Don’t Ever Ask These Five Interview Questions


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Managers would necessarily ask questions for them to better know the overall skill set of their job applicants. But there are some questions that are barred by law and by ethical standards. Here are some of those questions.

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Don’t Ever Ask These Five Interview Questions

  1. 1. Don’t Ever Ask These Five Interview Questions Dianne Shaddock
  2. 2. Business owners, who have the responsibility of hiring staff, want to know as much as possible about their potential new hire
  3. 3. We all have a natural need to know not just about the applicant’s work experience…
  4. 4. … but also their personal interests as a way of determining whether the candidate is a good fit for the company
  5. 5. There is a thin line between learning more about your candidate… … and asking questions that are considered inappropriate or illegal to ask during an interview
  6. 6. It is critical to be aware of not only the best questions to ask in an interview, but also the wrong questions to ask
  7. 7. Questions to avoid during an interview include…
  8. 8. “ Are you married/divorced?” “ Do you have children?”
  9. 9. “ Are you single?” “ What church do you attend?”
  10. 10. “ How old are you?” “ Your name sounds very unusual. What ethnicity is it?” “ What year did you graduate ?”
  11. 11. Any question that does not relate to the job or experience needed or that are personal in nature may leave a candidate wondering if the reason that they were not hired had less to do with experience and more to do with your opinions about their culture, personal life, or beliefs
  12. 12. Job candidates who perceive that they were treated unfairly may be more likely to complain about your hiring process.
  13. 13. Before any interview, write down the work and skill set related questions that you will want to ask your candidates in order to determine their overall experience relative to the job
  14. 14. Remember: Review your questions and make sure that you are not asking any questions that have no bearing on the job that you are hiring for.