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P7 waves


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IGCSE physics waves presentation

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P7 waves

  1. 1. P7 WavesGeneral properties
  2. 2. Progressive waveThis is a wave that carries energy from oneplace to another place without transferring matter
  3. 3. Transverse waves Mexican wave / slinky / particles wave
  4. 4. In a transverse wave, the direction of the disturbance is at right angles to the direction of travel of the wave.
  5. 5. Water waves are transverse waves
  6. 6. Displacement-distance graphs
  7. 7. The wave equation:The frequency f is the number of completewaves generated per second.
  8. 8. Example:
  9. 9. A wavefront is a line on which the disturbance has the samephase at all points; the crests of waves can be thought of aswavefronts.
  10. 10. Reflection
  11. 11. Refraction depth effect on speed and on wavelength change in speed effect on direction
  12. 12. Waves travel more slowly in shallow water.
  13. 13. The spreading of waves at theedges of obstacles is called: Diffraction
  14. 14. Wave theory
  15. 15. Explaining reflection
  16. 16. Explaining refraction
  17. 17. Transverse vs Longitudinal WavesIn a progressive longitudinal wave the particles ofthe transmitting medium vibrate to and fro along thesame line as that in which the wave is travelling andnot at right angles to it as in a transverse wave.