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Trends in online payments: donations to recurring payments at WordCamp Netherlands


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Click, add to cart, pay and wait. That’s so boring!

If you want to build and/or run an eCommerce store, you’ll have to get more creative to stay ahead of the increasingly professional competition. It’s not enough to just have a standard little store and post a discount code on your Facebook page.

During this talk we will have a look at trends that give webshops an edge over their competition, focusing primarily on how recent innovations in online payments allow new ways of online shopping.

Subscriptions or recurring payments: completely normal and accepted in the States, still seem to be a relatively new “thing” in the Netherlands. How can you leverage recurring payments in your store, and why, what would be the benefits for your store? Which plugins do you need? Which payment provider can become your partner?

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Trends in online payments: donations to recurring payments at WordCamp Netherlands

  1. 1. TRENDS IN
  2. 2. @davdebcom RECURRING
  3. 3. @davdebcom HOW TO MAKE YOUR
  4. 4. What’s a recurring payment? @davdebcom
  5. 5. Getting permission to (automatically) charge a customer on an ongoing basis. @davdebcom
  6. 6. You’ll need to, ugh, brainstorm about this Do you have products or services that could be subscription based? @davdebcom
  7. 7. Works for WordPress site builders Add a source of recurring revenue Build a website Maintain & support Ongoing relationship @davdebcom
  8. 8. Benefits @davdebcom
  9. 9. Research by MasterCard Advisors Predictable revenue & better forecasting @davdebcom
  10. 10. Unique Selling Point VS You Competitor @davdebcom
  11. 11. Adobe did it! 0 20 40 60 80 Closing stock USD Market Cap (billions USD) Percentage ARR 2012 2014 @davdebcom
  12. 12. “I should get a boat” Customer Advantages @davdebcom
  13. 13. Lower risk A higher one time payment involves a bigger risk for the consumer. They’ll think twice. It’s easier to convince a consumer to make a lower recurring payment. @davdebcom
  14. 14. - get groceries - walk the dog - make that payment! - buy that new widget! - charge the Tesla Convenience @davdebcom
  15. 15. Can we get it done? Easy for the merchant Technically possible and cost effective Easy for the customer A simple, digital, way to grant permission @davdebcom
  16. 16. iDEAL workflow Customers choose iDEAL (or credit card) as payment method The first payment with iDEAL confirms the bank details (IBAN account number and name) You can now process periodic payments with SEPA Direct Debit 1 2 3 € @davdebcom
  17. 17. Loophole A “wet” signature is enough, for now… @davdebcom
  18. 18. Bla bla bla, but HOW!? Payment provider eCommerce software @davdebcom
  19. 19. Payment providers € @davdebcom
  20. 20. Mollie: 27.000 reasons @davdebcom
  21. 21. Mollie: - Fast sign-up - Low costs - Integrations @davdebcom
  22. 22. Mollie requirements Company 3 months old Transactions 6 months Get started! Maximum €250 @davdebcom
  23. 23. WordPress? WooCommerce? WordPress plugin You need a WordPress plugin that manages subscriptions. Payment plugin A payment plugin to connect site to payment provider. Payment provider A great payment provider with recurring payments support. @davdebcom
  24. 24. WooCommerce Subscriptions Let customers subscribe to your products or services and pay periodically. Mollie Payments for WooCommerce: coming soon. @davdebcom
  25. 25. Paytium Easy iDEAL buttons and payment forms for your WordPress site. @davdebcom
  26. 26. So, what’s holding you back? @davdebcom
  27. 27. entrepreneur • developer • speaker
 David de Boer Simple iDEAL payments? Questions or WP development? @davdebcom