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Icici bank


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Icici bank

  1. 1. ICICI Bank, Case 19: A. Vyas, Branch Manager; A. Singhania, Key RelationshipManager; K.S Bindra, Accounts Manager, Jaipur, RajasthanMar 13, 2013The advice here is: Get a DD from some cooperative bank or route the cash through an accountand there will be no problem Posing as a family friend of a noted politician, the Cobrapostreporter is directed to A. Singhania who is working as Relationship Manager with this more >>ICICI Bank, Case 18: Ganpathi R., Branch Manager, Hyderabad, AndhraPradeshMar 13, 2013“NRI account mein poora amount dump kar dena (Dump the whole amount in the NRI account)”Our reporter tells Ganpathi R. that the money is in cash and belongs to a politician who wants toinvest it discreetly. Ganpathi tells his visitor to open an NRI account with the bank: “ more >>ICICI Bank, Case 17: S.Walia, Branch Manager, ChandigarhMar 13, 2013“Aapko tension lene ki zaroorat nahin hai (You need not take any tension)” Walia politely bringsthe Cobrapost reporter to his cabin downstairs where he advises him to opt for an insurance plan,GSIP, with guaranteed returns: “Saara cheque se aayega…saara tax-free hoga (All the return willcome by cheque more >>ICICI Bank, Case 16: J. Dwivedi, Investment Manager; N. Ghosh, Officer,Faridabad, HaryanaMar 13, 2013“Kuch bhi comfortable hai … sab kuch comfortable hai (Anything is comfortable… everythingis comfortable).” The moment the Cobrapost journalist announces that he is there to invest a
  2. 2. large amount of money, he is taken to Investment Manager J. Dwivedi at this Faridabad branchof ICICI Bank. Within a few seconds, more >>ICICI Bank, Case 15: A. Dubey, Assistant Manager, West DelhiMar 13, 2013Showing black money as the proceeds from the sale of property is Dubey’s preferred method formaking it legitimate: “Profile hum log dikha denge ki ye hai property holder (We will show inthe profile that he is a property holder)” Posing as a frontman for a politician, the more >>ICICI Bank, Case 14: A. Pathak, ICICI Lombard, Mumbai, MaharashtraMar 13, 2013Advising our reporter to go to HDFC Bank, this ICICI insurance advisor says the way to makeblack money white is to get DDs made from a cooperative bank and then invest Oddly enough, atthis ICICI Lombard branch somewhere in Mumbai (the general insurance arm of ICICI Bank),bank more >>ICICI Bank, Case 13: R. Ranjan, Associate Key Relationship Manager; A.Kumar, Deputy Branch Manager, South DelhiMar 13, 2013“Mantriji’s name will not come to light ever.” – Ranjan In this branch of ICICI Banksomewhere in South Delhi, the Cobrapost journalist is taken to meet R. Ranjan who looks afterinvestments.After exchanging pleasantries the reporter, posing as a relative of a politician, getsdown to brass tacks. A more >>ICICI Bank, Case 12: L. M. Rao, Branch Manager; Ganesh, InvestmentManager, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
  3. 3. Mar 13, 2013“Cash kab dega sir humko?…Kal subah aake hum collect kar sakte hain (When will you give usthe cash, Sir … We can come and collect it the next morning)” – L. M. Rao At this branch ofICICI Bank in Hyderabad, the Cobrapost reporter, posing as a relative of more >>ICICI Bank, Case 11: R.Bhardwaj, Branch Manager; H. Chandra, Branch SalesManager, Faridabad, HaryanaMar 13, 2013“Black ko white karne ka yehi sabse best tarika hai (This is the best way to turn black moneyinto white)” Here, H. Chandra and R. Bhardwaj are welcoming and resourceful. On hearing thestory about the politician, Bhardwaj suggests: Open an account and deposit the cash. There is more >>ICICI Bank, Case 10: A.S. Kumarakrishnan, Branch Sales Manager, Chennai,Tamil NaduMar 13, 2013“Ismein cash daalna… uske baad sab kuchh wahan se main lena hai (Put in the cash in it afterwhich I would take all from there)” The Cobrapost reporter goes through the same ritual at thisbranch somewhere in Chennai. After meeting various bank officials, he is Branch Sales more >>ICICI Bank, Case 9: R. Sharma, Branch Manager, Faridabad, HaryanaMar 13, 2013“We can discuss and figure something out” It was the inauguration day at this branch of ICICIBank somewhere in Faridabad. Amid the festive mood our reporter first meets Mohit and tellshim why he is there. Sometime later Mohit introduces him to Ratan, who works as investmentadvisor with more >>
