for the website and outreach Build citations and links to your content @davefreeman
    31. 31. London | 10–13 February 2014 | #SESLON | @SESConf Yes, it’s an infographic, but great content works 3,000 links and 1,872 shares @davefreeman
    32. 32. London | 10–13 February 2014 | #SESLON | @SESConf You can even use survey data to get great coverage in major news publications such as The Telegraph, The Independent, and The Daily Mail Over 260 links and shares @davefreeman
    33. 33. London | 10–13 February 2014 | #SESLON | @SESConf Content should be at the heart of collaboration between teams It brings all the teams together around campaigns or events and will help drive more effective content @davefreeman
    34. 34. London | 10–13 February 2014 | #SESLON | @SESConf So in summary Integrated strategies are still absolutely possible post encryption Data sits at the heart of search and content integration Make sure your analytics platform is configured correctly. Bad data = bad decisions Stay agile and iterate quickly Collaboration is key – content binds disciplines and gets everyone working to a common goal @davefreeman
    35. 35. Thank you David Freeman david.freeman@havasmedia.com Havas Media Head of SEO London • 10–13 February 2014 • #SESLON @SESConf