  4. 4. ICICI Bank, Case 8: K. R. Rao, Key Relationship Manager, ICICI Prudential,Hyderabad, Andhra PradeshMar 13, 2013 For this banker, it helps when a client speaks openly about black money. Says K.R. Rao,“Whenever you are hiding something dono ko hi mushkil ho jayega (it will be difficult for both)”Branch Relationship Manager K.R.Rao in Hyderabad understands the needs of high-value clientsand is very co-operative. When more >>ICICI Bank, Case 7: Deepanshu, Branch Manager; H. Maheshwari, AssitantManager, Aligarh, Uttar PradeshMar 13, 2013 “We will make some jugaad for you” At this ICICI Bank branch in Aligarh, the Cobrapostreporter meets a busy H. Maheshwari who takes him to the Branch Manager, Deepanshu. SinceDeepanshu joined the branch quite recently, it is Maheshwari who does most of the talking.What is the source more >>ICICI Bank, Case 6: J. Suneja, Cluster Head; Neeraj, RelationshipBanking/Privilege Banking, Central DelhiMar 13, 2013The complicity permeates all levels, with senior managers as willing as junior staff to turn blackinto white because it is a common practice for them: “Sir, sachi baat ye hai aap bol rahe hain.Ninenty-nine per cent log karte hain wo bolte nahin hain (Sir, the truth is more >>ICICI Bank, Case 5: S. A. Ahuja, Senior Financial Service Manager; G. Raikar,Manager, Bangalore, KarnatakaMar 13, 2013 Here, the suggested route for laundering black money is to show the fictitious politician as anNRI Posing as a businessman who wants to move to Bangalore, the Cobrapost journalist walks
  5. 5. into this branch of ICICI Bank somewhere in Bangalore where the receptionist directs him toSenior Financial Service Manager more >>ICICI Bank, Case 4: N. Kumar, Business Manager; Aastha, Deputy BranchManager, Noida, Uttar PradeshMar 13, 2013 A stream of reassurances from Kumar and Aastha on how to turn black money into whiteThe Cobrapost journalist strolls into this Noida branch of ICICI Bank in Uttar Pradesh andrecites his request to Business Manager N. Kumar: a well-known minister wants to invest a‘handsome amount’ of more >>ICICI Bank, Case 3: Gayathri, Branch Manager; C. Sridhar, Sr. CustomerService Associate (Operations), Bangalore, KarnatakaMar 13, 2013 Gayathri and Sridhar understand instantly that black money has to be turned into whitebecause they deal with so many such customers The guard at this branch of ICICI Banksomewhere in Bangalore directs the Cobrapost reporter to Branch Manager Gayathri. TheCobrapost reporter gives her the same spiel. Initially, more >>ICICI Bank, Case 2: R. Gupta, Branch Manager, ICICI Prudential, AgraMar 13, 2013 Why it is not good to invest with banks: “Saara paisa aap doh number mein nahin lagapayenge (You will not be able to invest all in No. 2)” ICICI Prudential is a sister arm of ICICIBank. Here, once the pleasantries are over, the reporter tells Branch Manager R. more >>ICICI Bank, Case 1: V. Srivastava, Privilege Banker, Central Delhi
  6. 6. Mar 13, 2013 “Kya ghumana hai kaise ghumana hai bata doonga main (What has to be manipulated andhow I will tell you all)” “Returns main saare white mein kara deta hun (I will make all thereturns white)” Walking into this Central Delhi branch of ICICI Bank in the national capital, more >>ICICI Bank:True to its Motto, Khayal Aapka, ICICI Welcomes Tainted Moneyto Make It CleanMar 13, 2013 A countrywide undercover investigation by Cobrapost finds ICICI Bank committing grossviolations of the Income Tax Act, FEMA, RBI regulations and the anti-Money Laundering Act.These activities render the vast assets it manages, the deposits it maintains, the profits it makes,and the spectacular growth it has registered, suspect. It was...- See more at: